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Playstation: The Chant

I am a PC Gamer first and foremost but I also own a PS3 and a Vita and enjoy all three of these devices. Alone they each satisfy a gaming need and together they give me a complete experience. Each of these experiences are very different however, my PC is a multi-monitor setup with high end components that is used for PC exclusives and all multiplats. My PS3 is an exclusive machine for the games that do not release on PC and my Vita is a whatever comes with PS Plus machine. Why have I told you all of this? Because I like to believe that this makes me relatively neutral when it comes to matters like the one I will be addressing in this blog.

The chant goes a little like this. GDDR5 is amazing, Sony is my God, Sony saved gaming, and I love them so very much… The scary thing is how close this chant has become to reality on this site. Companies that say anything that could be perceived as slightly negative towards Sony are not just dismissed they are added to a hit list and attacked whenever an article comes up about them. Their knowledge of their field is totally dismissed. We saw this with the Nvidia fiasco. However if a company says something that no sane person would believe such as “PS4 has no bottlenecks” this is taken as fact and nobody questions the validity of what was said because they are in the industry. They know best right? I guess if we are going by those rules people should take everything I say as fact as well as I myself create games as a hobby. I must know everything about the field right? People need to realize that the people making these comments are not only being paid by Sony but also it is normally the marketing / PR departments making these claims and if marketing finds out that playstation fanboys don’t care about the truth and they only want comments that stroke their egos then that is what we will see. I understand that everyone wants to hear good news about something they are looking forward to however disregarding everything but good news is not healthy.

The chant is past fact and truth and it has moved on to buzzwords. The worst of which seems to be the use of next gen to mean something other than next generation. Now the definition of the term is extremely cloudy. Its meaning has been twisted by the chant to “Something we believe is acceptable”. This means that the chant can rule out the false shepherds and cast the Wii U under a rug. Facts and logic do not apply anymore. The next big offender is the scaling of hardware. Low end, mid-range and high end have been used for years in the PC hardware market and it is a scale of price and naturally performance. If you take the parts in the PS4 and you check it against what the manufacturer’s class this as you will find that the parts will fit in the lower mid-range tier. With the high end including items like the GTX Titan and the hexa-core i7s each with a very hefty price tag. This however can’t be right, how can hardware that the chant is looking forward to be placed in such a range, it’s disgraceful. Thankfully Guerrilla Games came to the rescue and told us that the PS4 despite what is inside it is in fact high end. I hope you have picked up on my sarcasm by now. However again the marketing talk was picked up by the chant as if it was a weapon and I am sure it will be used many times in the coming months. People fail to realise that Sony is trying to build up hype and if they have facts such as launch games are not all running at 1080p / 60fps something that a real high end system could do without breaking a sweat.

All I ask is that people rely a little more on facts when arguing a point instead of following the marketing chant created for one reason. To sell as many units as possible on launch. As a PC / Sony gamer I know that I will take everything that is said before launch with a pile of salt. The proof is in the pudding. Try backing up your arguments with fact instead of just trying to one up each other with marketing nonsense. Everything I said here should also be analysed and validated. Please whatever you do think for yourself and try to have a healthy relationship with your electronics.

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Godmars2902990d ago

At this point the PS4's specs are all but meaningless. Its not going to be the hardware that proves the system - unless said hardware is actually crap - its going to be the games. The diversity of genres and variety of gameplay. If everything next gen is nothing but first person and realtime, harsh and gritty realtime, with anything "quirky" delegated to half thought out and produced casual tiles, the industry is pretty much done.

We need games that stir creative and emotion. That let us wonder through them, find and judge them on our own. Not ones that holds our hands and tells us what we should feel or that we're supposedly having fun when we're not.

NewMonday2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

i'm now mainly playing on PC followed by PSV/PS3 right now same as you, but the set-up you have is not the most common, the very top of PC gaming is very nich, most high end PC's are one top card like the 7970/GTX680 and one screen.

and you have to admit the PS4 specs are great for a console. the CPU is not the fastest but has 8 cores, and the GPU is mid-range(not low com'on ;p) the 8G of GDDR5 is at the very top. all these things working together without a heavy OS do make the PS4 perform close to a regular set-up top gaming PC, not the Titan or crossfire but the normal 1 GPU set-up.

some PC will be more advanced but they are a very small market.

InSpectre2990d ago

"Everything I said here should also be analysed(sic) and validated."

Trying to convince people to change the way they behave is a useless endeavor. I would recommend that you stop trying.

You can decide for yourself of course.

smashcrashbash2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Can I point out something? You do realize that is how EVERYONE behaves right? I mean I never understand how it is someone can create a blog talking about one group of people when several others are doing the same thing.No one asked any validation about the people who were insisting the Wii U is the greatest console in the world without a thought about who they might be paying to sing praises to their console? Or did anyone ever stop to think about the millions Microsoft paid people to say Kinect is great or the fact that they could have easily been conning you buy a piece of crap endorsed by paid liars? It's how hype and publicity works and in no case any type of words aren't going to change what people think which is what the companies are going for. Why are you so concerned about people going with the PS4 hype? Everyone else is going along with the other systems hype just fine with virtually no one getting in their way to the point that Microsoft fanboys are convinced that Microsoft's silence means something big rather then them scrambling to get something viable.

Comeback with a blog referencing to everyone and you will sound less bias.Nintendo people are convinced that the Wii U pad is as good as tablet and anyone that tells them otherwise gets pelted with virtual tomatoes and called a Nintendo hater.How can you say PS4 supporters are not concerned about facts when no one else seems to want to hear any either.Why does it always fall to PlayStation fans to be the ones to dredge up and accept the doom and gloom while everyone else does the console streak up and down the game field ignoring all shouts to put their clothes back on? Reality will hit soon enough and we will know what is what so why are people so eager to start pointing out faults and inconsistencies that may or may not exist at all? Maybe the PS4 may be all we think it is and more or maybe it will have more problems then the PS3 did.Lets find out before you try to bring everything to a screeching halt.At what point has it become a sin to be excited about something?

specialagent45322990d ago

Is all coming down to the games along with pro gamer business practices. If the PS4 asks to create a new account, online passes and DRM then is going to be pretty awful. No DRM keep my PSN account and no online passes. Also it would be nice to have free to play games plus game discounts without ps plus requirement. Games that challenged the status quo and move gaming forward. Enough with marines saving humanity from alien invasion and bro games

MeatAbstract2990d ago

N4G is a very pro-Sony community. Yes, fanboys are everywhere and each for a different product but N4G is full of Sony lovers and it does get annoying, mostly because they can't handle criticism.

Like the guy points out in his blog, he plays a PS3 and owns a Vita. But if you say anything remotely against Sony or you disagree with something, watch your disagrees build up and expect comments of being called a MS fanboy or someone throwing a list of exclusives in your face, even you use Sony products.

bobtheimpaler2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

lol. I was on this site several years ago following the unveiling and launch of the PS3. And to say that this site is a pro sony community is just ridiculous.

Everyone was ready to give Sony fellatio when they saw the tech demos and games for PS3. But when the $600 price was announced everyone did a complete 180. You had all these doom and gloom articles about how the PS3 isn't selling enough units, the games aren't worth it(Even as long as 2 years ago this was the case) how you don't need an HDTV and to get one for a PS3 wouldn't be worth it and comments in the articles would reflect this sentiment as well.

A few years into the console's life and as exclusives like MGS4, KZ2 and uncharted were coming out, you'd still get people trying to talk down the PS3. Hell. Over a year ago there was an article saying that the PS3 would be Sony's last and there were just as many fanboys from both sides bickering.

The fact is N4G is just a fickle place. And as smashcrashbash pointed out above, everybody behaves this way. Especially if it revolves around a hobby I suppose(I have a few hobbies outside of gaming where people behave in a similar way). The way people reacted to 2-7 years ago is not too dissimilar to how people react whenever EA is uttered in an article today.

Right now if anyone's excited for the PS4, it's based on facts that give people a good reason to look forward to it.

I'm all for objective criticism, but if you're saying that N4G has always been this way...could've fooled me.

Don't believe me? I have a high end PC I use for multiplats, a PS3 and a Vita too.

@Bladefist: GTX Titan? c'mon it isn't even aimed at gamers. It's supposed to be priced beyond its game performance, which compared to 680 is just nonsensical. It's main purpose is for application outside of gaming.

MeatAbstract2990d ago

Yes, I was here with the backlash against the PS3. I saw all that and because of that, the Sony fanboys seem to think that 'this was a long time coming', that they can jump on any sort of negativity aimed at Sony, regardless of what has been said.

I never said it's ALWAYS been a pro-Sony community, but as of right now and the past couple of years, it has been. If people are excited about the PS4 then...awesome. That's great and that's not what bothers me. What bothers is fanboyism in the extreme where they can't see things in another perspective.

Who knows, MS new console could turn it into a pro-Microsoft site next gen, we just don't know but any kind of famboyism is frustrating to witness on here.

2990d ago
bobtheimpaler2989d ago

So if N4G wasn't always a pro Sony site. Then your problem is people then. Not Sony fanboys, but people and human behaviour in general.

Unless you mean that you don't like the current opinions of N4Gs visitors because those opinions at the moment are pro sony.

MeatAbstract2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

You are correct. Because if you read what I typed 'any kind of fanboyism is frustrating to witness on here' you'll I said just fanboys in general. And the current worst offender on this site are the Sony fanboys.

Since when did people start defending fanboys? They're terrible.

BitbyDeath2989d ago

You should visit Neogaf if you think this place is pro-sony. N4G doesn't have a stitch on them.

NewMonday2988d ago

Sony are just doing things right at this time, most gamers are like swing voters who cheer the side that best serves them at the time, their will be silly comments in crowed but they don't represent the majority.

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