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N4G Push Notifications and You

Hello everyone.

We wanted to let you know that we are using push notifications for those who want to sign up for them via your browser.

We know people are wary to sign up for them and we understand and respect that. We will be using them to push notifications for 1 to 3 stories a day to make sure you get notified of the latest important gaming news. For example, we pushed out the latest news of Final Fantasy XVI going gold earlier today. Each news item will be manually decided and not just randomly or heat-based decided. The stories we hope to push through will also be gaming-specific, and not general industry news or opinion pieces.

We're hoping to keep you in the loop with our push notifications. If you're interested, try them out. If you're not, we're still going to be here as we always have been.

Thank you all for building the community we have and for loving games the way we do. If you have any questions, ask them below.

65d ago
jznrpg65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

It not a bad option for those that want it .

Personally I only have notifications for one email account that is for my kids school and work and that’s all I can have or I’ll miss something important (I have before and won’t allow it again) so it just isn’t for me but more options isnt a bad thing.

OtterX64d ago

This is a good take. It's not for me, but having the option for those who want it is cool.

Jin_Sakai64d ago

I use Safari on iOS so I’m out of luck. Have you guys ever considered making an App?

EvertonFC1d 15h ago

Off topic: @christopher
How do I report to the mods about the mobile version of N4G playing sound every page I open regarding adverts even though it has am X though the mic.
I have to press it twice to stop the advert sound playing every article I read or when looking at comments.
It's so annoying.