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N4G Contest - Day 17: Who Delivered Best

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Congratulations to thorstein, our sixteenth day winner.


On the seventeenth day, the question we have for you is "What developer this generation do you think has delivered the most or best for gamers?"

Again, I remind people, this is about a developer, not a broad publishing company like EA or Ubisoft. But specific development companies under them.

And, my answer on this one is pretty simple, Psyonix. They've delivered a single game, but have continued to support the heck out of that game so heavily this generation and have become the most played Indie game of this generation. New game modes, constant DLC, and a key supporter of trying to make cross-play a thing for their players even though they're one of the few that doesn't have issues with player counts. Psyonix has, IMHO, supported a game the way we want, provided regular updates, and supported what was best for the gamers rather than their own pocket books.

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monkey60234d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I think Capcom have come forward so much this year. The fan base has screamed for a revisit of Resident Evil 2 but nobody expected the effort they've gone to. Monster Hunter finally hit home consoles and did brilliantly. Before 2018 Resi 7 has been the definition of horror on VR. They've had a couple of misfires sure (I've read reports of Marvel having a big hand in the outcome of MvC: Infinite) but I've still been impressed with them lately

I should point out that I don't think they're the "best" but everyone is going to go down the route of Naughty Dog, Rockstar, Insomniac and Sony Santa Monica. So I'm just saying this now to have a different choice

And I have got very rose tinted resident evil goggles on at the moment

monkey60233d ago

A lot more people than I expected have said the same too. I didn't expect that

bluefox75534d ago (Edited 34d ago )

My 2 games of the gen are Persona 5 and God of War. While I absolutely adore persona 5, SSM really did something special with GoW.

bluefox75534d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Did I do it wrong? Lol I narrowed it down to 2, and I said the one who I thought delivered the most.

Christopher34d ago

@bluefox755, read the question, not the title.

bluefox75534d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I did. I gave my answer. The question was "What developer this generation do you think has delivered the most or best for gamers?"
My the last line of my comment was: SSM really did something special with GoW.

Not understanding what I did wrong?

Christopher33d ago

C'mon. Don't edit it and then act like we can't see that.

bluefox75533d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Pretty sure I edited it for spelling errors, not content. I don't know why you're suggesting otherwise.

Necron34d ago

Capcom have done a fine job so far compared to others.

DarkOcelet34d ago

Definitely Capcom. They really impressed me with Resident Evil 7, Monster Hunter World and am sure they will impress me more by RE2 Remake and DMC5. Hopefully, they keep this awesome streak for next gen.

UCForce34d ago

Mine has to be Sony Santa Monica. They done great job for refining the God Of War 2018 which is my favorite GOTY.

GameBoyColor34d ago

Capcom really has been hitting all the right spots lately