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My Skyrim Experience: Valentines Edition

My gaming relationships have been numerous, but none have had longevity. It always turns into disappointment after a short span of enjoyment. That's not what I'm looking for though. I wanted commitment and stability. Im not looking for a one night session like most other gamers. I thought that maybe Gamestop could help me out in this department. They aren't always my number one choice, but I was running out of options so I decided to pay them a visit.

As soon as I arrived at Gamestop I felt nothing but regret. They never help me find what fits my personality and style. Every time I go to Gamestop I always get pressured into going on a date with Call of Duty. I've heard about her though. Sure, she offers a care free and wild time, but she doesn’t stay committed. At first she was with World War 2 for a while, then Modern Warfare, then World at War and now she's been seen with Modern Warfare again. I can't deal with that. She only cares for whats “cool” and always move on by the next year. No way I would put myself in that kind of situation. So, after browsing around for a few more minutes I realized it was hopeless. The search was futile and I decided it would be best to go home alone. As I'm walking out something caught the corner of my eye. It was faint, but man was it beautiful. There she was, dressed in all black while wearing a cellophane overcoat. I almost couldn't believe what I was looking at. I knew immediately that Skyrim would be the one. She would love me for me and nothing else. I could be a mage, a warrior or even a mix of both and it wouldn't matter. She only cared for what was on the inside. I began to imagine all the great things we could do together like own a house or slay dragons while the sun set. It was at this point that my mind was set, Skyrim and I would make a great couple.

Our first night together was incredible and our happiness grew exponentially with each passing day. From the moment she was installed on my PS3 hard drive I knew things would be great, and they most definitely were. Of course we had our ups and downs just like anyone else though, I wont lie about that. You know, there were days where we just couldn’t get along in the least bit. I wanted to complete quests, but she would tell me the quest was broken or that the NPC was already dead. One day I tried to visit Markarth only to have her send every guard after me in an attempt to kill me. I have been forever banished from that town and can no longer enter. So yes, those were a few speed bumps we encountered, but just like any committed relationship I stuck with it. No matter how unrealistic the problems were we stayed together and worked through it. We would spend every waking minute together. I began to abandon my friends and family to fit her needs. She needed a lot of time and attention, but I was there to fill that role. 3 strong months later and I couldn't have been happier.

Well, except for one tiny problem. She had sort of changed in the 3 months that we had been together. She just wasn't the same "up for any quest" type of person that I had first met. In the beginning the change was subtle, but became increasingly noticeable. This began to worry me greatly. She became sluggish, unresponsive and completely removed from the world. Then one day it just sort of happened. She broke up with me. She said that she could only commit 5 frames per second to our relationship. I tried everything to convince her otherwise. I promised to turn off auto save and restart the system during long play sessions, but she didnt care. 5 frames per second was all she could muster. It was over. In the end, all the hard work and dedication for our relationship was merely a waste of time. It was gone. She wanted nothing to do with me and I was helpless.

So, I had to do what anyone would do in my situation. She went back into the case. It was difficult, but I think it was for the best. I still love Skyrim deeply, but we just don't feel the same about each other or see eye to eye. We both need help for sure, I'll admit that. I promised to give her space and only play for a few hours a day and, in return, she needs to seek professional therapy. I even recommended her to the highest of professionals, Bethesda. I heard they have a great 12 step program of patches and updates to get her fixed. She doesn't believe me though and refuses to compromise. All I want is for us to be together. If she could seek help from Bethesda then everything would be great. Yet, she just sits there sulking in her case, mocking me day in and day out. Dust has piled up on her, but again, she could care less. I just dont think I can help her if she cant help herself.

To this day were are still friends, but I've moved past her and onto bigger and better games. This year, Valentines day will be spent with Battlefield 3 and Dark Souls. I mean, we still keep in contact from time to time. Every now and then I take a glance at her and wonder what could have been, but until she seeks professional help I can't commit myself to her. I hope that one day we can get back together, but until that time, farewell Skyrim. I will always remember you.

(This story is based on true and actual events, but its all in good fun. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.)

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Nes_Daze4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Fun read, I would get Skyrim but my Xbox360 only has like 3GB at the moment, I would get it on the PS3 but I risk experiencing what you went though for $60. Shame for such a great game.

christheredhead4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Thanks for the read! It looks like patch 1.4 fixed my problems with the game. It still has a few frame rate issues here and there, but the game is so much better now. A lot of the quests have also been fixed. It still needs more patching, but at least its playable now without running into a constant barrage of problems. I would say its safe to play on ps3. Pick it up if you can find it cheap.

Nes_Daze4241d ago

Good to hear, I'm definitely getting it now.


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