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Why all the wii hate?

Well guys, the title pretty much sums up what this blog will be about. Just a fair warning, this blog may get kind of lengthy as i tend to ramble on but ill try to keep on point as much as possible. Now to be completely honest i have no idea why so many gamers have so much hate towards wii. I see many gamers going out of their way to bash and bring down the wii. I guess im not understanding as most people very rarely explain why they dont like the console or the games and merely suggest that it "sucks" without further explanation. This mainly sparks from the various wii articles that have been floating around, most notably of how reggie recently stated that there are more wii games in the pipeline for the year. I read the article and didn't think much of it other than they have a few unannounced games. Well i returned to the article to see many gamers up in arms due to that portion of quote promoting future titles to come, which has now lead me to this blog. Why all the wii hate?

I mean its no surprise that the wii isnt in hd. Thats an obvious reason for most complaints and is somewhat valid. I due agree, to an extent, that i wish the wii was in hd. It would be nice to play nintendo games in hd for once. Thats one of the main reasons i bought an hdtv, mainly to hook up my ps3 with an hdmi and get the best possible quality. Yet i feel like there is a time and place for great graphics and its obvious the wii isn't the place to turn for those things. Now are the graphics bad? Well no, most games look great and see that is somewhat the issue. The output is only 480p but the art and graphical style of the games look fantastic. My standards aren't as high as most when it comes to graphics so maybe im being a bit to lenient or maybe im not being critical enough. Im not saying graphics aren't important. We have the tech to create some beautiful looking games so its almost as if there is no excuse for the wii to be at the back of the pack in that aspect. Yet, i often ask myself, when did graphics become the game? The graphics are always at the center of the debate and there is often very little room to discuss the actual game. My opinion on the matter of graphics is less than stellar though as my thoughts are usually the opposite of what most people think. I tend to look at screenshots or watch videos in amazement only to realize im apparently the only one amazed. Where as most people are complaining about jaggies, pixels and lower resolution. So maybe i just dont have an eye for those sorts of things and graphics just aren't a strong selling point for me. I think there is a difference between great looking games and great looking graphics and its obvious nintendo has the first of the two. So does 480p output automatically have a sealed fate often classified as "ugly or horrible" graphics? or am i not seeing what others are seeing?

Another thing that always comes to mind is the waggle effect. Its just that most wii complaints are from people who dont own a wii or have never played one. Once a statement is remarked it tends to steamroll into it being the truth and the land of the law and this very much applies to how nintendo handles their motion controls. First party motion controls have all been handled quite well as nintendo tends seems to keep it simple and only needed when necessary. Now i cant say the same for some 3rd party games and shovelware though. For some reason its overly used to the point of insanity. I guess since the wii's selling point is the motion controls devs think that maxing out the waggle will somehow help, which it never does. So this is the case with the steamroll effect, it becomes a generalization that applies to the entire system and library with no prior knowledge as to how the motion controls are implemented or if they even exist at all. Some games dont even have motion controls to begin with so im always confused as to how people complain about the waggle for certain games its not even included in. Secondly there are games that have unneeded motion or waggle but you can opt out with different control schemes such as wiimote sideways, classic controller or even some times a gamecube controller. So i do admit that you have to be somewhat knowledgeable as to what you're buying before you make that leap of faith and spend the money. There are various styles of input when it comes to the wii but its not all bad. You can find something with absolutely no motion controls or some with a mix of both. Its a varied experience. So dont worry, you dont have to fling you're arms around just to enjoy a great game on wii.

Now on to the games, which is where i become the most worried. The wii seems to be buried under tons and tons of shovelware and i dont think that will slow down anytime soon. Yet im not sure if gamers dont wanna take the time to sift through the garbage to find the great games or they just view the shovelware as a generalization of what to expect from the system. We all know of nintendos first party games. I have always highly enjoyed their games, but i can see where some one might not be interested in playing nintendos repeated first party games through and through. As they are severely lacking in new IPs. That leaves multiplats, 3rd party games and the dreaded shovelware. The case seems to be that 3rd party games and shovelware are almost one in the same, but theres more to it than that. Of course im not talking about mario or zelda here. What about the great games that dont have the brand loyalty to follow? I have played so many outstanding gems on the wii that i was dumb founded as to how certain titles have received little to no recognition from the gaming community as a whole. Were not talking the most amazing, must see, have to play games ever. Where talking about some outstanding, well built games that should be up there with the best this gen has to offer but sadly are forgotten or unheard of in favor of more blockbuster experiences. Is it because of the demographic or simply because the titles are so niche its hard to find a suitable audience? Im not sure but whatever the case may be its quite a shame to see such outstanding pieces of work going unplayed by the masses or, at best, being branded as a must avoid type of game. Even so, one thing they have done right is the virtual console. It has practically slowed to a crawl lately but still offers some of the best classics ever created for near bargian prices. That alone should be a pleasant welcome to anyone browsing through the library.

This to kind of goes hand in hand with games now and days, the online play. Or nintendos slow progression to adopt a system. Lets face its, the friend code is an atrocious way to bring the gaming community together and that showed very early on. Online wii play was pretty non existent but theres no doubt game devs have moved beyond that. The wii isnt an online hub by any stretch of the imagination, but when i go to play online it works just as great as any other ps3/360 games. Now granted i cant speak for everyone as im sure there are issues beyond what i am experiencing but ive played virtually problem free besides some lag every now and then. Im currently playing tatsunoko vs capcom and the online match making is quick and fairly pain free with stat tracking and a friends list. A few others in the past worked exceptionally well such as monster hunter tri and the conduit. Those games seemed to have a fairly large community, even today, so there were always plenty of people to play with or against.

I actually wanted to speak about the conduit 2 for just a moment as everything i have talked about so far sort of hits home with this game and it seems like a fitting example. For one, this game will be coming out soon and it will be complete with more game modes, maps, characters, weapons and customization than just about any other fps on the market. Yet its already being labled as "just another crappy wii game" and this is where i tend to get lost. FPS games are the most talked about and popular on the market so what am i missing when this game is trying to pack as much content as it possibly can onto one disk. Is it because the graphics are not up to par that the entire game gets thrown to the side? Its obvious im not smart enough to process the idea of shunning a game due to graphical limitation and content overload. The multiplayer aspect will be recieving patches, wii speak support and youre typical level up system. From what im seeing, its doing everything right and im not sure how they could improve so why discredit what is above and beyond? What happened to games being games? Its as if we are brainwashed into believing hd games with short 5 hour campaigns and 8 maps is acceptable. Since this gen started i still have not gotten used to that idea. So now that the conduit 2 is taking a different approach to what we see today it seems to already be going with out recognition and most likely will hit the bargain and die a sleeper hit like the rest of the wii greats.

Im not trying to convert you to a wii player or make you agree with my point of view. Thats not what this article is about. Im merely saying that gamers should give credit where credit is due regardless on how you feel. People are going to hate the wii no matter what which is really no different than anything else. You dont have to necessarily like or enjoy what the console brings to the table but some people should take a more objective, unbaised approach and appreciate the great things it does offer. It can be more than just a casual experience if you take the time to be knowledgeable of what it can do.

BlmThug4582d ago

Wii Is Outdated, Casual Games, Shit Version Of PS Move, Crap Online, No Big Games Like Gta 4, La Noire, SR3

christheredhead4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

well see thats what i wanted to debate. Its outdated and not current with the times and has causual games but what about everyting else. Why is it it regarded as something that should be ignored on 2 flaws alone. Ps move now has casual games but is that somehow supposed to be ignored since it is less common? The motion plus remote works just as well as the move, which is how it should have been since day one. Yet since its nintendo of course they would wait it out over time. other than that the online is great. there arent many online games but they work fantastic so i dont think you have tried any of them out. same with big games. thats often subjective to the user. i often view nintendos first party games as the biggest releases of any year. there are games that should be big releases but just dont have the budget of the big hits. then people make comments and remarks like how you have stated making the games semm less worthy with out even trying the games first hand and merely basing opinions on pure speculation.

ABizzel14578d ago

I have all 3 consoles, and I have complaints for all of thme, but since this is about the Wii I'll stick with it.

Wii complaints.

1) The Wii isn't as fun to play by yourself to me. The Wii is definitely causal first, then hardcore, and the casual games are really fun and make up about 50% of my Wii library (Wii Sports, Wii Fit, etc...). But when you're alone the Wii is utterly boring. Generally there are about 3 hardcore games I buy for the Wii each year, and most of them are titles I can wait to receive price drops.

2) It's a Gamcube 1.5. Now I personally have no problem with the tech they used in the Wii. The Gamecube didn't sell as much as Nintendo wanted it to, so they literally recycled the tech and made the Wii aka Gamecube 1.5. The problem I had was chargin it for $250 with Gamecubes costing a mere $50 at the same time. Even now the Wii looks like a good deal with the free Motion Plus controller, Wii Sports, and Wii Sports Resort. But again this is tech from 2000.

3) Game variety on the Wii is slim. The majority of the good games are first party. There are the occasional break out third party title, but nothing compared to what comes out on the PS3 and 360. I'd say about 60% of my games are first party 35% are various party games, and the final 5% are third party.

4) Same old same old every generation. I like Nintendo franchise, but you can only enjoy them so much. They make the same games over and over and over and over and over and over again. It's usually not that bad, but now they come out with Part 1 and Part 2 on the Wii, and then you get the same games with Part 1 and Part 2 on the DS. I need something new from Nintendo besides and 2D/3D platformer. Bring some new franchises.

5) Online is god awful, unless the developer runs their own server.

6) The Wii Ware Store, has an awful layout. You can only see a couple of games per page, before having to scroll over to the next page. It's fine, but if you're just browsing and you want to make it to the P's then it takes FOREVER. Plus they need to add a lot more content on there, because the pickings are slim, and don't compare to PS3 or 360.

That's pretty much it. Overall I'm satisfied with the Wii now, at first I wasn't, but that was because I was comparing it to the PS3 and 360, and you can't. You have to take the Wii for what it is, a casual friendly, pick up and play, party system, that's also home to Nintendo's franchises. Once you look at it like that then it's all good.

rockleex4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

Its all about the games.

The only first party Nintendo games I've ever liked were Pokemon games. But it got ridiculously repetitive and over milked.

Then trying to find awesome third party games on the Wii is like finding needles in a haystack. Even when you find the great gems, they're nothing compared to PS3 and 360 games.

There's only two games on the Wii that I've ever been interested in. Xenoblade and The Last Story.

Other than JRPGs, PS3 has all the titles that capture my interest. And its not just about the graphics. Its the whole package that makes the Wii seem irrelevant.

You'll never find a game of Uncharted's caliber on the Wii. Not to mention all the other awesome games for the HD consoles.

batterystrength4581d ago

Well, I don't particulary hate the Wii but I have to agree with BlmThug in some aspects.

First thing is the motion control, this is also the cause for all the hate towards kinect. All those motion systems are praised as the revolution in gaming. But just look at the wii. Do yo see any revolutionnary new games ? Or With kinect ? Or Move ? The answer is no. All you see is partygames and shovelware. Wow! I've never seen a ping pong game or a mario kart game. Motion control is just a fancy gimmick. It is not that the wii games are all bad and casual, it's the controller that makes them casual. You can't play with it for hours.

The great innovation this gen took place with the so called "dead" forms of gaming, good old controller based consoles and on the PC. We saw the rebirth of the Adventure with Havy Rain, a whole new genre with Little Big Planet, and even on the Xbox there are gems like Alan Wake or Forza for instance. The wii is a great party console, but true console gaming or PC gaming (depending if you prefer mouse/keyboard or the controller) will never die. Games are not meant to be played by dancing around like an idiot. Sit down, grab your controller, enjoy!

pixelsword4581d ago

THAT'S the words I was looking for: motion controls are just a cheap gimmick. If I wanted to play virtual golf or tennis or ping-pong like batterystrength said I would just GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY THEM because there's not a lot of difference between Wii/Move ping-pong and real life in terms of motion. If I wanted to play on golf grounds or against NBA stars, then that's where games take over. I can't shoot-up a bunch of aliens but I can cook; so all the time I would be playing Cooking Mama I would be thinking "WTFudgenuggets? If I were doing this in real life, I'd have some #&$(#$! food by now!" And since when did cooking become a game for fun anyways? And don't say "What about FPS?" because that's always been for fun:

mastiffchild4581d ago

Wii has the same control problems today as it had ay lauch-most devs haven't got their head around motion controls AT ALL. they should NEVER be a gimmick or used simply INSTEAD of trad controls and should only ever be used where they offer something new or better than what we had before. When they offer a gameplay experience superior or that could not be don e with a pad THEN we're on the right track.

Kinect has EVEN more of this issue so far and Move is in a similar, but more accurate, boat to Wii and M+. Even great Wii games like NMH1 and 2 didn't become any better because of the controllers-in fact they're among the biggest culprits of having waggle tacked on but the quality makes you ignore that fact. The real Wii heroes are games like Red Steel2 where the motion controls really make a difference and MP3 where a new FPS scheme was nailed first time by Ninty and Retro.

Deadly Creatures and a few other games(Zack and Wiki too) had decent uses for the control scheme and Sorcery looks top be the bravest and biggest step forward*(on Move) since then for the controller based motion controlled games, no? Boomblox had ths spirit on Wii as well. Games not possible with the same feeling on a pad-that's what we all dreamed of when we saw the "revolution". We expected 1:1 lightsabre fights, proper boxing(and I'm a convert to The Fight after [laying it, finally, with a good and daylit set up-it really was hated on because reviewers didn't bother levelling or setting up right. Maybe it's the fact that it's actually demanding on a physical level if you want to play it well that upset the reviewers? Whatever-with a more friendly interface it would be the best boxing game ever and as it is it's amazing when set up correctly and closer to what we should expect from motion controlled sport than anything on sprts Champions, Kinect sports or Wii Sports or SR.

As such the demands of gamers and reviewers are at odds wioth games that will really need physical input. those people do not wish for actual full body controls and are happier with waggle-even if they deny it. Sure games on Wii and Move and Kinect that need small accurate movements are valid too but the natural extension of motion control is the physical one-it's just another way, though, and should threaten nobody. the pad isn't going anywhere.

Seen as another limb of gaming and not as a gimmick-as in great, forward thinkng games like sorcery(we hope) everyone should see possibilities. Same with Kinect-if theres a way round the lack f an analogue stick and making games not be on rails the possibilities should be mouhwatering and not seen as gimmicky.

I like both. But I really like great games wherever they are and however they're controlled so long as the controls fit the game. A lot of the time on Wii(and now Move and Kinect) they don't and that's when it feels like gimmick and t need not and it's lazy devs cashing in.

firefoxprime4580d ago

I too agree the Wii is outdated and shoved with stupid shovelware games. Yet I do admit that just like the PS3, there are some games that catch my eye. I will definetly play them down the road later. To be honest I have played maybe...70 different ps2 titles. With the ps3, maybe 20 games do I want to play.

For the Wii, I definetly want to play:

SSBB, The Last Story, XenoBlades, Capcom VS. T-somethin, No More Heroes 1&2, Conduit 2, and Sonic Colors.

Not enough to make me purchase a new system, but its a start.

ultimablackmage4582d ago

I can say I don't play with my Wii as often as I'd like but that's because Nintendo promised an awesome virtual console line up and hardly updates it and most of the retail games are shovelware. I literally own only the best of Wii games and that mean I only own a total of 16 games on it.

I think why most people seem to hate on the Wii comes down to 3 things
1. Not enough games worth owning if you're a long time gamer.
2.It's got too many shovelware games and casual games on it.
3. It does have the current "hardcore" games people want on it.
I honestly wish the Wii would have turned out better then it did but the modern gamer only wants blood, violence and online multiplayer not fun, family gaming and motion controls.

Godmars2904582d ago

Why, despite the fact that the gaming community at large aren't buying Wii titles - this is including Wii defenders - are Wii defenders calling such "hate?"

Why is everything black or white in fanboy mentality? Where are the shades of gray which are suppose to represent common sense?

christheredhead4581d ago

there are some in betweens but the hate is just a one size fits all generalization of the attitude of the wii. this wasn't meant to come off as a fanboy rant but more as different perspective that i think some people overlook.

ZombieAssassin4582d ago

Id have to say the thing I dislike about the Wii is the controls, now ive never been a fan of this motion control gimick an only really enjoyed it for onrail shooters and sword fighting type games (and golf occasionally). If they had a more standard controller somewhat like the Ps or Xbox controller I prolly could of got more into it (also good games that supported it) and I didnt care much for the controller pad they brought out.

As far as the games go their wasn't too much that interested me, I played all the mario games/house of the dead/Resident evil/Red steel/Monster hunter games when I had my Wii but besides that there wasn't too much I could get into and it was partly due to the controls of most other games i played at the same time though nothing on it seemed to interest me. I dont hate the Wii though i just see it as a lesser console for someone like me.

Otheros004582d ago

1. Nintendo promised good motion control - I get crap shitty gimmick motion controls
2. I get billions of shovleware
3. The wii is overpriced when it came out
4. a lot of the core games from nintendo are rehases
6. Playing Online sucks
7. cannot transfer gamesaves
8. gamecube 1.5
9. Wii motion plus should of been part of the wii remote when the wii came out
10. Doesn't support my HD tv - stretching makes everything look bad

theonlylolking4581d ago

Those 10 things are probably all the reasons why people hate the wii LOL.

Arkhamz4581d ago

The wii wasn't overpriced,The ps3 was

mastiffchild4581d ago

Both were overpriced and so was the 360 at l;aunch considering it didn't work-it's aone size fits all comp[laint with only Sony letting us know why their's was so dear!!

The thing I have to pull the blog up on is the online quote about it being as good as PSN or Live-Wiiconnect isn't ANY good at all. WaW was about th smoothest online experience for a shooter on Wii I've played and that was limited to 4 a side because of the system's limits and I gopt constant lag and disconnects even when everyone seemed to have decent connections! Even the best online performer(MKWii) has code put in to allow for lag-it predicts here yo are leading to you often thinking you were edged out only to find you won the race or vice versa! Annoying as hell alongside the rubber banding nature of blue shell hell. I've often crossed the line first onl;y to be displayed as third! Don't even start me on Brawl online! The only game that really orked well, and I only played at a mates as I'm not a MH fan was MH3 on Wii and I know Capcom did a hell of a lot to ensure it worked. Lord knows what they put into their own servers but everyone I know claims it's miles better than other online Wii games.

In short, though, the online component of most Wii games is crippled by the tate of Ninty's set up and C2 will be no different. Also not expecting a lot from that game after being badly let down by the first-it looks generic as hell nd that's little to do with the resolution as MP3 looked great three years back. Metroid Prime MP, though, is something that would have me on my Wii allthe time! they did it on DS for Hunters so why didn't we get it for MP3 on Wii? Never get that.

Otheros004581d ago

Anything that sells for a profit on launch is over priced. 3ds, ifad, iphone, and ifad touch are overprices. Ps3 is extremely under priced when it launch. Sony was selling ps3 for $300 less than what it cost to manufacture a ps3. So, how does that count as over priced?