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There is no such thing as a hardcore gamer

Ask any avid video game fan if he or she is a hardcore gamer and, 9 out of 10 times, the answer will most likely be yes. Then ask any gamer as to what constitutes a core gamer and you’ll be hit with mixed results. So what truly constitutes a core gamer? Someone who plays all games across all genres? Someone who only plays mature rated games? Someone who plays for hundreds of hours a week? I mean, there truly isn’t a defining classification to the title of “hardcore gamer.”

Overall its quite simple to restrict you’re general conception of what defines a casual gamer. It’s the kind of gamer that enjoy simplicity and ease of use. The type of person who is generally bound to a pick up and play game style with no true dedication or addiction, yet merely as entertainment for the time being. You will very rarely see the casual player care or give interest to the industry or the biggest and best releases. Generally speaking, that’s a simple answer, but for the most part holds true. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Everyone has their own interests and enjoyments so I fully respect and support the games associated with the casual crowd. At this point I think we are, for the most part, familiar with titles that fall into this new found genre. When we think casual we think of games such as wii sports, I phone games, kinect games, party games, move games and so on. If someone were to play one of the titles, that’s classified as casual, for hundreds upon hundreds of hours and have every mechanic mastered to perfection at the most competitive level, would they now be classified as hardcore? The fact is that the lines are becoming blurred. Are we really that hardcore of gamers when all the games we play have been streamlined in favor of accessibility? No longer does it take a gamer of gamers to understand the functionality of the experience. Now just about anyone can pick up and play just about any game from the casual to the big blockbuster releases. There are exceptions to that statement of course, but the wider audience seems to be the goal in favor of the core gamer.

One example I would like to point out is call of duty. Now I’m not trying to down play what the game accomplishes its merely a game that everyone is familiar with. So take call of duty as just an example of my meaning. By definition this game has all the pieces to a great casual experience. It’s a game that’s user friendly, fast paced, has quick matches, endless rewards, auto aim and generally a game that you don’t have to learn. If you can pick up a controller you can play it. This same generalization can apply to just about every casual experience on the market so what makes call of duty so different that it’s viewed as a hardcore game? This applies to a vast majority of games and not just call of duty. Sure, there are defiantly some very skilled players no doubt, but then that ties in to my original comment. If a vast majority and community of gamers were highly skilled at something such as mario party would that now be a hardcore game? Wii sports and call of duty are the exact same game in concept just executed in different genres, yet viewed on two completely different levels. No one would outright say they are a hardcore wii sports player as that just doesn’t sound right to most.

My point to all this is that we are clueless on what comprises a hardcore game. We can very easily point out a casual player and casual game, but are totally lost when it comes to the elusive and rumored core gamer. My view is that we are all hardcore players of our own realm but not necessarily hardcore gamers. That title itself just doesn’t exist nor can it be applied as easily as the word casual.

I would enjoy to hear your opinion and overall view on the topic. Thanks for reading.

kane_13714469d ago

casual gamer= all the shooter only (specially cod fans) people
Hardcore= those who play all kind/most of the kinds

LightofDarkness4468d ago

You know, I don't think that's true at all. It ceases being casual when you spend most of your free time doing it, which MANY COD/Shooter-only gamers do. Heck, they probably spend more time gaming than I do, or most other self-professed "hardcore" gamers. I know I can't play many games for 8 hours straight, but these guys do it daily.

kane_13714468d ago

that's not hardcore
that is sheer stupidity and not having a life
and after all, I don't even use the word hardcore about my self
I'm a real gamer.
I just used hardcore up there since you were talking about hardcore.
8 in gaming ? straight? no tanx.
I take breaks every 7 and a half hour. jk

zerocrossing4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

I cant say I agree with what you say to be honest, Just because the term "Hard Core Gamer" is in somewhat of a grey area now it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

So far I have narrowed it down to 3 categories

(1. Casual gamers) Like to play Wii sports, Fitness games Kinect games, Party Games and not interested in what is widely known as the core market.

(2. Commercial gamers) Like to play Uncharted, COD, Gears Of War, typical genre's would be FPS, 3rd person shooters, Racing, Fighting, sports Wrestling,, MMO's such as WoW and pretty much all major Titles advertised or referred to as AAA, Caring little for JRPG's, adventure games, platformers, Stealth or what's known as the niche titles.

(3. Hard Core Gamers) Like to play almost all genre's but vary from person to person based on preference, they will play AAA titles, (some casual games if interested), Games ranging from Mario, Zelda, MGS to Uncharted, Silent Hill, Halo. Generally almost all genre's Platformers, FPS, 3rd person shooters Racing, Fighting, Action, Puzzle, Adventure, RPG's, JRPG's, MMO's (Western or Japanese) Stealth, (Im not so interested in sports games but also a matter of preference) Also enjoy playing games referred to as being in the niche market, Such as Odin Sphere, Shadow of the colosus, Fatal Frame(Project Zero) and Blaz Blue to name a few.

Basically the Hardcore Gamer has a very diverse gaming habit, Much more so than when compared with the Casual gamer or the Commercial gamer. I don't think its a matter of hours or dedication to a small genre, I think its diversity and Pasion for gaming that makes you a Hard Core Gamer.

LightofDarkness4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

I personally just dislike the use of the term "hardcore." It's a term most often used by dullards and insecure people to prove that they are somehow more a part of something or especially skilled in an area that many may otherwise find trivial. They wear it as a badge of honour to add some sense of success to their otherwise humdrum lives.

I would replace the word "hardcore" with enthusiast. That would likely weed out a lot of the immature/annoyingly over-compensating types quite quickly, as it sounds far less socially appealing to be considered a gaming enthusiast rather than a hardcore gamer.

I consider myself an enthusiast. I've been playing since I was 4, I enjoy games old and new. I play every genre available to some degree, and I go out of my way to play different games and enjoy past games that I never got around to playing. No other hobbies/past-times akin to ours attempt to bestow a sense of bravado or extremity to their devotion, I've never heard of "hardcore art & crafts" or "hardcore asian cookery". I personally believe our past-time is above that kind of nonsense and dislike being labelled as such.

zerocrossing4468d ago

You know I like your termnlogy better "gaming enthusiast" makes a whole lot more sence than "hard core gamer" I agree with pretty much everything else youv said too, People do tend to wear the term "Hard Core Gamer" as a kind of badge beleiving it gives them some kind of superior status amongst their fellow gamers.

Bonobo123454468d ago

You are totally right there, some people like to undermine others by saying things like 'this game is more for hardcore gamers' when in reality anybody who wants to play that game and do well, can. They place themselves in an imaginary cool club for gamers when in reality there is nothing that separates them from all other forms of gamer, other than enthusiasm.

Anyone can be good, It just depends how much you like games.

theonlylolking4468d ago

Yes there is. You can tell a hardcore gamer by what he plays.

SkittlesLikesPopcorn4468d ago

"There is no such thing as a hardcore gamer"

says a console casual.

Nes_Daze4468d ago

I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore gamer, I have been, but not anymore. However, I wouldn't call myself a casual either. These are the people that buy Wiis and Wiifit, Kinect and its dancing games. Then, they turn around and forget those systems existed. I think you're either a gamer, a casual, or somewhere in the middle.
The term hardcore can be used for anybody that plays games a lot and knows a lot about gaming, though personally, I don't use that term a lot.

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