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Don't underestimate Blu-Ray Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD-MA!

There have been alot of comments on how Blu-Ray is not that huge a quality leap over upscaled DVD's.  I think that if you have a nice 50 inch or bigger set, the difference is quite large.  Having said that, upscaled DVD's look pretty great too.         What I don't hear as often is about  High Definition Audio. Dolby True HD, and DTS-HD Master Audio. Right now, only Blu-Ray supports it. You can't get it from streaming HD movies, or satellite,  and if you have a nice audio setup, it is simply FANTASTIC!  I was expecting to notice a slight audio improvement over Dolby Digital, but I was not prepared for the amazing sound quality!  Everything had such a crisp sound and was full of life! I switched back on forth between Dolby Digital and Dolby True HD on Spiderman 3, and the Dolby Digital just seemed lifeless.  And up to recently, Dolby Digital was the top of the audio chain. It's time for Dolby Digital to move over and welcome the newest HD Audio formats their time in the sun. If you are considering buying a Blu-Ray player or PS3, do yourself a favor, and remember it is not just a resolution upgrade, the audio upgrade is simply amazing! I just can't wait to watch The Lord of The Rings in 1080p and with Dolby True HD! What a treat it will be.$0

dj555555555201d ago

It needs the hard sell in the U.S. as they are not fond of technology that they haven't created, it is by far one of the most enjoyable formats ever created, if it fails it will be down to ignorance and here say not because its bad.

evilmonkey5015198d ago (Edited 5198d ago )

And I use truehd.....My receiver supports it so why not use it ???? I don't understand the previous commenter..Americans love all sorts of things not invented in the U.S.

cellphones might be a good example

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