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Here are the power differences for consoles available this 2016 holiday season.

For those wanting to purchase a new console, here is a visualization of what to expect power wise from each of the systems available this year, a handy graph comparing the different options from a purely graphical point of view. The teraflops listed for each is the best way to measure the power of each GPU and relates to what visual capabilities they will have. All systems support HDR with the exception of the original Xbox One.

(Xbox One: 1.31, Xbox One S: 1.40, PS4: 1.84, PS4 Pro: 4.20)

As a reference all systems can be had for $299.99 (USD), except the Playstation 4 Pro which will set you back $100 more. If 1 TB hard drive space is something you feel you need however, (as many do these days) PS4 pro will be only $50 more than the Xbox One S at similar HDD capacity, and yet, for gaming offers vastly more power. On the other hand if you are a videophile without a high speed internet connection and unlimited data, the Xbox One S has the advantage of being the only console coming with the new BluRay UHD drive.

Happy Shopping!

Xbox One: 1.31, Xbox One S: 1.40, PS4: 1.84, PS4 Pro: 4.20

Genuine-User2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

I'd say you can't go wrong with the PS4 Pro at £350 unless you really want that UHD player.

SpaceRanger2573d ago

Agreed, for the next year PS4 Pro will be the dominant console on the market by more than twice the power and performance.

A lot will change when Scorpio comes out though. It'll be very similar to the PS4 v. Xbox One difference right now.

Genuine-User2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

That's right. I'm looking to the Pro come November!

Kribwalker2569d ago

It'll be quite a bit more power difference then that as right now it will be the power of a ps4 pro and ps4 combined

nitus102569d ago

In less than two months (10th Dec 2016 @ $400 USD) the PS4pro comes out and if you want to wait for the Scorpio or whatever Microsoft decides to call it you will have to wait an additional year and we still have no idea what the price will be.


Sure there will be a significant difference in power but within two months people will be playing games and even streaming 4K movies on all PS4's (you can do this now) to their 4K TV's (small in relation to the number of 1080p TV's out there). It is very difficult to play games and stream/play 4K movies on a paper console that won't become reality for over a year.

S2Killinit2568d ago

When he puts it that way, Pro is the way to go. I mean that much power for 50 bucks is insane value.

Neonridr2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

Wow, what a pointless article. Here's a graph showing maximum GPU performance to base your decision off of.

While the PS4 Pro no doubt has way more in the GPU department, only select tiles will ever use the added horsepower. Unless a dev creates a special mode to enable on the Pro model, the game will look and play identical to the base PS4. It's like having a Ferrari but only being able to take it through school zones.

The games that enable the Pro features, absolutely will look and play much, much better.

But it's a pretty bad article when you are just throwing out numbers saying "Clearly based off this super detailed graph, the Pro is the best one".

"On the other hand if you are a videophile without a high speed internet connection and unlimited data..."

or if you prefer actual true 4K content not being streamed at a less than ideal bitrate which can only be found via a physical disc....

Genuine-User2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

I'm scratching my head in confusion. Why do you think this blog post is pointless?

PlayStation Pro will provide the best graphical gaming experience on a console until the Scorpio is released in roughly 14 months.

"only select tiles will ever use the added horsepower"

Every single game from October onwards is mandated to provide enhanced pro features. Games like Battlefield 1, Dishonoured 2, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Titanfall 2 and Mafia 3 will look and play best on the PS4 Pro, as far as console are concerned.

Neonridr2573d ago

It's up to the dev to provide a Pro mode. Nobody is required to make any special version. Maybe 1st party titles, but Sony can't make EA have to do additional work to make a separate mode that only certain PS4 users can take advantage of, that would be ridiculous for them to expect devs to do that. I am sure plenty of devs will want to create an enhanced mode, but nobody has a gun from Sony to their heads forcing them to do all that extra work.

I was merely referring to the blog post showing a chart of the TF numbers that each hardware can provide. But the 4.2TF is only useful if the company is creating a Pro mode. If it's the regular game, then the extra TF difference from the base PS4 to the Pro sits unused basically.

I am happy at least that the Pro will enhance VR, that was my main concern regarding getting the Pro anyways.

Genuine-User2573d ago

As I mentioned earlier, Sony will not allow any game from October to ship without pro enhanced features.

"Sony wants PS4 Pro support on all games from October onwards. While older titles can have Pro features patched in, the platform holder will not allow new titles to add Pro features at a later date."

Every game from October starting with the Mafia 3 will have enhanced graphical features for the PlayStation Pro.

Neonridr2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

the platform holder will not allow new titles to add Pro features at a later date. But that doesn't mean that they require every title to have Pro features to begin with.

"Neo-only or PS4-only games are not permitted (remember that Neo can still run unenhanced titles - developers are simply prohibited from locking out audiences of either console)."

2572d ago
Genuine-User2573d ago

All of these upcoming AA/AAAgames will support PS Pro on release:

Can you think of anything with a release date that's not on this list?

Neonridr2573d ago

I dunno.. I don't memorize the release list. I am simply telling you that not all titles will have a Pro enhancement mode. Don't believe me, it's ok. It doesn't bother me either way.

Babadook72573d ago

This is something that Sony has stated privately to developers and so far seems to be playing out in confirmed releases. All titles will be required to include a 'Pro' mode going forward. So yes it's something Sony fans can count on for the future.

OB1Biker2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

Your trying hard to downplay the advantage of more power. Will you do the same thing when Scorpio is actually a working console in more than a year?
I get it power is not everything and I agree that it's preference that matters but Geez man..

Regarding the article, the pic is misleading about the consoles dimensions.

Neonridr2572d ago

no.. it's just funny how we made an article where they showed a graph of GPU performance. Like that's the only thing that dictates the success of a console.

I guess next fall we can make the same article showing a graph with the Scorpio at 6TF. That must mean it's the best right?

I am not discounting the power advantage, but who is the Pro competing with? Nobody.. because they are early to the party. Slim and XB1 S compete with each other.. Pro has to wait until Scorpio releases for a fair competition. Unless you want to compare the Pro to the XB1 S which is totally unbiased and equal right?

OB1Biker2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

'who is the Pro competing with? Nobody.'

,I mean, think about what you ve just said. I know you want to hear Scorpio is more powerful blah blah but this is about the consoles available and they are all in competition so to speak as a gaming console of choice.
And yes we ll get the same posts no doubts about it since even now there are so many articles bragging about Scorpio power while its not even a reality for a good while.

That said I dont want it to be like a fanboy war argument, I really dont mind people having different preferences but just saying theres no need to downplay the reality and then boost it when it suits. Nothing personal really.

Neonridr2572d ago

no not at all, but let's keep the comparisons in check. I understand the article is showing what is available now, but that would have been like comparing the 360 to the PS2 when the 360 launched. Yes there was nothing else on the market from Sony or Nintendo yet, but we knew the Wii and PS3 were coming.

When Scorpio comes along, then the comparisons can begin. Honestly the only thing the Pro should be compared to at this point is PC to show you how powerful the Pro actually is. Showing it's better than the Xbox 1 means very little. Let's see how it holds up to the next offerings from Nintendo or MS.

OB1Biker2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

I understand what your trying to point out but this is literally 'For those wanting to purchase a new console ' this holiday season. Nothing more . Also it seems this year 'teraflops' became very popular so that makes sense. Maybe you think there should be a transparent graph showing 'next year Scorpio 6tf'? Whatever.
tbh I dont really care that much but if you want a technical comparison between similar machines maybe your in the wrong article..
Anyway happy gaming :)

Neonridr2571d ago

nah I just don't understand what is the point. It's comparing apples to oranges. If it's trying to paint the Pro in a positive light, then of course it succeeds. But that's because there is no real competition for it.

Maybe we should compare PC to Pro for this holiday then just to keep it fair. Next year when Scorpio releases, then you have another worth console to pit the Pro against. Otherwise it's a one sided fight and it just looks dumb. Of course the Pro is going to look and run the best, it's a new machine.

Exvalos2568d ago

What the he'll you been smoking man? Every game moving forward will have a pro mode, maybe not games that are about to release those will most likely need a patch. But every game from now on will take advantage of the pro.

yomfweeee2568d ago

If you want to try to downplay the Pro for those reasons, they all apply to Scorpio as well.

S2Killinit2568d ago

You have less and less credibility with every comment

Neonridr2567d ago

not here to make friends, could care less. I at least look at both sides of the fence. Your comment history proves that you clearly are drinking directly from the Sony tap.

I own a PS4 for christ-sake, my name here is my PSN name. I don't even own a current gen Xbox. But that doesn't mean that I am deluded into believing that Sony owns everything, blah blah blah, #1, blah, blah, blah.

It's hilarious hearing some of you guys talk the way you do. As a gamer you should be happy that there are other choices out there, and you should be experiencing all that you can. Instead, you choose to live inside a glass house made by Sony closing your eyes like nothing else exists. There is a big world out there, with many, many games to try.

S2Killinit2567d ago

Umm excuse me but there is one major difference between me and you. Im not the one who rushes to Playstation forums to get in first with my negative anti-Sony comments. I dont systematically go to xbox forums to spread negativity. If they have something good going I dont try to rain on their prade. I only argue with people who are hell bent on spreading negativity, with often flawed arguments, and you are one of them. So dont compare me to yourself.

DragoonsScaleLegends2567d ago

You also fail to mention the fact not all 4K Blu-ray Discs offer true 4K content...

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