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E3: Microsofts Press Conference


Ah yes, E3, a wonderful time for gamers, a place where the Big Three announce new games, new hardware, and make you goto bed with them for a lovely night only so they can take your money in the morning - Well... Not so much with Microsoft this E3.

In my many years as a gamer, I have never felt so let down, so used, so ripped off by a company I refuse to support, I don't own an Xbox 360, and yet, Microsoft has even made me feel like utter trash, like i am nothing more than a piece of meat to them.

No new game announcements other than Kinect(aka Project Natal), we already knew about Gears 3, we already knew about Call Of Duty Black Ops, and we certainly knew about Metal Gear Solid: Rising and Fable 3.

What do us hardcore gamers get? To put it simply: NOTHING

Gamers alike, whether you be a PS3 fanboy, a neutral gamer, or even a wii only gamer, we should all be enraged by this. We pay $50 to them so we can play online with the newest games, and what do they give us? NOTHING


I ask all of you who have an Xbox 360, or multiple, or have even had the RRoD, contact Microsoft and express your concerns, express your hatred, express what you feel about such crap. They need to know how you feel, how we, the gamers feel.

crapgamer4737d ago

I was happy with the Microsoft Conference. The 360 is still the best hardcore machine and has the best online. The largest online community and the gardcore games last the longest on the Xbox 360. So I mean I plan on Playing Halo Reach for a long time, I will play through Fable 3 and Crackdown 2 etc.. then Next year, early on we get Gears of War 3. So I am glad we aren't going to get blitzed with 100 different hardcore games. Honestly, I had to already wait on getting some games earlier this year because they were coming out too fast. I mean sure Sony is going to throw a lot of titles at us tomorrow, but I doubt many sell very well. I mean you'll see 1 million here or there, but I think overall it's too many games too fast. Mainly because there are tons of third party games coming as well.

I was happy to see what Kinect could do, I wanted to see the media applications and how the voice commands work and I wasn't disappointed in the least. They were pushing something new, so it took up a good chunk of time. What do you think Sony and Nintendo are going to do. I am guessing We get 75% Move and 3-D from Sony and 3Ds, Zelda etc.. from Nintendo. To each their own, but I enjoyed seeing what Kinect could do and I'll be happy with the hardcore games coming out.

AuToFiRE4737d ago

There is standing by your console, and then there is being brainwashed and then SHAFTED by the company, this is the case. stop standing up for your console when they pull off things like this, because if you keep supporting them, they will keep doing it over and over, IT DOESNT MATTER HOW GOOD YOUR ONLINE IS IF YOU HAVE NO GAMES TO PLAY ON IT! kinect will fail, Sony knows this, microsoft knows this, why do you think they showed it off 90% of E3? because they want to brainwash as many people as possible. you need games to survive, i guarantee you nintendo will announce more games than M$. you need to actually open your eyes and see that you are more than dilusional, you are insane if you thought that was a good conference, you want to see a good conference? look no further than EA right now, thats what Sonys is going to look like but most of the games will be exclusive, they will be shooters, they will be in 3D, they will do what kinect cant

AuToFiRE4737d ago

if your going to send me pms at least post what you say where everyone can see it

what good is a console if there are no games you want to playon it? what sense is the console if there are no exclusives on it? what is the sense of owning one console when all the games you want to play are on the pc, or a rival console? there is no reason to own a console that has no new games you want to play, thats the purpose of a console, not to pay $50/yr to watch football games you can pick up on an antenna, that you can simply watch on tv, or on the computer

AuToFiRE4737d ago

like i said stop PMing me when its you who is the delusional fangirl, stop being so butthurt and open your eyes and see the world for what it is

Wildarmsjecht4737d ago

crapgamer is that. a crap gamer.

He's been so hyped for this and just wont see otherwise. now he resorts to private messages. Awesome.

Idle h4nds4737d ago

I can't believe they just skipped right over Crackdown...

poindat4737d ago

Woah, you're right and I didn't even notice until now. What the hell happened? I even remember them mentioning it in the conference at some point, yet it got not even a second of time for itself...

Cajun Chicken4737d ago

Well it's out soon, does it need to be covered?

poindat4737d ago

Perhaps, but it isn't like we've exactly seen a lot of coverage on the game. It feels like it was only covered once at last year's E3, and then it promptly dropped off the radar. Or maybe I just missed all of the subsequent coverage, I don't know.

Cajun Chicken4737d ago

The ending was stupidly leaked the other week. I saw it, I'm not kidding, it was on Australia's official Xbox Youtube channel, the same time as the leaked introduction. I was kind of annoyed, but luckily you don't really play Crackdown for plot.

There has also been a lot of coverage, but mainly Ruffian interviews. Sadly, it all seems under the radar again.

ShiNe-Box-4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

I agree-something has to be done.

I don't even own a 360, but Microsoft has just insulted my intelligence with their latest E3 press conference.

Now I have no choice but to tune-in and watch Nintendo's E3 press conference, in hopes of getting some kind of redemption for what was given to us gamers by Microsoft.

Before E3 ends, I have to have had enjoyed at least two of the Big Three's press conferences.

Cajun Chicken4737d ago

Yep, that was rubbish. Map packs, sports you have to pay to watch, Kinect games that have no imagination on what to do with the innovation.

This was part 1 of the nasty E3 that's been building up for years. Gamers are no longer considered the audience, the casuals will ruin consoles.

ichimaru4737d ago

if one wouldn't put so much faith and consumer loyalty into a comapany, they would notbe let down. I dnt hate wallmart for not having my favorite snack, bewcuase i dnt put energy into the love of walmart shopping

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