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Deep Packet Inspection - Internets Saviour or Real Life 'Mirrors Edge?'

With the increasing threat of losing net neutrality, I have to get this off my chest.

To start off I will explain what Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is. DPI is a system where digital traffic passing through servers at your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is examined for certain content through keywords and headers, which could include illegal content(child pornography, copyrighted material such as music, movies and games) and allowing your ISP to see this material and if necessary alerting authorities to arrest you.

Now, that may sound all fine and dandy to some of you, but what about for the average person who doesnt dwell int he realm of criminality and pirating? It means that you will lose all your privacy and the criminals will STILL get away.

To give you an idea to what I am talking about think of it like this:
you are an average user, and your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner wants to send you somethign to tease you with to your email. Because of DPI, it will be examined and possibly looked at by another set of human eyes. Now for the criminal, he doesnt want anyone else to see this, so he/she sets up an encryption, lets say Pretty Good Privacy Encryption(PGP) and sets the encryption level to 4096 bit encryption (for comparison your email account only uses 56 bit encryption) now, by a professors calculation it will take all the computers in the foreseeable future 20 years to break that encryption. Now that the criminal has his/her illegal material encrypted, he/she now sends it through email, and since it is so encrypted,  DPI cannot scan it fast enough and therefore does not set off any alarms.

So right there normal everyday users get shafted and the criminals get off free.

What are your thoughts on Depp Packet Inspection and the end of net neutrality?

Dmack795169d ago

this is all so way over my head.

xabmol5168d ago (Edited 5168d ago )

Watch this for the short, ninja, version of what net neutrality is.

Or just Google it. But do it soon because the phrase "Net Neutrality" may be blocked soon. :(

Dmack795161d ago

ok then. i agree with your statement.

John HX5168d ago

Net neutrality is very important to me, and I feel that DPI, along with other techniques and laws that voilate internet privacy should be discouraged strongly for exactly the reasons you mention.

The people who are actually SUPPOSED to be caught by these things just up their security, with strong encryption, new protocols and what have you, effectively leaving them immune to the governments prying eyes. So in the end, all DPI will accomplish is to put innocent people in bad situations.

Here in sweden, more and more of these regulations and laws are passed all the time, and it's getting to the point that people actually fear for the state of our democracy, since the majority of the citizens are against what's happening to our net neutrality, and yet all the major political parties support what's happening.