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Kinect 2 Could Be Nextbox's Downfall

Kinect is Microsoft’s gimmick, their ‘thing’, if you will, the hook that differentiates them from other platforms; like a guy with an unusual hat. Now some people like the look of the hat and some people think it looks plain stupid, there’ll always be differing opinions, but one thing’s for sure MS think they look damn good in that hat and they want to have it permanently sewn to their head. Ok, so that analogy kind of tripped over at the end there but you can see where I’m coming from, MS want Kinect to be a permanent part of their Xbox ‘ecosystem’, whether you like it or not, and this could spell disaster.

Price, cost, rate, amount, expense, charge, however you put it, you cannot underestimate the importance of it in the video game industry. And it’s here that we can begin to see a problem that could quite possibly lead to MS shooting themselves in the foot. History has shown that it’s not always the most technologically advanced console that comes out on top; price is a huge factor and one that has never been more important due to economic circumstances. Although there are exceptions as PS3 has been consistently more expensive throughout its life but has managed to sell at a greater rate than the cheaper 360.

So, assuming that MS want Kinect to be a totally integrated experience in their Xbox brand, it makes sense that they may choose to include it as standard with the upcoming hardware. This is where the all important factor of price comes into play. Should Sony, manage to get their new console ready in a close timeframe to the ‘nextbox’ there will be two, probably similar, consoles on the shelves with two very different price tags. The inclusion of Kinect (or a newer version) would almost definitely swell the asking price, unless of course MS are willing to take a monumentally massive hit on short term profits, which, given their current disappointments with Surface and Windows 8 phones as well as stagnant share prices, might not be an option.

Kinect cost $150/£130 on release, even if MS manage to reduce production costs on the device it could still bloat up the cost of a new Xbox console by $100/£80, which could even increase if the specs are enhanced. All Sony would then have to do is make the 4th Playstation specs a little better, the price a little lower, keep online free and suddenly they have a console that looks very appealing to the average consumer, unless of course the consumer loves unusual hats… a lot.

It’s hard for me to picture a way in which forcing Kinect as standard with a new Xbox could end with anything but misery for MS, even with another $500m marketing campaign. It’s my hope that Kinect or Kinect 2 remains an optional extra so that the 3rd Xbox can be competitive on its own gaming merits and keep Sony on their toes next generation.

Nicaragua3816d ago

flailing is flailing no matter how accurate they make it, and there is no play in my gaming for flailing.

Knight_Crawler3815d ago

Yes because hardcore gamers are the only one who should enjoy gaming -_-

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Think that is bad? What if the rumors of casual xbox is true? and it is a success?

MS is to wanting wii success. They are like a pitbull that won't let go.

The have don an amazing effort.

125 kinect games and 61 kinect xbox exclusives and 21 more announced by MS.


"Rare hiring new developers for Kinect 2 and Xbox 720 games"

They must really make so much cash to try so hard for casual gaming.

But if they are buying then I can't say they should stop.

Xbox core gamers have taken the back seat.

Alderney3815d ago

Going by Sony's Move device, the PS4 will very likely have peripherals similar to the WiiU. Much like the current Move, I have no iterest in playing a slightly upgraded version of a crappy Nintendo product.

Meanwhile, Kinect 2.0 has some serious Minority Report-like potential. It's a joke now, but Microsoft could really make something out this.

Either way I'll be sticking with a regular controller next gen.

Chaostar3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

I'm struggling to follow your logic, what does Move have to do with Wii U's controller tablet thingy? Oh wait are you trying to say that because Move is a little similar to Wii controllers therefore Sony must be working on something similar to Wii U now?

You're implying that Sony is just flat out copying Nintendo and, whether that is true or not, your use of the slippery slope logical fallacy indicates you're just guessing wildly so I won't ask for links as proof.

I also won't ask how you know anything about Kinect 2 either since there has been no official word or even reputable leak that suggests it even exists.

However, if you do find time between slating Sony and hyping non-existent products please feel free to drop some links here, thanks for reading, if you even did.

NeverEnding19893815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

"are you trying to say that because Move is a little similar to Wii controllers"

LMAO. Come on, buddy. It's the exact same thing.

GalacticEmpire3814d ago

OMG the PS3 is a black box that makes things appear on my telly, it's totally copying my 1989 VHS player! SONY YOU ARE SHAMELESS! /s

Chaostar3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Doh reply fail, sorry.

Might as well write something interesting... erm... let's see...

Like I said in the blog, I think it would be a mistake to include Kinect with the nextbox as the price would drive customers toward competing products. Instead they should focus on hardware reliability, standard HDD use, Rechargeable controllers right out of the box. Also, although it may be a hard pill to swallow, they need to adopt blu-ray as they can no longer afford to ignore the HD movie disc standard and developers are pushing the limits of DVDs beyond a joke now. I would also like to see them find a way to provide basic online gaming for free; Sony do it, Nintendo do it, every PC does it why not MS too?

For Sony I'd like to see a console built with developers firmly in mind, which they seem to have gotten the idea if Vita is something to go on. I'd like improved triggers on the controllers too, the DS3 is almost perfect and with this slight modification it could be the best controller without question in my eyes. Some stuff I'm assuming will be implemented for certain like wireless N, faster drive read speeds etc. Some things I'm crossing my fingers for like Android integration, background downloads for games/patches, cross game chat, greater social features, quick boots times etc.

Either way I hope both companies look back on the mistakes of this generation and work to improve on every aspect of our favourite hobby.

Kalowest3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

"they need to adopt blu-ray"
Of course that's going to happen.
MS and Sony do alot of business together, why do ppl forget that.
"I would also like to see them find a way to provide basic online gaming for free"
MS could've been and done that; Even though Xbox is MS bottom-line, XBL brings in a good bit of change.

RuleofOne343 3815d ago

I would also like to see them find a way to provide basic online gaming for free; Sony do it, Nintendo do it, every PC does it why not MS too?

See your point, but let's not forget people have been paying for live for sometime now & like any company or person why would you turn away money.

Crazy Ex. if a female friend you know or a girl you know is providing you w/ sex without you having to buy dinner or do anything out of the ordinary why would you jeopardize that.

Chaostar3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

I couldn't care less about what's better for MS's bottom line what's important is that more people get to experience the online portions of their games without having to pony up more money. As gamers shouldn't we want more people playing online?

I can understand the justification of paying for a service that you believe to be greater than free alternatives but I don't understand the reluctance of people to want a basic online service offered alongside this for free. People who are happy to pay for the extra features would continue to do so would they not?

Godmars2903815d ago

MS went out of their way to make the Xbox 360 look cheaper than the PS3, and if they get the chance will do so again. They also have the leasing deal thing going for them as well so expect they'll be offing that as well.

Regardless, there'll be tons of advertising aimed at making people miss any fine details which they should probably pay attention to.

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