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N4G Christmas ADVENTure Contest

Hello all.

Please note that all entries for the Black Friday contest have been received and are being reviewed now. Winners will be announced once the winners have been decided.

Now, onto our next Holiday Contest.

From December 1st through December 24th, we will be running a daily contest. Each day, we will reveal a new image on our N4G Advent Calendar. Your goal is to PM me, ChrisKriN4Gle, your guess as to what game that image is from. That's 24 days, 24 chances to win, even more than once.


Every day a new image will be revealed on the N4G Advent Calendar, posted approximately around midnight CST.

Send a PM to ChrisKriN4Gle with your guess as to the game the image is from.

Only the first entry from a user will be accepted.

Multiple correct guesses each day will be entered to randomly win the $50 gift card or similar payout prize.

Winners will be announced the following day and contacted via N4G Ticket.

Every game in this contest was released in 2019.

Every game depicted in this contest is a multiplatform title.

Every correct entry will be counted toward the grand prize of a $250 gift card or similar payout, where the individual with the most correct answers will win.

A user can win multiple days.

If no one gets the correct answer to the image of a day, then a user will be selected at random from those who did enter.

For additional contest rules, see

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MasterCornholio12d ago

And to think I reported the Test of this.



Cool can't wait for this contest.

rainslacker11d ago

I think this user Christopher should be reported for multiple accounts.:)

MasterCornholio11d ago

Yeah if they don't let others use alts I don't see why they should let him do the same.



Christopher11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I've had multiple accounts for ages. IndieMonth is my account as well. I use them for contests only, though, and they're official accounts for staff purposes.

But, it's to keep things organized. I get contest submissions via PM and mixing those with my others might increase my chances of making a mistake. I don't want that to happen.

rainslacker10d ago

Just a little good natured teasing Chris.:)

cl198312d ago

Is this one win per the month with exception of big give away or is this everyone eligible everyday?

aMoonlitTrail12d ago

Not sure what N4G ticket is, is that a pm?

Christopher12d ago

If you win, you'll find out.

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