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Day 3: ADVENTure Contest [Closed]

Congratulations to MasterofMagnetism for being our Day 2 winner. A total of 20 people guessed correctly the game in question, which was Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The image was a close-up of Genichiro after you fight him the second time.

Now, on to Day 3. Remember, DO NOT COMMENT WITH YOUR GUESS. Only PMs to ChrisKriN4Gle will count, and only the first answer provided. One entry per person.

Entries will be allowed for 24 hours after this blog is posted.

Rules and guidelines of this contest are at

Today's image is:

View a less compressed version of this at

The third day has been revealed. Remember, the number of days you guess correctly will go towards the grand prize of a $250 gift card or similar payout.

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luckytrouble8d ago

Two correct so far with my third guess submitted. Here's to hoping.

ziggurcat8d ago

1.5 for me - pretty sure I figured this one out, too.

bunt-custardly8d ago

Multi-platform games does this include older games that get re-released on Nintendo Switch?

Christopher8d ago


"Every game in this contest was released in 2019.

Every game depicted in this contest is a multiplatform title."

I am giving no further details on game specifics than that for this contest.

I_am_Batman8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Can you post the uncropped versions of the pictures from past days? Would be interesting to see.

monkey6028d ago

How forgiving are we being on spelling mistakes here?... if I were to spell Sekiro as Code: Vein ?

Relientk778d ago

Pretty sure Google wouldn't correct that spelling >_>

ziggurcat8d ago

I mean, you were only one letter off, so...

Relientk778d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I guessed Jump Force because I thought it looked like an anime character lol

I mean Sekiro is basically anime right

Christopher8d ago

You were definitely on the right track. I wanted to convey that it was a Japanese style game with that "single eye power pose" that's a common trope in Japanese media.

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