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Thank you Resistance 2 for Giving Me Customizable Controls!

     I have had the pleasure of playing the Resistance 2 Beta, and it looks like a very solid game.  I had one major issue.  When I play, I always seem to depress the R3 and L3 buttons by mistake.  I have someone lined up for the kill, and I accidently melee attack when the opponent is 40 feet away!  Of coarse then I die.
     Imagine my suprise when I went into the control setup, and OMG they allow me to customize the layout anyway I want to!! I can now play much better, thank you.  Why does not EVERY game allow customizable controls? Why is it the exception instead of the rule?  It can't be that hard to program in.  PS1 games allowed it for crying out loud.  If the consoles want to get the PC gamers, this is a MUST!

     Why should players have to get accustomed to some layout the developers think is good?  I dont want X to be jump, thanks very much.
      I had this issue with the original Socom, and I had to sell the game because I could not play it without killing myself by accidently depressing the L3 and R3 buttons.  Thank you Insominiac for putting this in the game, and for the developers, please include this feature in your games.  Thanks for listening.

Chippydip5337d ago

yeah man. insomniac's a great developer. even resistance 1 had this feature. i agree that more developers need to implement this feature. nowadays developers get greedy and do as little work as possible while meeting benchmarks and requesting extra money for labor.

mikeslemonade5336d ago

Hell yea i did that in Resistance 1 too. I totally forgot about it. I want to change it so that i can jump/shoot/aim at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

byeGollum5337d ago

i know this has nothing to do with resistance 2 but .. im lovin biohock right now .. but i wish i could chnage the controls to R1 & L1 for shooting instead of triggers :(

darkdoom30005336d ago

OMG YES! I hate when games use the Triggers as fire. keep R1 fire, and if its nt fire, allow customisible controls. because my index fingers are usually the ones that shoot, and for bioshock demo, i have to move my fingers down. it feels un-natural.

thisguywithhair5337d ago

I'm sorry but I do need to ask this questions as it is bothering me. How do you accidentally press down on the control sticks when you mean to press one of the buttons on TOP of the controller?

baggio10000005337d ago

Thisguywithhair.. The L3 and R3 button are the analog sticks when you press them down. For me, I do it constantly when I am moving around or controlling the camera.

rko_kero5336d ago

Happens to me all time and is really annoying.