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Notice: Black Friday Deals Incoming

Hello everyone.

We wanted to let you know that the team over at N4G Unlocked will be spending Friday and the weekend looking for Black Friday gaming deals and will be publishing them here to N4G throughout Friday and into the weekend. We want to make sure you are aware of this and realize that we do this not only to try and get deals to those looking for them but also to help support the site via affiliate links.

The goal is to have a Black Friday Roundup by platform, but there may also be additional deals that may be pushed if they don't align with a specific platform.

We do not have plans on doing this long term, only during Black Friday. We will go back to our regular schedule soon.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate and hope everyone finds a deal for a game they've wanted in the near future.

The BGFG Team

jznrpg94d ago

There’s probably a handful of physical games I’m waiting to get at a lesser price but I have so many now games already they need to be a good discount. I did get Jedi Survivor for 29.99 plus 5% off at target already.

I’ll keep an eye out

Fishy Fingers94d ago

Make a sub category (ideally I can hide), as much as a UK resident loves seeing your US deals, I come here for the news, not amazon links.

Christopher94d ago

With them being rounded up by platform, your news should come like usual. Don't worry, conversations will still drive the top news. Thank you.

-Foxtrot94d ago

Just comes off as Spam / Advertisement links littering the site...the kind Adblock would hide.

OtterX93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

I think Black Friday is the one time a year I'll give them a pass. But, Black Friday has spread beyond the States so it would be nice to see some roundups from other regions.

But yea, I wouldn't want to see a ton. Maybe just 1 N4G Blog Entry with a number of highlights and links on it. Or they could even just pin it as a highlighted ad, just like they have this month's PS5 Contest.

Snookies1294d ago

I've already spent WAY too much before Black Friday even officially starts, lol. Got a 55" QLED 120 hz TV primarily for PC gaming. A 5.1 channel sound bar. 32 GB of Corsair ram. 2 NVMe M.2 SSD's. A new gaming mouse. Multiple games. And a new camera for recording content. I'm all Black Friday'd out.

94d ago
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