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"Black Friday" Writing Contest

To kick off the Holiday Season, the first contest on N4G involves writing. Read the contest details below on what to do and how to enter. The upcoming contests for December will run for 24 days and will be a combination of gaming knowledge and a bit of luck if more than one person gets the right answer each day.


Those entering the contest should submit a story, poem, or similar written piece of work with the title of "Black Friday". The writing should include at least one video game character or video game setting and should be related to video games in some manner.

A single user may submit up to three (3) different entries for the contest if they so choose. A user may only win one prize.

All entries must be sent to the account posting this contest, ChrisKriN4Gle. Users may link to an external document if need be, but N4G is not responsible for any issues in retrieving the document in question (we will communicate any issues to the author, though).

Entries will need to be submitted by November 27, 2019 (Anywhere On Earth).

Entries will be reviewed and winners selected by the N4G staff. Entries will be reviewed based on the quality of the writing and the creativity of the writing.

Entries must be unique pieces of writing created specifically for this contest and not otherwise previously published.

Three winners will be selected from the submissions with an award based on place. Type of cash prize will vary depending on the location of the winner and our ability to pay out the prize in the manner desired.

3rd place: $50
2nd place: $100
1st place: $200

Please see additional contest rules and details at

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darthv7220d ago

Best of luck to all who participate. I hope we can read some good pieces.

UltraNova20d ago

Its going to be fun, I love N4G user generated content like this.

Great idea Christopher and co.

20d ago
phoenixwing20d ago

if you're a contributer on here does that mean you're disqualified?

Christopher20d ago

No. Only those who are employed by or receive some form of remuneration from HAVA or its relating companies are disqualified from winning.

phoenixwing20d ago

thanks for the info christopher

Brave_Losers_Unite20d ago


The name is Bond.. Chris Bond

IamTylerDurden118d ago

Does it have to be about Black Friday or can it just be holiday themes?

XVision8420d ago

So there is no submission length limit? Stories vary greatly in word count and I doubt you guys should want a long story with all the submissions coming in

XVision8420d ago

Would* not should lol my bad.

Also how flexible can we be in terms of swear words?

13d ago
Christopher20d ago

No length limit.

No requirement for swearing, but if it does win it might be posted with a notice of the offensiveness/vulgarity of the content.

rainslacker19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

No length limit? Sounds like I can guys reading for a few hours then.:-D

Have my unpublished novels. Just a few name changes to game characters, a few setting changes to scenes in games, and I'm good to go.

Lucky for you, I edited it down to 3000 pages, mostly by removing the duplicate dialogue i had talking about knitting and how to cook various types of stews

You're in for a real treat!!!

Christopher19d ago

Guess who's not winning because we couldn't finish reading their story in time? :(

Better luck next time Mme. Scudery (I hope someone gets that reference).

rainslacker19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

LOL. Or...maybe I win because you don't have time to read all the others.:)

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The story is too old to be commented.