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N4G Game of the Year Winners

Hello fellow N4Gamers!

Thanks to your nominations and votes, one thousand three hundred three of you have decided on your winners of 2015 in video games. While some categories had some clear winners, we recognize that many categories definitely had more than a handful of strong competition. To represent this element, I've included the percentage of voters who chose our winners.

And the winners are...

Kojima leaves Konami (21%)

Moon Studios (Ori and the Blind Forest) (48%)

Bloodborne (49%)

Quiet (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain) (22%)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (36%)

Rocket League (28%)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (43%)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (21%)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hearts of Stone (31%)

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (15%)

Fallout Shelter (34%)

Mark Hamill (The Joker; Batman: Arkham Knight) (31%)

Bloodborne (28%)

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (23%)

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (30%)

Rise of the Tomb Raider (29%)

Bloodborne (58%)

Super Mario Maker (29%)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (31%)

Rocket League (35%)

CD Projekt RED (42%)

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt (35%)


And there you have it. A hearty thank you to everyone who voiced their opinion and an even bigger thank you to the developers who continue to make our hobby what it is.

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DragonDDark1014d ago (Edited 1014d ago )

Congrats to everyone.
Hopefully, we'll see this happen again next year :)

And by the way, can we see the runner ups as well? :3

Christopher1014d ago

I'd rather not as it only starts arguments and bickering and essentially says "here's the people who lost".

rainslacker1014d ago

Yeah, better to keep things civil...we don't need these kind of console war instigator things around here :)

Seriously though, it's nice to see where the community as a whole stands on games and such. I wasn't too keen on some of the nominations, but the results seem pretty good to me, as it shows at least people appreciate good games.

Hasn't N4G done this for the past couple years though?

Christopher1014d ago

@rainslacker: Yeah, we've done this a few years now.



Nineball21121014d ago

Thanks for putting all this together, Christopher!

Very interesting results.

Looks like Witcher 3 really struck a chord with most everyone.

Christopher1014d ago

Thank you. Also a big thank you to the guys at HAVA who, while working hard on the Beta site and other things, were able to get this stuff up and going on their end.

DragonDDark1014d ago

Yeah I forgot to thank you.
And thanks to HAVA as well :)

Peace_Love_and_FPS1014d ago

I really should finish that game

Big_Game_Hunters1013d ago (Edited 1013d ago )

35% =/= most everyone.

On that note, ignore the salt. good work putting this all together guy, we all appreciate it.

-Foxtrot1014d ago (Edited 1014d ago )

I honestly thought Bloodborne would have gotten some love on here...guess I was wrong.

Especially best Studio or the DLC. The Old Hunters feels like a proper expansion. No little bits and bobs, no pre order crap, just one nice DLC package.

Christopher1014d ago (Edited 1014d ago )

I try to tell people, who rarely listen, but the majority of people tend to favor big third-party titles. And, honestly, CD Projekt RED and The Witcher 3 really deserve the praise they receive.

That's when we were taking nominations and people were all "Bloodborne will win everything" I rolled my eyes. Even last year's results were third-party dominant. The only thing that stopped it was The Last of Us in 2013, and that was a fluke.

Having said that, it was the second biggest winning game out of them all, only surpassed by The Witcher 3.

***A little unfair for people to down play a game because it's not on more platforms in my opinion.***

I don't think they do that. They don't downplay a game, they just may not like it as much as The Witcher (or another game) or they might not even own the game so they can't say if it's better or not. I mean, I didn't vote for it for any Best Game category because I didn't play the game. I'm not downplaying it, I just can't call it better than something else I love when I haven't experienced it myself.

I also voted, and truly feel,that Psyonix deserved Studio of the Year. But, there are good reasons why others would vote for CD Projekt RED and I can totally see their point of view.

-Foxtrot1014d ago

They deserve it sure but it's not like Bloodborne doesn't because it's first party. A little unfair for people to down play a game because it's not on more platforms in my opinion.

neoandrew1014d ago

It is not a down play, just pure math, the more platform availability, the more people play and can vote for it.

Maybe if bloodborne was not an exclusive they would won, but the Witcher 3 is really a solid opponent.

Concertoine1014d ago (Edited 1014d ago )


Its more a case of less people being able to play it. I found it strange how there was a platform based award at all, how many people own all 3 consoles and a PC?

Christopher1014d ago (Edited 1014d ago )

***Its more a case of less people being able to play it. I found it strange how there was a platform based award at all, how many people own all 3 consoles and a PC?***

That's kind of why there are platform-based awards. Otherwise, one game pretty much is guaranteed to win it all while not recognizing any of the exclusive offerings on other platforms. We just try to specify the popularity vote rather than just the one popularity vote.

Also, if people didn't have a vote, they didn't need to vote on that platform. Of the 1,303 people who voted, only about 1,100 of those voted on XBO or PS4 games, for example.

DragonKnight1014d ago

I don't understand the praise Witcher 3 gets. I have the game. I bought it because everyone was talking up the Witcher series and videos of it seemed good. I've been extremely disappointed with it. The only game more boring to me is MGSV, but Witcher 3 takes , and I'm wholly uninterested in the story . The game also suffers from a problem a lot of bigger open world games suffer from; that being more travelling less doing. Witcher isn't anything special in my opinion.

Pogmathoin1012d ago

I got witcher because I love open world, but no one does it as good as Bethesda.... But can see why Witcher was greatly received, it is still an addictive game.

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DLConspiracy1014d ago (Edited 1014d ago )

Bloodborne did get a lot of recognition on here though. Lots of people felt it was a good game. It's just sort of niche being that it's first party so not everyone can play it and it's also a game that isn't for everyone. I own and love it but I can see why some might not like it. Especially if they didn't play it.

rainslacker1014d ago

More people played W3 though, so it was likely to get more votes than any exclusive. Pretty common for games which are voted on by a community instead of people that have experience with all the games. A PS fan isn't likely to vote for Halo, and a Xbox fan isn't likely to vote for BB, mostly because they don't have experience with the game itself.

Arguments1014d ago (Edited 1014d ago )

Best sountrack The Witcher 3.

In Bloodborne
We got Ludwig the Holy Blade, and the Cleric Beast song.
Both with Phenomenonal intros, percussion, bass, strings, chorus. An extraordinary composition that can only be achived by years of experience and intellect. I can even SEE the darkness in the song.

If anyone think about a witcher song of this caliber, please tell me. I need to rehear & analyze it. To see if i can change my mind.

For now i can only smile if a young person says that Miley Cyrus is better than Beethoven. I understand them. :)

-Foxtrot1014d ago

See even that

I honestly thought MGSV would have gotten it, I don't like it but I'm man enough to say the 80s like soundtrack and the official score created for it was great

Bloodborne is another one

But the main one I think should have won is Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. It's beautiful

Seems like a "I want Witcher 3 to win everything so I'll pick the best Soundtrack aswell"

Arguments1014d ago

Wich song or songs of everybody gtr? Do you think are good enough to win the award?

burza19821012d ago

I absolutely love Bloodborne but in my personal opinion neither Studio or DLC is not that good like CD RED and Hearts of Stone expansion. Hearts of Stone is simply amazing and price they charge us for that about 20h long is ridiculously low.

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DarkOcelet1014d ago

No love for Undertale or Toby Fox? Thats a shame to be honest, i expected it to win at least in two categories.

Christopher1014d ago

There was definitely love considering they were high up in other categories, just not the winners. Considering you have Indies competing against AAA titles in various categories, getting nominations is a huge thing.

DarkOcelet1014d ago

But i honestly thought it would win in the best Debut for a studio category.

Moon studios made an amazing game but Toby Fox made an excellent game which he made 99% on his own.

The man deserves to win something for that achievement to be honest.

-Foxtrot1014d ago

PC one for me. I thought it would have nailed that down with it being a PC exclusive and being the best "PC" game. Witcher 3 you can get on everything else with Undertale it's just the PC, the category.

DarkOcelet1014d ago

Yeah, i agree.

The best PC game should have been taken by a PC exclusive title in my opinion

Anthotis1014d ago

Happy that Fallout 4 didn't win anything.

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