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E3: Day One RoundUp

Today was a sad day in the history of gaming, very few game announcements, sub par shows, and just a complete lack of the wooing that gaming does for me.

This afternoon, the Microsoft Conference - All started out well with videos showing gameplay of Call of Duty: Black Ops and Metal Gear Rising. a bit of Halo:Reach.. Then... Microsoft couldn't keep away from Kinect, formerly known as Project Natal, about 80-90% of their entire conference was showing what it could do, but in the process, it revealed Kinects flaws, lag of around half a second, lots of the Kinetic demonstrations seemed to be prerecorded, such as the Joyride gameplay footage where the woman would be swinging her arms back and forth but the car stayed on a perfect straight line, the Forza 4 footage, where the man stepped back but the camera angle went to the right, he quickly corrected himself to follow the camera. Eventually the conference came to an end, and Microsoft announced the new redesigned Xbox 360, obviously to try and steal some of the PS3s momentum. This conference was so terrible, I felt ripped off and I don't even own an Xbox 360 This gets my FAIL rating on the E3 2010 Report Card.

Electronic Arts - Ah Yes, Good Ol' EA, Never letting us down to give us a few games to look forward to. They have announced a nice Medal of Honor with amazing looking multiplayer, Bulletstorm, Gun Club, Kinect StarWars, and my favorite, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, which goes back to the NFS roots with police chases. For this, the EA conference gets a B+ on the E3 2010 Report Card

Ubisoft - Ubisoft, Ubisoft, Oh what can thy offer us in epic proportions? A wii vitality sensor knock off? YES! A Laser Tag knock off? YES! A game that failed long ago and getting a revival even though no one really cares about(Driver)? YES! How about a fitness game for Kinect that was also shown during the Microsoft conference and using the exact same script? OH GOD YES! But AuTo! What about the good? Well my dear readers, how about some Ghost Recon, some Rayman AND ASSASSINS CREED BROTHERHOOD???? YES YES OH YES! *ahem* Even though these three games are beautiful, they just cannot make up for the lackluster performance and boring conference, Ubisoft, I am sorry to say, but you didnt hold my attention after the Assassins Creed gameplay, and for that, you get a D+ on the E3 2010 Report Card.

Stay Tuned For Day 2! Can Sony and Nintendo turn this mess around into something spectacular? Well, if they dont.. I can officially say there will be a game market crash, all thanks to novelty control schemes

TheHater4731d ago

that tomorrow is better than today...It can't get any worst tomorrow right? Wait a second, Nintendo is tomorrow...sh1t. I was very disappointed in MS press conference today.

Xof4731d ago

This years E3 is exactly as underwhelming as every other E3 in history.

Milky4731d ago

It seems that Microsoft really is just running out of steam. Every year their E3 gets worse.

AuToFiRE4731d ago

microsoft just didnt have a long term game plan, Sony really plans ahead, microsoft plans about as far ahead as their short penis lets them

Convas4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

MS's show last year was magnificent compared to this year. Even Fanboy logic cannot deny that.

AuToFiRE4731d ago

Microsot press conferences have gotten progressively worse over the years, just like a marathon runner, you dont exhaust all your energy in the first bit of the race, a tortoise and the hare situation