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Day 2: ADVENTure Contest [Closed]

Congratulations to Relientk77 for being our Day 1 winner. A total of 19 people guessed correctly the game in question, which was Wolfenstein Youngblood. The big clue? The swastika armband.

One thing I think people forgot about the contest guidelines, entirely available from , is that the game was released in 2019.

Now, onto Day 2. Remember, DO NOT COMMENT WITH YOUR GUESS. Only PMs to ChrisKriN4Gle will count, and only the first answer provided. One entry per person.

Entries will be allowed for 24 hours after this blog is posted.

Today's image is:

View a less compressed version of this at

The second day has been revealed. Remember, the number of days you guess correctly will go towards the grand prize of a $250 gift card or similar payout.

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monkey60210d ago

Whoop 1 right!
I'm going to find it tough because I didn't play many new games this year but I'm getting them all ! 😁

BioDead10d ago Show
ThePsychoGamer9d ago

Honestly, after sending my guess in, I realized two Wallenstein games released in 2019 and got worried that it was Cyberpilot instead of Youngblood, Well I much more confidant in my guess for today.

monkey6029d ago

The multiplat rule would help there I guess

ThePsychoGamer9d ago

But Cyberpilot was technically multiplat, releasing on both PC and PS4

monkey6029d ago

Yeah You're right but I'd imagine the games of the competition will all be Xbox and Ps4 as standard

MasterCornholio9d ago

I knew it was a Wolfenstein game but I didn't know which one.

ziggurcat9d ago

I guessed the wrong Wolfenstein :(

Christopher9d ago

A lot of people did. That's why I clarified the "released in 2019" bit of the rules of the contest.

ziggurcat9d ago

I saw that after the fact.

Monster_Tard9d ago

I havent played the game so I was unsure, but the picture on the right looked like a mock up of Friday the 13th which released in 1980, the same year Youngblood is set in so I went with it.

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