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Day 23: ADVENTure Contest [Closed]

Congratulations to IamTylerDurden1 for being our Day 22 winner. A total of 37 people guessed correctly the game in question, which was Outward. Now, the hint to this one is easy, you crop the image down to a single inventory item and perform a reverse image search on it and that takes you to a wiki page showing that inventory item for the game. Congrats to those who got it without all that busy work. Good luck to those relying on reverse image searches with these last two games.

Now, on to Day 23. Remember, DO NOT COMMENT WITH YOUR GUESS. Only PMs to ChrisKriN4Gle will count, and only the first answer provided. One entry per person.

Entries will be allowed for 24 hours after this blog is posted.

Rules and guidelines of this contest are at

Today's image is:

For a less compressed view of this image, see

Only two days left. Remember, the number of days you guess correctly will go towards the grand prize of a $250 gift card or similar payout.

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The 10th Rider36d ago

I just searched "2019 video game inventory" and found Outward in about thirty seconds. No reverse image searching was needed.

Vegamyster36d ago

I did 2019 RPG, it was one of the first games that popped up and just peaked the inventory.

phoenixwing36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

i just remembered seeing it before lol

IamTylerDurden136d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Oh common none of you played Outward? It's a Gothic-like old-time RPG with survival elements. It actually sold 400k units.

I'm just joking, a surprising number of ppl actually never heard of it. It falls in the Elex, Greedfall, Vampyr category of interesting, budget, Euro RPGs.

Blank36d ago

I like your appreciation for euro RPG games. They really do deserve the attention and hype.

The 10th Rider36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I've heard of it and I've seen it.

Out of a lineup of similar games from the past five years I probably couldn't pick it out as having released this year.

Christopher35d ago

I tried it, but didn't like the rogue-like aspects. It's solid for those who do like that, though.

IamTylerDurden135d ago


I love Euro RPGs. I think they are underrated. European devs in general are really stepping up. The scene in Europe is taking over. France, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, obviously the UK, Sweden.

France is a hotbed. Ubisoft, all the studios associated with Focus Home, Spiders, DontNod, and more.

Sweden houses studs like Machine Games, Avalanche, Starbreeze.

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Dirtnapstor35d ago

Bard’s Tale IV has an inventory mock up that looks very similar, almost could mirror. Alas, I picked incorrectly so.

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monkey60236d ago

There's been a lot of repeat winners this year hasn't there?! Please tell me this isn't Tyler's 3rd win

Christopher35d ago

I don't have my spreadsheet in front of me, but I think this might be his first win this year.

monkey60235d ago

Nope he's definitely won already 😂

I got asked to buy a ticket for the local lottery today, 50euro buy in and there's only 1000 tickets for a large prize.

I said not a hope! I've had 20 chances to get my name drawn out of about 18 people each day and I can't even win that 😂

ziggurcat35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Nope. Tyler won one of the earlier days in this contest as well.

I think 3 people have won twice in this contest.

IamTylerDurden135d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Definitely NOT my 3rd.

Not sure why monkey602 is so concerned though?

I have gotten every single answer correct except the first day because i went to put Youngblood in at midnight because i figured the contest changed each morning, but it had already switched.

I was very happy for Liquid when he won twice.

The contest is random assuming you picked correct. Repeat winners are possible. Good luck to everyone.

monkey60235d ago

I'm not concerned. Just jealous of you being a jammy sod is all ;) don't take it the wrong way ha

bunt-custardly35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Not sure why he is concerned? Seriously? What are you? Show some compassion man. It's a natural reaction to cry foul or just burst into tears and sulk in the corner like a child without a teddy bear. More dribbly when someone else gets chosen mmultiple times in a "random" draw. First occasion to be celebrated, be like well-done old chap. Fair play. Good on you. Well deserved. Tally Ho.

Second time the same person wins...

It hurts like old jagged glass ruptured a not so aged wound that hasn't quite healed. Cutting glass that has embedded itself somewhere deep inside where a mere tweezer won't be enough to remove such a nasty, piercing shard. That's putting it nicely. Words are less favourable in the real world, y'know behind closed-doors, muttered under ones breath and all that. Words I can't post here for fear of upsetting. But I think you get my point, well I hope you do. Now please pat the losers on their heads (gently please) and inform them not to worry "there's always next year and who knows. I might actually be away not thinking about this competition so it's all yours fine fellows".

monkey60235d ago

Bit of an unnecessary response response there Bunt no? When my comments have been clearly in jest. I've congratulated many of the winners. I've even responded to Tyler already

IamTylerDurden135d ago


No worries man, good luck to you and everyone else.

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After10Ben35d ago

Could someone im me with a hint? I'm on Santa's nice list this year. Just a hint not the answer.

monkey60235d ago

This is the hardest one yet I think. I can't get a lead on it at all.

After10Ben35d ago

Yeah I know. I haven't got one of these right yet. It's still fun though. I know I have video games under the tree. It's probably one of those lol.

bunt-custardly35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I was attempting to inject some dark humour into the discussion. I thought it would be obvious my response was jokey. Anyhow, if I were to win again I would certainly consider donating my winnings to the Grayze Foundation, (a charity for legless dogs with dependency problems). I'd feel much less guilty then.

monkey60235d ago

Bud the only thing obvious was a snide remark intended to insult me. You literally referred to me as a sulking child. That's not Dark Humour. It's a jab at me on a personal level.
It's a good job I'm rather unaffected by it though and I know from your comment history your usually a rather sensible person. Just like Tyler.
Have a good night and a good christmas I'm off to bed

bunt-custardly35d ago

Well apologies are in order then. I wasn't trying to single you out specifically. It was supposed to be a general comment aimed at all who hadn't won anything. Either way it was a joke comment which obviously failed to hit its mark. Sorry to anyone offended by it. Wasn't my intention.

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