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How Sony Won Next-Gen In 120 Minutes

After the mixed reviews Microsoft conference got, everyone naturally turned their eye to the next big conference; Sony. Speculations were running rampant, even more so than it was before the platform was first introduced back in late February and expectations were going higher and higher every passing minute, leaving everyone asking the same question at the end; will Sony be able to deliver? The short answer to that question is; yes. And it ended up getting delivered with perfect finesse.

After being treated to a slew of awesome footage for upcoming PS3 games and learning new information about the PS Vita's future in the first 20 minutes (which was followed by a slightly more boring 5 minutes about the future of Sony Entertainment and their plans for PS4 and PSN), we've reached to the part everyone was waiting; the reveal of the console itself and everything else related to it.

One of the very first things revealed was the look of the new platform. It's sleek yet simple. More importantly, it doesn't look like a VHS player from the early 90s. It has its own character that mixes industrial with futuristic design elements.

The thing that followed was amazing new footages of games that were revealed back in February, all of which are still looking phenomenal, and the launch title confirmation of some first party games like Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Drive Club... And then new announcements started dropping;

-Final Fantasy Versus XIII which got rebranded as Final Fantasy XV

-Kingdom Hearts 3

-Sony Santa Monica and ReadyAtDawn's new game; Order 1886

-The Dark Sorcerer tech demo from Quantic Dream

-Reveals of tons of upcoming (some never before seen) indie titles; including surprise ones like Don't Starve and Oddworld Inhabitants

-A Mad Max game developed by Avalanche studios

-Elder Scrolls: Online and Destiny's first gameplay reveal

After all of the great reveals, we were treated to how Gaikai will be used to stream PS3 games to PS4 and PS Vita, thus bringing the possibility of backwards compatibility back to the PS4 without the need of raised cost. And even better news regarding Sony's stance towards used games market and DRM followed it.

As someone who's been watching these conferences regularly for the past 7 years, I can tell that I have never witnessed such a joyous and satisfied crowd after Jack Tretton revealed that there will be no restrictions for used games and the console will not require regular online check ups to determine if you still retain the rights to play the game you've paid full price for. You will buy your games and you will own them and you will be able to trade them or lend them to your friends. It's as simple as that, just like the way it is today and the way it was 10 years ago.

And just as I thought the conference was ended, the final bomb was dropped; the 399 dollar price point. The crowd was just as cheerful as when they first heard about the console's approach to used games, DRM and online checks, if not more with some of them even chanting the word; "Sony" repeatedly (at least from what I could make out). And it was glaringly obvious that this wasn't a fake crowd, hired to suck off the negativity and "lameness" of the reveals by screaming at every single reveal, big or small. Everything felt absolutely genuine.

All in all, this was one of the best next-gen console reveals I have ever witnessed in my life. It was definitely leaps and bounds ahead of PlayStation 3 reveal, that's for sure. Sony did nearly everything perfectly and used every single opening Microsoft gave them, from used games, excessive DRM usage and utilization of cloud features, graciously to deliver devastating blows to their direct competitor one after another. And although few people have seem to be focusing on small and negligible "negatives" of the console, like the newly introduced need to have PS Plus to be able to play games online, Sony still managed to come at the top with the PS4 reveal just by giving us what we've wanted from the get go and skipping the sweet talk.

Only thing left to say at this point is; "Greatness Awaits". Not just the consumers who are waiting the PS4, but every single person that's involved in this struggling industry thanks to terrible practices that's adopted by big corporations for the last 7-8 years.

And here's the "instructional" video that shows how you'll be able to trade your PlayStation 4 games with others;

dedicatedtogamers4062d ago

Yeah, the games were great, but unfortunately - because of Microsoft's behavior - everyone was worried about restrictions first, games second. Every single gamer in the audience was thinking in the back of their head "okay, yeah, Knack looks cool, but will PS4 have always-online?" Although I don't know how I feel about Killzone: Shadows Fall adopting the color scheme from Halo :P

Zool 084062d ago

To answer your always online question short answer no, if you see or have seen the conference Jack Tretton has confirmed this.

dedicatedtogamers4062d ago

I'm aware of that. What I was pointing out is that this E3 wasn't about the games, because Microsoft had everyone wondering "will this console have always-online? Will it have DRM?" and Sony laid those fears to rest.

darthv724061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

didnt really address the bigger question on the subject of drm/used games.

he addressed the basic part of sony themselves but the looming unanswered part is their stance on it still being up to the 3rd party publishers. Maybe sony should never have mentioned it to begin with because it will still be a talked about topic regardless.

It's sony's platform and as such they should have the power to enforce NO DRM of any kind on any game what-so-ever. But they said "it's up to them (publishers)" so I still see that as a possibility.

Now for many, they just wont buy 3rd party games. But considering that the lion's share of the industry is 3rd party publishers i just dont see boycotting 3rd parties as working out.

this is all speculation because we know Ms said the same thing. it's up to 3rd parties to decide.

The win (for me) was the price of the PS4 is $100 cheaper than the xbone. We can assume the price difference is due to the included kinect camera but i would have liked sony to offer a bundle with the new pseye as well. Even if it sold for $450 would still be cheaper than the xbone. They very well could do a camera bundle or perhaps even the camera and vita for $600.

Im a PS+ member so Im good to go. I dont see anything wrong with paying to be a member of a service if that service is worth paying for. Many will say they dont like the idea of multiplayer now being included in PS+ but then again its intended to be another incentive to get people to sign up for PS+.

4061d ago
izumo_lee4062d ago

Sony came out swinging for the consumer & the rights of the consumer. They deserve the praise they got for standing up to big money hatting companies like Microsoft & EA.

Sure Sony is a big money hatting company as well but even with their financial problems they are still willing to take chances that are beneficial to the consumer. Microsoft one of the wealthiest companies on the planet are doing the exact is that not disturbing!?

I really hope that Sony becomes the industry leader once again next gen & that it can thrive like it did without the BS. The one thing that does scare me is that Microsoft has practically brainwashed a lot of people in supporting what they do & all the 'uninformed' like the casuals will flock to the XBone like it did with the Wii. There are more of those people than the ones that truly understand.

Sony has done there it is time for the gamer to do theirs. Gamers have the choice & hopefully they will choose the right choice.

If you are a gamer there is only one logical choice.

izumo_lee4062d ago

Yeah sure if that is what u want all the power to you :P However might i suggest something more...modern?

LoveOfTheGame4061d ago

Logical choice is whatever you want. For me that's the Xbox, games were just better to me. And I want to ask PS fans one thing: Would you rather keep used games how they are, remind you that Xbox will be able to play used games and loan games, or kept the precious free online?

Any logical argument people have made for the ps3 over 360 was free online and that's it. Now it seems the big difference will actually be 24 hour check in vs no check in. Used games won't matter as both will be able to do it but 3rd parties will enforce passes of some type anyway.

givemeshelter4062d ago

Sony did not win in 120 mins...They won it in 20 mins when they announced no DRM and $399...That was the bullet to the XboxOne's head

stage884062d ago

Sony had already won before they got on stage.

givemeshelter4062d ago

Sony would have "lost" if they did not address DRM and price point because lets all be brutally honest. Their E3 was boring and lackluster. It really was.
Sony destroyed Microsoft with those two announcements to the point Microsoft will have to respond or the XboxOne is DOA...

SnakeCQC4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

basically this happened

Software_Lover4062d ago

I really want to know what classifies as a "WIN" from both the Sony and Microsoft camp.

We can all agree that the ps2 won last gen as it wiped the floor with the xbox and gamecube. This gen.......... Sony and Microsoft are equal, in the big scheme of things, but the wii destroyed them. but people say, "but no one plays their wii" so they dont count. So do sales matter or not? Is it a bigger picture that we have to look at?

Both companies will survive next gen, and I doubt we will see a PS2 vs everything else type of generation again. But the 399 price point is good.

Software_Lover4062d ago

And no DRM on Retail Disc based games
And no online checks

Game wise, they were both about equal in that regard.

Godmars2904062d ago

Overall game sales matter in the case of the Wii's "victory" this gen. Or the lack there of. That the system was either poison to 3rd parties or that the best those 3rd parties could do were family or party related games. That's why the Wii came not to be regraded as successful by the gaming community. Why it technically failed even if its outsold the 360 and PS3.

And actually we could be looking at another PS2-like era with the PS4. If devs can deliver and exploit it while DRM and possible production issues continue to bite XB1.

ZombieNinjaPanda4061d ago

There is nothing that classifies a win from either camp. They will make up points, lie and tell false truths to attempt to make their side seem better when it's not. There is no arguing with them because brick walls listen and have better discussion.

NeverEnding19894061d ago

Yikes. The list of games in this blog is pitiful. You listed what, 4 exclusives?

I go where the games are and if E3 2013 tells us anything, that place in not the PS4.

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