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This an old topic, but it never ceases to amaze how microsoft can continue to charge for a free service. In a newly created forum on I posed the topic "Who's Rich?" Do you have more of an opinion on this subject. Judging by the comments a small number of you feel like its to expensive to pay for xbl, but the majority of ppl don't. Why is that? I read excuses such as currency, and employment, but no one ever broke it down for me how microsoft justifies charging for a free service. Their not offering a better stability or connections, just charging for them. I'm pretty sure of the symbol one used in our forum to quote his currency is in pounds and the answer to his question is," 40 pounds is equivalent to 70 dollars." Call me cheap, but you must be rich because everytime you renew your membership you could be purchasing a new game. Even if you have a job one shouldn't spend their money frivalously. Think of it your getting charged DOUBLE. If you have already paid to have the internet in your house, why should you have to pay again to use it? What do you guys on N4G think. I think your getting bent over and f**** and having your wallets raped.


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kwicksandz4436d ago

I value the features like voice chat across all games, cross game invites, working lobby systems etc. In my country we pay about $70 US as well for a new live kit and i still think its worth the price of admission.

When the competition steps up to match lives services for free that may change but doesnt look like its gonna happen anytime soon. You need only to look at Gt5p awful online system to see that.

Sk8boyP4436d ago

I think it depends on what you can get on the competition, first of all when you consider a P2P networking system, there's nothing special about Xbox Live. It all depends on the host connection. XBL is just a matchmaking system, no dedicated servers. To put it in perspective, it's sugar coated s**t. It seems awesome, but in reality it's just a P2P system with Xbots hyping it up. There's no real reason to pay for it, especially with all the Ads, but the people that do pay for it want to feel special so they try to justify their spent money by talking so highly about it. When you look at PSN, you don't get ALL the features of XBL, but you'll notice that that's changing. PSN is offering, dedicated servers for it's games, great downloads from the store, even Burnout was put on the store as a download. You can see the evolution of PSN, XBL has a slight edge now. But Soon enough, PSN will reign supreme, and it's free.

potenquatro4433d ago (Edited 4433d ago )

Don't listen to that fool SK8BOYP above ^^. That's obviously blind hype and misplaced love. LIVE has dedicated servers too, It's completely up to the game developer. You can join a player match and start playing right away(no waiting for nothing or nobody). You can download whole complete games too, wether it's an arcade game an xbox 1 game or a 360 game. The amount of demos available put STEAM to shame and STEAM kicks PSN's a$$ any day. And you can watch HD movies, HDtv and HD music videos too. I'm guessing you had a genuine cuestion and are not trying to flame bait. Live is not $50 anymore it's $39. I have a ps3, xbox and pc, and I've gammed on everything from PCservers to SNESonline to SEGA CHANNEL to SEGA.NET. LIVE is the best by far. If you were trying to star a flame war, then it's simple. Get the system you prefer and stop hating on other systems. In this greatest of hobbies, that's how it goes down, wether it's paying for LIVE or a WOW subscription. If you don't like it, may I suggest a difrent hobby then, cause there will be a time when SONY charges for PSN if they want a decent service, belive that.

NewSchoolGamer4435d ago

worth the price when you look at what PSN will offer by the end of this year.

Truplaya4434d ago

if you dont like it dont pay for it, simple really. Thats the only way it will ever change.

Kurtis Bleezy4434d ago

I love xbox live and will keep nenewing my subscription until the end of time. It sucks if you dont have money to pay the monthly fee but thats just life, you talked about a years subscription costs as much as a new game but Live enhances the games you already have via multiplayer gaming and DLC.

Road Dog4433d ago

I'm sorry your poor......

Road Dog4433d ago

Not you #4 the moron author.

potenquatro4433d ago

just the overall experience i guess. no searching for patches great comunication. It's like STEAM on steroids. I agree that it should be free, but every time I'm about to say "I wont pay anymore, It's basically the same as other offerings", they make it better. The moment they stop making it better I'll stop paying I guess. But this is MS's business model from the start, and it's very profitable so I doubt they'll stop making it better.

Heres an example. I'm in my PC playing and I also need to massege a couple people(canceling or making certain dates or job related). I hit the windows botton on my K/B to start massenger, my frame rate takes an instant hit. I want to listen to music cause most soundtracks suck, I start my mp3 player, another hit on my frames per second. If I want to have all that without taking a hit on performance I'll have to stick to servers with "radio" or whatever, but then I don't get to pick my music. With STEAM u can massage efortlessly, but only to STEAM clients. Running another program on top of STEAM is almost out of the cuestion cause STEAM is a resource hog by it's self already. I'm not going to mention PSN cause maybe I don't know how to work mine right or something, but I can't do any of that on my PS3.

I'm sure an amaizing expensive comp might handle all that, but not my "humble" $800 self made rig. My rig can run better grafics, but that doesn't mean it can run other programs while playing games, like it's nothing. The fact that a now $199 console can give you all those features and pack a(incredible in it's release debut) kick a$$ ATI card on top, shoot thats a deal right there. It's like paying a litle bit more for better(way better imho)cable tv.

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