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Coronavirus and Gaming News on N4G

Hello everyone.

I wanted to pop in here with a note on how N4G is handling the Coronavirus (COVID-19) news as it relates to gaming and the industry.

As this news is affecting everything around us, it is important to ensure that the news our users are getting related to this topic is accurate and not rash or irrational. It's an important topic that should not be burdened by rumors or the opinions of journalists. It needs to be treated carefully and respectfully.

Because of this, we will not be allowing rumors, opinion pieces, or the like about the Coronavirus for gaming events, the industry, or related topics. We will instead be focusing on official and specific sources for the topic.

For example, the current rumors about E3 being canceled due to a tweet from Devolver, as well as Jason's anonymous insider information from earlier, is a telling sign that it could happen. But we will not be posting about it or allowing opinion pieces about it until ESA or the official E3 site posts news of this. At this time, their site still lists what considerations they and the LA Convention Center are taking, not that it is canceled nor have they made any public announcement otherwise.

This news is important and we can take the time to make sure the information is as accurate as it can be for an event that is months away let alone hardware that is even further away from being released. It doesn't deserve to be treated as standard rumor mill material. It deserves the respect, attention, and assurance that the news being presented is exact and non-reactionary.

I understand some of you will disagree, but this is how it will be handled here regardless of how other sites choose to report on everything related to the current pandemic. At least be comforted that so many other places are discussing it the way you may want, but we feel it inappropriate to promote anything but facts on this matter.

Thank you for your understanding in this,

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rainslacker23d ago

I feel kind of strange. You are enacting a new policy, and I'm not displeased by it.

Maybe the world truly is ending.

AK9123d ago

The Dark age is upon us.

Kran23d ago

... The Dragon Age 😳

bouzebbal22d ago

How many news and opinion pieces out of nowhere get posted every single day?? Poor decision yet again..
And that's my opinion piece on this.

VenomUK22d ago

As the virus spreads it makes sense to limit the juvenile reactionary opinion pieces and keep the stories based on facts.

Christopher23d ago

Does this mean I get my own horse?

rainslacker23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

I guess you can have one. I won't be beating it like the other horses you've owned.

I mean...a horse isn't the best choice for traversing over fire and brimstone, but are free to make your own life choices.

rainslacker22d ago

I don't charge for horse armor. It comes free with a pair of horseshoes. But, you don't get to choose the style of armor. It's random for each pair of shoes purchased.

Abriael23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Spreading rumors and leaking information given in confidence for attention (I don't believe for a second that certain people do it for any actually useful reason) is another plague. Luckily, it's not a lethal one, but distasteful none-the-less. This is certainly not the first time.

This gets a thumbs-up from me.

bloodymeatballz22d ago

I’m not one to suggest videos or television shows or anything like that. But I think it is important to know and understand the coronavirus. Just google ~sigh~ “joe Rogan podcast Coronavirus” there is a scientist who studies infectious disease and explain how it is transmitted and the actual precautions that work and do not work. STAY INFORMED NOT MISINFORMED. BE WELL MY FELLOW GAMERZ

rainslacker22d ago

Is he the reason I cant find any toilet paper?

chiefJohn11722d ago


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luckytrouble23d ago

I won't lie, I'm surprised to see anyone handling this COVID-19 stuff rationally.

Thanks for opting to be different and not feed into the ongoing rumor mill and overreacting.

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MaximusPrime_23d ago

You’re doing a good job, Christopher.
I agree.

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The story is too old to be commented.