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The Irrationality of 360 Fanatics!

This blog post is meant to look at MS as a company, a for profit corporation who by law has to produce dividends for its shareholders just like Sony. I will be making the case not that being a fanatic of a particular system is not right, but that MS has done nothing to earn the loyalty of fanatics that aggressively defend MS and the 360.I have heard people try to make the argument about being American and only buying American made products, it seems to me like people forget that in this globalized world you have to be very careful when speaking about only buying American made products. When I have spoke to people about the console industry and they talking about the 360 and supporting American products, all I can say is look at all the different components that your 360 has in it and show me all the parts that are made in the US, I bet if they did they would find out that MS is an American corporation in origin alone.When I consider the 360 fanatic, it strikes me as though they completely ignore the facts such as reliability, lack of vision in the 360's design and tail end cost associated with the system in the form of add ons and accessories that the PS3 has because you they feel like that would be admitting your being wrong. This is a phenomenon that is not exclusive to the console industry, but can be seen in everyday situations, where someone uses a product, they have complaints but when you suggest something better they don't want to change, but its funny because once they do change they tell you " I didn't know it was this easy or this good".

Its human nature to want to feel like you made the right decision and inevitably when a wrong decision is made it becomes very difficult for some to admit they are wrong, to the point that they would lose money, or put up with situations that would normally be unacceptable.Track Record:I have always been an informed consumer, so when the 360 first came out I was on the message boards daily seeing what was the consensus, in my observation I noticed that though people seemed happy at first, as weeks passed more and more problems began to develop. 
Add ontop of the initial and ongoing hardware problems the fact that MS dropped the old XBOX so readily and in my opinion you have a recipe for a company that is not doing justice to its consumers. The way MS abandoned their XBOX users is more damaging in my opinion than any amount of hype Sony made about its games or its system in the past. I am sorry, but based on past performance, Sony is the only company out right now with a track record of success and support for their products above and beyond the industry average, and I think when you look at it in terms of an educated decision, the PS3 is the only logical way to go.
Games:The lack of games argument has always struck me as ill conceived and irrational in the face of the year long lead the 360 had. Its as if people are expecting an employee who was hired a year later to have the same degree of comfort and proficiency in a job as someone who was there for a year, it doesn't happen that way. This is an argument that is held onto by only the most hard headed of 360 hardcore fans, and one that is irrelevant and pointless if you take the time to examine the 360 at the same exact point in its life-cycle. It just doesn't make any sense to believe that there will not be some snags and difficulties with a newly released piece of hardware, and lest not forget the 360 also had a slow start and as demonstrated by persistence of the RROD phenomenon as well as the spotty service that XBL has gone through, it is clear that even with a years head start MS is still struggling to iron out some issues.I have never been a person to have so much pride I can't admit I am wrong, I was a huge supporter of Sega, and when they fell off after releasing the 32X and Sega CD, both of which were failures thought they had some good games I was done with Sega after that. I never again purchased a Sega product and moved to Sony skipping the Dreamcast. If Sony begins to mess up after I have given them reasonable opportunity, then I would have no problem looking at the alternatives, its called being a good consumer,I think that opportunity with MS was used with first XBOX and the way they handled their consumers and their user base.Whether its 30% or 16% failure rate, I don't believe that this should be something that people should put up with.
Now don't get me wrong, can understand if this is the only system you can afford or that you like, then by all means go and buy your games and replace your system until you heart is content, but don't say that its ok because you have a 3 year warranty. A warranty should be like insurance in the RARE occasion something occurs, it shouldn't be an excuse to look past a problem that should have been caught and fixed in the R&D phase of a product.
In any other industry if I had a product and it broke on me 3 to 4 times in a short span of time, it would be considered a LEMON. Don't ever let your loyalty to a brand cloud the fact that you are their customer, and you should be expecting the same reliability from MS that people get from Sony and their system, especially when your paying around the same price for your piece of hardware.

In conclusion, MS has done nothing with the original XBOX to deserve the sort of loyalty some of you hardcore 360 owners show on this site, and at the best you have to admit that at the really huge PS3 fanatics on this site have two generations of console success to call on to justify their passion.I will politely ask for people to refrain from posting a bunch of ignorant responses about installation and rumble and whatever other diversion tactics you want to come up with, I like facts and intelligent discussion. I know many issues were not brought up but I just wanted this to be a conversation starter, I will try to bring up other issues in the near future that I find interesting and see if you all have any thoughts on it.

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kalistyles4877d ago

That was truly an amazing post. I totally feel the same exact way. I dont get the loyalty to a product that is as faulty as the XBOX product or why a person would return it multiple times for another faulty one. Makes no sense. I love quality products. I look for things that work for long periods of time. And if it doesn't I want something similar that works just as good if not better.

Genuine4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

If you owned a 360 you would understand. It's the only console on the market that has lived up to actually being a "next-gen" gaming experience. Gaming on a ps3 is not far from gaming on a ps2, just better graphics. Gaming on a 360 brings the highest quality titles, along with the best online gaming service on the planet. 360 is the best game console on the market, that's why people like it so much.

I would like to add that Sony fanboys (like the author of this blog), blow the 360 hardware problems way out of proportion. My launch 360 ringed out 1 year 7 monthes after I bought it. What did MS do? They sent me a brand spanking new 360 free of charge. I've been playing on it for 6 monthes now. I owned 4 ps2's in the course of 3 years. What did Sony do each time one of these went faulty? Not a damn thing, I had to buy a new console.

albus9354876d ago

You must have been extremely unlucky. I still own the same PS2 that I got on the Australian PS2 launch, and it still works as well as the day I bought it.

harv0524876d ago


whoa......explain yourself cause, my man, you do not make sense. What is next gen? According to what you're saying, "best online gaming service" is next-gen? Highest quality titles? So the PS3 doesn't have any? What's the difference between Xbox and Xbox360 if only the graphics? Sorry to disappoint you, but there are no differences, only graphics. To my eyes, only the Wii, believe it or not is truly next-gen, for its innovation. It IS different. Xbox360 and PS3 games have better graphics for sure, but nothing considered next gen...yet.

CaliGamer4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

Sorry about your bad experience with Sony, and sorry that just because I posted a blog with the intent of sparking conversation you feel the need to call me a fanboy. But its up to you to make an ass of yourself rather than just stating your point in a clear and concise manner.

Anyway, to your post. True, Sony had some problems with the PS2, and indeed probably with the PS1. There are always some problems you can expect with new hardware but my question to you is who ever heard of a products reliability getting worse with following generations? I mean seriously, I have gone through 2 generations of Ipod and with each new one I have gotten the battery life gets better, the screen gets brighter and has more detail etc. Your point is lost on me, I could see if the PS3 shared the same problems that the PS2 did, but come on man, I think your just being facetious. And judging from your post history, I can't really believe anything you say as you seem to have a propensity to twist the truth based on your needs at the moment.

As far as only the 360 providing the only next gen experience thus far, I guess its matter of choice, but I think even 360 fans would disagree with you on that point. I could go through a long list of titles, but I believe your ill equipped to articulate what "NEX GEN" entails without including features that PS3 games have, Graphics (CHECK), Sound (CHECK), Online Connectivity (CHECK) and so on and on. Come on man, do better. I believe in you.

Pretty much you have not articulated anything in response to my question of what has MS done to gain your loyalty other than provide games, last I checked, Sony does that very well, hence their dominance over past TWO console generations and their continued rise this time around. You continue to tout the replacement warranty (which by the way doesn't cover all the problems that could befall your 360), as some reason to celebrate and forget the 360's failure rate. As I have already stated a warranty should be about covering for the unexpected, not to give false piece of mind about a problem that should have been taken care of in the Research and Development phase.

I could go on and on about you and your lack of insight or critical thinking, but I see that others have already taken care of that in advance. Thank you for demonstrating that logic in the company of reasonable people always prevails over the rants of an ill informed malcontent. I really hope you stay with your 360 sir, as I would hate to experience running into you online when I am trying to relax and play my favorite online game. I have seen some really well spoken 360 fans on this site, please weigh in as I hate having people such as this goon giving you all a bad name. Good evening.

Sorry to the other folks who came here to discuss in a mature manner, but fools like this guy really are what make this site so unenjoyable at times. I could care less about his views of the PS3, but when there isn't an intelligent basis to any of someone's comments for so long, and I always see this fool in PS3 articles spreading some nonsense, I have to take issue.

Harry1904875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

you say you have been into videogames since 1979?i guess your particular reaction could be attributed to your growing senility.btw,look who's talking of fanboy bias...get a life i said.4 ps2's gone bad and sony did you're have a real talent,you could become a clown.

Genuine4875d ago

Ah, Sony fanboys are "funny".

Genuine4875d ago

Thank you Harry, I'll make a note of that. When you graduate 7th grade, maybe you will have learned how to read and write.

LastDance4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

For me Next gen gaming is not 1 game in a hole but many small things.

COD for the realism
Assassins creed for its vast cities albeit repetitive
Uncharted for the attention to detail. every footstep counts, the facial expressions. Thats next gen.

Halo3 is NOT next gen nor is gears of war.
Bioshock. I havent played it enough to be able to properly comment but from what i played it seemed awsome(and i mean really good stuff) although nothing i couldnt play last gen with worse graphics.
havent played mass effect so i cant comment on it.

genuine im sorry id have to call your 4 ps2s comment and see it to believe it. Did you stand on your systems perhaps?

Xbox definatly for me isnt the next gen machine but its a good gaming box. Its so unbelievably limited compared to the ps3 though.

Upscaled everything. DVD. older tech as a hole.

in xboxs 2nd year it already has a 4 disk game. what happens in 2 more years? 6 disk games? sorry i simply cant accept that microsoft have build a genuine console here.

Innovation!!! not penetrate at all costs.

Lifendz4873d ago

Corporations are not required to earn/pay dividends. This is a common misconception amongst the public. Corporations have the responsibility to appreciate in value; not pay their shareholders as much as possible through dividends. In fact, a corp could use profits to invest back in the common over paying the shareholders.

That aside, I didn't read the rest of your post. You stated you were looking at MS as a company but the title is about 360 fanatics? What gives.

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Bazookajoe_834876d ago

Sure i like my ps3 better than my 360, but fanboys with tunnel vision are on both sides.

Aleusia4876d ago

No, it really doesn't in most cases. Don't lie to yourself, 360 fanboys are the lowest quality of scum.

Wile4875d ago

you nailed it right on the head, bazooka joe

Genuine4875d ago

Your avatar compounded with your comment was grade A, pure genius.

wallace10004874d ago

A fanboy is a fanboy, doesn't matter if you put PS3 or 360 of Wii in front of it. They are all still the same.

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RTB4876d ago

I agree with some of your points but I see it as being some what one sided. I am a Microsoft fan, not of their hardware per say but of the games that they have for their system. I went out and bought a 360 on day one and a lil over a year and a half later the DVD drive failed but they had excellent service on it and sent me a new one in two weeks, I still have that one. So I do realize that there are hardware issues, and by no means do I support them in that area but I really enjoy the games that they have on their system. It is also fairly cheap to buy and I would not have liked it if they put a HD DVD Drive in it because, I like many others, do not have a High Definition TV so I would be paying for something that I could not use. But to get back to the point the 360 and the PS3 are supposed to be primarily gaming consoles and in that respect the 360 is currently doing better. Now it could be because of its year head start but it also has a better online component (for a price) which I don't think one can argue. In my personal opinion Sony seems to have a lot of games but not very (notice how I say very many, they do have some) many great games. That is why I stick with Microsoft, not to say that I wouldn't leave them if something better presented itself. If Sony stepped it up a notch on the gaming end I would probably go with them. I realize that Sony has superior hardware but there is a problem with it and that is it wasn't designed for developers in mind. Not as many developers will make a game for the PS3 because its more costly and difficult to work with and takes more time to develop on. So far I have only seen a few games that look attractive to me on the Sony end and Microsoft has a ton of great games out as it is with many more coming. To put it simply I like Microsoft for the games not the hardware and I don't necessarily dislike Sony (I did have a PS1) but they just don't seem to be on par with Microsoft from a gaming perspective, of course this is all subject to change IF Sony scores many great exclusives (currently it seems doubtable with all the exclusives they have been losing).

CaliGamer4876d ago

You love your 360, nothing wrong with that. But your responses don't tackle my question "What has MS done to earn your trust".

You throw around things like the PS3 wasn't designed with developers in mind, yet you blatantly ignore the fact that the 360 also had some very sorry games its first year. Arguably not until Gears did we see anything on the 360 we could really call next gen. Not to mention for every developer that is having trouble with the PS3, I can show you one that thinks the challenges are worth it and feel they can do some amazing things with the system.

The online component was also something you brought up, but ironically it is also something that MS has been working on for a long time. Now I haven't done the research, but I presume that the 360 also has had updates that give it more features over time, so the 360 has more features in the realm of online than the PS3 does, doesn't it take time to implement some features. I just ask you to truly ask yourself if your comment is logical.

You mention the HD movie playback as something you have no use for. This is really amazing when people used this excuse because I remember that the PS2 had an optical output for digital sound and when I first got my PS2 I didn't have that, but I got one later and the sound bumped on movies and games. Just as my analogy with car insurance or a computer you buy technology planning as far ahead into the future so your covered for what comes next, you don't plan for the here and now and turn around six weeks later realizing that you got left behind on the technology train.

I just chose random points from your post, and though I think the reasons you outlined are a bit thin, it is your money and your gaming enjoyment that ultimately matters to you. I hate to beat a dead horse but the games argument is quickly becoming useless in the wake of Sony's push this year with great games that I need not mention. It just strikes me how short sighted people are, and how people are so quick to side with the unproven product.

I guess I learned my lesson with the Sega CD and 32X, and I vowed never to waste my parents or my money on an impulse buy when it came to my video game hobby. I just like to be logical, and I enjoy hearing how other people view things when presented with the same information I have. Human behavior is very interesting.

Azmatik4876d ago

Thank you for this article PS3 is the new next-gen system you cant deny that and yes i will continue to GAME ON!! with my PS3 that i dont have to buy anything for or pay for online games that i can get free demos and everything elts and i can also get cheats online for the game i am playing at the same moment since the ps3 has a web browser wich i think some people over look so i will continue to have fun battleing with friends and people oline

Azmatik4876d ago

for all you 360 fans BUY A PS3 and WARHAWK WICH IS SOOOOO AMAZING and all those other CRAZYYYY online games all i had to do is install warhawk on my PS3 i dont even have a disk for the game!!! YOU WONT REGRET BUYING A PS3

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