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Game Pre-Order bonuses are almost a thing of the past and no one seems to mind.

I love getting nice pre-order bonuses. Remember getting something cool that you can actually hold in your hand? I remember pre-ordering God Of War: Chains of Olympus for the PSP. When I went to pick it up, the guy at Gamespot handed me an 8 inch figurine of Kratos. I didn't even know about it! Fantastic!

Giving away little presents like that is a great way to encourage pre-orders. Sadly, I have noticed much less of the physical give-aways. Instead of getting something I could put on my shelf, I get a coupon for some "special pre-order ingame weapon". What?? This is happening more and more. Almost every game now gives away special costumes/weapons/levels as a pre-order bonus instead of something you can actually collect....and touch!

Would I rather have my 8 inch Kratos figure or an extra Kratos in game skin? What would you pick?

People don't seem to mind this new trend, so it will continue, and that makes me a Sad Panda...

Sarobi4774d ago

I Guess it goes both ways on this, some will rather take in the in game stuff because then they feel they have more in-game value, while some would rather take something completely different, now in days the only way to obtain figures or anything that isn't a scratch off/email redeem code is by buying the biggest and most expensive version of the game, for example, Call of duty modern warfare 2, and Halo: Reach

danielle0074774d ago

I would rather get something in-game, like the baseball bat from L4D2, or an extra map, or something like that. I like having special stuff to show off to my friends in the game, especially if they were dumb enough to not pre-order.

Dante's Inferno had a figurine of Dante, though. & Pokemon always have the little figurines. & Lego games always have the keychains. It's not dead yet.

astronautbread4774d ago

i personally can't stand this practice of having exclusive in-game content for pre-orders. if it changes the the gameplay in anyway, it's a bad idea, and if it doesn't (cosmetic changes) then it's not worth the effort. i really wish they'd stayed with physical incentives, figures/posters/tshirts, whatever.

polestar44771d ago

Is this to much to ask for i don't think so.Give me a tshirt and content i am giving you my money after all.60$ 70 dollars i wont more and not crap like mass affect2/gow3.