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Why Reach dissappoints me

What do firebombs, flamethrowers, fuel rod guns, maulers, missile pods, plasma cannons, SMGs, Spartan lasers, spike grenades, and spikers all have in common?

They’re all found in Halo 3 multiplayer but not in Halo: Reach multiplayer. Is this something that I find is excusable? Absolutely not. If there were a slew of new weapons to replace these in Reach I would consider it a fair trade off. However, this is not the case. While some weapons have been replaced with a similar type of gun (BR becomes DMR; Brute shot becomes a covenant brute shot) these others are a sign of not only stupidity, but overall laziness by the developers.

Halo has been using the same formula for nearly 10 years. It obviously works, unfortunately it works too well. It should be universally agreed (regardless of fanboy status) that the lack of weapons already created for halo 3 haven’t been transferred to Reach is bush-league. I’m sure it’s not too difficult to convert the weapons for Reach considering they had millions of dollars to make the game. And if that wasn’t stupid enough, it’s quite likely that we will find “new” DLC where we will be purchasing the same weapons we used mere years ago in Halo 3.

Why stop with ripping people off with weapons? Why not just throw together very few maps. That would be too mean though, so they went ahead and made levels using the forge feature. Creating levels that anybody could make with their copy. That wouldn’t be so bad, but some of these levels are terribly boring. Sure Cage is great, Asylum is good too, but the rest of the “forge” levels are quite terrible in my opinion.

And what happened to skill? I suck at Halo, don’t get me wrong, but even I could enjoy seeing a number next to my name proclaiming how terrible I was. (It was embarrassingly low) But at least we knew. With the Call of Duty XP system’s “Everybody is a winner!” approach, it destroys competitiveness. I hate it. I dominate Call of Duty, but nobody knows it because they only get to see my experience. Just like Reach is now. It’s ridiculous and shouldn’t be implemented in any game.


There are many positive things about Reach and that is why I will continue to play it as will millions of other people but it is something that holds Bungie back from being the best they could be, and that is disappointing.

And one last thing: what the hell happened to dual wielding?!?

omi25p5040d ago (Edited 5040d ago )

Fuel Rod Guns, Spartan lasers and plasma cannons are all in halo reach.

The things that make me hate reach is that they removed rocket race in place of race which is extreamly boring. Infection is ruined because the zombies are one hit kill and the pure reason im selling the game is SWAT, people have moaned and moaned on bungies forums about swat being in teamslayer and now bungie have added it to Big team Battles and multiteam. I personally hate swat and i happly have a huge punishment for leaving the game rather than playing swat.

i was extreamly disapointed with everying in halo reach, from the graphics to story to the multiplayer.

If rockstar can make red dead redemption look the good as a multiplatfrom and have that many features as well as multiplayer why cant bungie make a much smaller game look better and its an exclusive?

The BS Police5037d ago

Bungie is adding in Rocket Race tommorow aswell as removing Team Swat from Team Slayer and Big Team and they are brining in a Team Swat Playlist.

HOSe5039d ago

congradulations at dominating at call of duty ; here's a cookie

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