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N4G Contest - Day 10: Who Wore It Worst

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Congratulations to Dirtnapstor, our ninth day winner!


On the tenth day, the question we have for you is "Which character from a video game is your least favorite as far as character designs go and why?"

My answer here might be unpopular overall. And, it's not really just one character, but the overall main characters of the series. But, I'll stick it to the main character of the first game of the series, that being Marcus Fenix.

I've never been a fan of the first game, Gears of War, and I especially disliked the overall character designs. It seemed to glorify a boring 'dude bro' aesthetic I could never get behind, from the arms that were literally wider than his head, to the doo rag styled skull cap, and then they throw him in some plain ole boring armor.

I'm certain the characters grew past the first game, I'm hoping they've grown in design choices (though, a quick search tells me he's just had gotten older and had more facial hair and not much else), but with a game with reasonable potential, Marcus Fenix was one of the worst poster boys of the game for a person like me and I just couldn't get behind him or the other characters who fit the same mold.

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robtion41d ago

Halo/master chief. I never got into those games despite playing a few of them and my friends raving about them.

Not sure why but I have always disliked the generic space commando painted green. Not saying they are bad games, but I never found the art design or characters appealing (though I do like some of the enemy designs)

xHeavYx41d ago

The Gears guys. Too buff and slow

Glphy7741d ago

Duke Nukem. He started off as a character with no personality and was just a hyper masculine man. Then he turned into a jerk hyper masculine bro and someone I could never associate with which is why I could never get into the games. I also think his character appearance hasn’t evolved and has just been bland.

bluefox75541d ago

This one's gonna get me a lot of hate, but Link. He's just so boring and generic, with almost no story or character development to speak of. Seems like a missed opportunity, especially for a game of that genre.

Segata41d ago

Which link? He has many different looks. Wind Waker is unlike anything out there. I think the NES art looks great but I was personally never a fan of his N64 design. Felt bland. I like his design in BOTW as it has the softer look of the older art pre OoT.

The 10th Rider40d ago

Even as a huge Zelda fan for decades now, I'm not too big on adult OoT Link. I think Young Link looks pretty cool though.