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The Calm Before The Storm

Can you feel it? There’s electricity in the atmosphere. Something stirs on the horizon and the air grows thick with anticipation as sparks of excitement crackle here and there. A dull rumble echoes across the hills in the distance. It’s a sound some gamers haven’t heard in over seven years but it still manages to elicit the same passion, the same sense of expectation and the same sliver of anxiety that many have felt in times past. Every so often we can see the distant suggestive flashes that illuminate the coming clouds, which seem to whisper things like ‘redesigned controller’, ‘cloud gaming’ and then there’s that particularly dark and threatening one that seems to mumble ‘used game block’.

I am of course using a clichéd metaphor to describe the coming console generation and in particular Sony’s big Playstation event, which takes place just over 24 hours from now (at time of writing). If you’re a gamer, and you haven’t had your head buried in the sand for the past week, you will already know all there is to know about the New York extravaganza as it’s all that anyone is talking about. When I say “talking” I obviously mean wildly speculating, rumour mongering, fanboy baiting and just plain making crap up. Nonsense aside, this is a very big deal for the gaming industry and its fans as it signals (what some would consider) the first announcement of an 8th generation console (poor WiiU always overlooked).

Although there has been quite a lot of talk surrounding next generation recently it’s nothing compared to what is to come, if my experience is anything to go on that is. Very soon we could have some rock solid information on what we can actually expect to be entertaining us for the next 5+ years. The gaming press are going to go mad and, in all likelihood, it will also spill over into mainstream media. There’ll be analyses, comparisons, even more speculation and some things will end up being taken out of context, you know, the usual, just on a grander scale. We could be looking at the perfect storm and, in my opinion, it's just what this industry needs.

There are some who would give you the sagely advise to not get too excited and they’re right in a way but, personally, I enjoy giddy anticipation and I can manage very realistic expectations while I’m at it. It only happens once every 5-7ish years and I’m not ashamed to say I’m as twitchy as a Kinect avatars shoe doing massive damage to a giant enemy crab. Let’s hope hyper-negativity and fanboys don’t rain on the parade and Sony at least give us a good show.

Are you excited for the next generation? What do you think Sony will announce? Come on, we have so little time left to speculate might as well get some guess-work in now before facts get in the way. Give us some crazily optimistic predictions in the comments section, they will be appreciated, thanks.

Update: Looks like I was right about the next generation spilling over into the mainstream. Almost immediately after/during submitting this blog I notice this...

Sony are going all out with this and it won't be long until everyone is clued up on their next-gen plans.

GSpartan7773751d ago

The anticipation is definitely killing me. And I like that Sony is doing this. It's certainly a much better way to prep and hype up announcement this way. I will say this though, that whatever they have to show tomorrow better impress. Because it certainly has people talking. Disappointing us is the last thing they would want to do.

Chaostar3751d ago

Yeah expectations are running a tad high but I doubt sensible people are likely to come away disappointed. Of course there's no pleasing everyone and there's bound to be a few critics with some vitriol to share in the aftermath.

MelonSaurus3751d ago

Wow this article is so cool man such original thoughts and ideas damn you're a genius shit so good can't take it.

Chaostar3750d ago

I hope you're being sarcastic :P

coolbeans3750d ago

This sort of news only comes every so often. Do you really have to berate another poster who just wanted to post a blog showing their excitement?

caseh3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

Based on the 1001 articles and front page stories anyone would think that the news being talked about has never happened before in the entire history of mankind. A new console, oooooooooooooo.

I'll be glad when they finally announce it and confrim the specs, we can then move on from all these sh*tty assed articles to the extent of:

-Rumoured specs for PS4
-New joypad design for PS4?
-Rumoured price for PS4
-Rumoured release date for ps4

Chaostar3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Whether you care or not, it's a pretty big deal to some gamers, including myself. Why can't those who are interested speculate about the features, specs, etc? It's not like it's literally all anyone is writing about, there's other news too.

caseh3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

At some point at least 3 of the hottest articles were PS4 announcements or rumours, and like 50% of the news stories recently have been to the extent of:

- why sony must announce the ps4
- why ps4 will be most pwerful console next gen

etc etc you get the jist.

Wasn't a dig at you, just at the ridiculous number of 'rumour' this and 'why' that articles. Speculating it will have 8 cores or 24 cores, 18gb or 6gb of RAM or even a CPU built to withstand a nuke from orbit are irrelevant. I mean you could sit around for every waking moment of the day and come up with random guesses what it will have with little to no basis on any factual data.

Once the product has been confirmed and the specs are officially on paper then eople will have a better idea of what the next gen consoles are actually aiming for but wow, i've never seen so much hype for a console announcement hence, I just want it announced and out of the way. :)

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OcelotRigz3750d ago

Yeah, i remember this being announced, when we got that teaser 3 weeks ago and it was like "3 weeks? Damn thats going to go slow" and wala, now we are here. But now the day itself stops to a grind.

Im the same as yourself and most gamers, giddy with excitement and anticipation, i love these things. The worse thing though is when its over, you know most things about it and then its waiting until the damn thing comes out. Sometimes the mystery is better. Anyway, cant wait, almost there.

Chaostar3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

I read somewhere that time slows down the nearer you are to an immensly dense object with an extremely high gravitational pull, such as a black hole. Since time seems to be getting slower the closer we get to the reveal, we can conclude that the PS4 must be powered by a black hole :P

Did you know, a black hole is the most compact matter imaginable. It is an extremely massive and dense object in space that is thought to be formed by a star collapsing under its own gravity. Black holes are black, because nothing, not even light, can escape from its extreme gravity.

The more you know.

I may have broken myself with excitement ٩(●̮̃•)۶

OcelotRigz3750d ago

Yeah, Black Holes are cool. There's a Supermassive Black Hole at the center of our galaxy, i was thinking of going there someday.
If the PS4 doesn't have some implementation of Black Holes then i will be very disappointed.

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