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N4G Contest - Day 2: Your Best Time

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Congratulations to Arty84, our first day winner!


On the second day, the question we have for you is "What is your favorite game of all time and why?"

For me, as I've said many times on this site, it's still Planescape: Torment. A game I feel that is still utilized to make many concepts in modern games, especially those made by BioWare. Dialog trees, extensive class concepts, focus not on utilizing combat to accomplish goals, vast array of characters.

But, what truly pushed it over the edge for me where two concepts: death is not a bad thing and you could just swap classes freely. These were interesting concepts to me at that time. Death, normally a bad thing and requiring me to create a plethora of save files to prevent it and other decisions. But, in Planescape, it become a thing to not worry about as what you lost wasn't burdensome and, even more interesting, dying was a benefit at times when trying to reach certain areas of the game. And, not being tied to just the one class freed me of the constraints of having to play through the game multiple times to experience the different aspects of your character (hello older TSI games where I would spend hours designing the 'perfect' characters/classes/races/etc.) .

We've seen these elements utilized in many RPGs since them, some sloppily, some a good reflection of their intent of evolving the player's ability to roleplay as well as respecting the time, effort, and desire to experience everything the game has to offer without replaying it over and over.

Which is weird to say that last one since I tend to replay the game at least once every other year.

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ziggurcat11d ago

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Because it’s pretty much the best game ever made, IMO.

dedicatedtogamers11d ago

Hard to say. Unless something better comes along, my answer must be Dodonpachi: Daioujou. I've sunk 100s of hours into it.

Bourne41411d ago

My favorite game is Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. I hadn't played a stealth game prior to the original Splinter Cell, and Michael Ironside pulled me into that universe with his calm yet threatening voice. Sneaking around in the shadows, hiding bodies from the enemy, climbing through and up buildings. It all felt tense too. Perfecting those levels became a goal of mine by Chaos Theory. Sure you can kill everyone, but clearing a level without killing added that extra layer of challenge to an already amazing game.

phoenixwing11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Final Fantasy 7, loved playing it. I was young so all the graphical might at the time blew me away and I just wanted to keep exploring everything there was to offer. I loved the story as well. It was also the first time a main character died and left an impact on me. I used the dead character as a healer for the group so it was both in game and story wise that the impact was felt.

Edit: It also introduced me to jrpg's which is my fav genre of video games.

TheGoodestBoi11d ago

Witcher 3. It had everything: awesome story, side quests, and exploration. And one of the best side games ever: Gwent

thorstein10d ago

Finding the local game of Gwent became my primary goal to seek out new towns and cities.