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Project Natal was not invented by Microsoft...Another case of MS buying technology

     I am one of the many who thought Nintendo had a gimmick  when they announced motion control for the Wii. I really didn't think it would work, but work it did, and Nintendo is once again, after a ten year absence the #1 kid on the block.

     Nintendo invented the technology put into their motion controls, and while the technology was not 1-1 as we had hoped, the motion plus add on has made it much more so.

     Sony and Microsoft naturally want a piece of this pie, who wouldn't?  Nintendo has managed to capture the casual fan like no one else. The Wii is in Senior Citizen Homes for bowling! Good on Nintendo!

     Sony has had very limited motion control games with the original Playstation Eye for the PS2, and the Sixaxis controller (which was very limited, but I enjoyed a few games that supported the tech). Sony has designed the Playstation Move, which will support full motion control, much like the Wii does. I need to say this again, SONY designed the tech for this.

     There are many people who say Project Natal will be superior to the Wii and Playstation Move. We don't really know if this is true or not at this point, as the hardware and games will not be released until this fall. What I do know, is that as opposed to Nintendo and Sony, Microsoft did not invent the technology that is in Project Natal. Microsoft did what they usually do, and purchase the technology they want. Why make your own technology when you can simply buy someone elses?

    Some of you may remember, in early 2009, Microsoft purchased 3DV Systems, an Israeli company that invented the motion technology that Microsoft wanted in their own motion control system. Hence, project Natal was born.

     If you are fine with this, then no worries, but I would rather put my dollars and loyalty to the companies that used their own money and resources and built their own tech, rather than a giant who simply buys whatever they want.

    Will Natal be better than Wii or Playstation Move? If it turns out yes, it won't be because of Microsoft, it will be because of a little Isaeli company that happened to be bought out.

     Food for thought.

HolyOrangeCows4824d ago

Microsoft doesn't create a better gaming world, unlike Nintendo and Sony, they go around looking for those who have already started and buy them out.

4824d ago
GiantEnemyCrab4814d ago

HolyOrangeCow you got owned! You post some really zingers when it comes to stupidity.. What ignorance.

ToothWhiteningFairy4823d ago

don't forget to leave your teeth under your pillow whenthey fall out ...

ubiquitious4823d ago

it's just like...why make your own games when you can buy someone elses?

Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, Zipper, and Media Molecule...all developers that were bought out by SONY. So next time you play Killzone 2, LBP, MAG or Uncharted 2, remember that you are simply supporting a giant who buys whatever they want.

Microsoft rarely does this, that's why more people are loyal to them.

butterfinger4822d ago

the most moronic comment ever. The difference is Sony buys the developers and provides them with more money, resources and help than they ever had before while they get to retain their name and put it on all of their games. Microsoft just blatantly copies others and tries to pass it off as their own work. I know if I came up with something, I would rather someone pay me to work on it and make more or better things than to just copy my idea and lead everyone to believe that they came up with it. In terms of gaming, I don't know ANYONE that is "loyal" to Microsoft on consoles. Microsoft won't have a true "loyal" following for the XBOX until next gen.

dktxx24822d ago

There is one difference in Sony and Microsoft buying developers. Sony buys developers who have yet reached their potential, and provides them with the tools necessary to do so. Microsoft buys developers who already have had success (Lionhead, Rare)and make them worse.

loanshup4821d ago

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