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N4G Home Page Hiccup

Hi everyone.

During the site transition earlier today, a setting was altered regarding the trending results on the home page and trending in general and it is showing results from a much wider range of days than the usual 1 day.

The development team is working on a fix. For now, you can either view by latest or see articles by heat from .

We apologize for the hiccup and will get you back to the usual trending view you're used to soon.

Thank you,

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Nyxus39d ago

There also appeared some very old articles in pending, from several thousand days ago.

Christopher39d ago

Bruh, let's not age shame. (also, noted)

Nyxus39d ago

Sorry, I meant some very experienced articles.

shinoff218338d ago

Yo lol. This had me cracking up

excaliburps38d ago

LOL! Those are legacy articles, mkay!?!

Mr_cheese39d ago

Got to say Christopher, you've been on the ball during this transition.

Well played

OtterX39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Right as PSVR2 reviews are coming off of embargo. This was a pretty important day for the future of VR gaming. :\

I trust you guys will have it fixed quickly though.

*edit - the launch day hype should fix that next week though and I'm sure it'll be working by then!

Stanjara38d ago

''important day for the future of VR'' ???

OMG... you are way too deep.

OtterX38d ago

VR is in a stagnant place right now, and the leading VR platform, Quest 2 has it stuck in a casual "Wii" style place. PSVR2 is important because it has the potential of vitalizing AAA VR studio investment.

I play PC VR, using a Quest 2 actually, but I can't deny that Sony brings possible bigger AAA investment IF it can take off greater than before. So yes, it is important for this reason.

I get it. You're not a VR gamer. Move along if my post bothers you.

KyRo38d ago

@Otter I think the point Stanjara was trying to make is that N4G has like 0.00000005% influence on VR being a success. If this site went down, we'd Google it. You made it sound like it was the be all and end all lol

N4Gs home page is nowhere near as fast as reporting news as it used to be and sometimes will even be days later. Tbh this site has become pretty late at reporting many things now. I guess it's a dip in users?

bunt-custardly38d ago

As someone who approves stories, there seems to be far less people doing this now than in previous years. Seems like people grew-up and no longer take notice or care about how many points they are earning, or how quick a news story gets posted. Blame the likes of Reddit and other SM platforms for this site's demise in that regard.

@christopher - perhaps the approvals process needs a revision. As in less approvals for news stories, than say for a review. With the age of some accounts here (mine included), you could give some of the older accounts here more power to approve things like media and news without the need for several people to deem it "newsworthy" before it gets approved.

Food for thought.

shinoff218338d ago

I feel this site is pretty good about things , so a little hiccup isn't gonna hurt no one. Looking forward to the new and improved things coming.

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The story is too old to be commented.