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The N4G Fanboy Dispute

In my time here on N4G I have noticed a very large, growing and disturbing trend - Fanboyism, The Destroyer of WorldWideWebsites.

It is the kiss of death for any gaming website and one as fine as this I'd hate to see succumb to such a useless form of being a so-called fan, this is my attempt to bring back some order in this chaos and if moderators such as Catastrophe wish to add anything to this feel free if you think it will help this plague, this is for the benefit of all N4G

Being a fanboy does not prove anything, it means that you are too blind to see that the other console has its advantages just as much as its faults, both consoles have great games and both have their share of crappy ones.

Being a fanboy does not benefit you or anyone on the forums or in real life, it only causes people more work, anger and stress.

I believe fanboyism once was a form of friendly bashing but it has mutated, mutated like a bad virus into something deadly and contagious, a virus we must put an end to.

Who cares if a game has x number of pixels more on one or another, its all about how fun the game is. Who cares about a stupid article displaying severe amounts of fanboyism, laugh at it, get a chuckle, dont flame.

Lets unite even for just a week(preferably a week every month) and put aside our differences and try to get along without bashing and severe cases of fanboyism. I guarantee your time on N4G will be so much more enjoyable.

Who's with me?

LJWooly5455d ago

I would join you, because I honestly don't really feel like arguing anymore, it's making posting on the mainsite a real drag.

But, this won't happen, because certain people who support certain consoles just love being raped by certain corporations, and then arguing on the internet about who rapes them better. They love it so much, that they're incapable of being humble.

Worthy intentions, though.

mightydog015455d ago

If we lived in a perfect world where we all could talk about great games coming out. And to talk about the games that are out bad and good points that would be brill......But will it ever work...N4g will have to come down hard too inforce that we stay on topic...But where do you draw the line for complaining about a game will it be class as being fanboyish..... maybe they can stop this name calling each other cause we are all gamers just that we game on differant consoles......

Jack Meahoffer5455d ago

The people saying this isn’t possible are pessimistic. There are open and gamer zones for a reason. I’d like to see moderators crack down hard. Its not hard to tell a fanboy comment from a gamer comment. I’m not talking about deleting and banning everyone that makes a negative comment. I’m talking about cracking down on blind brand worshipping comments that do nothing to further the discussion. You all know what I’m talking about. If you say a fanboy keyword you should be deleted and blocked for a week. I see the word fanboy used a lot. Also see droid and xbot in gamer zone comments that DO NOT get deleted like they should. Ultimately the users are to blame but if the moderators aren’t policing correctly the users will only get worse and that’s what we’re seeing.

Users can start by realizing that competition only helps gamers. Even if you hate the 360 or the PS3 the fact that they both exist helps gamers on both sides of the fence. Hoping and praying for the downfall of one platform over the other is childish and shortsighted. Fanboys need to get a life and understand that there are far bigger issues out there in the world than this stupid childish console war. If you can’t be even-handed and add to the discussion then STFU and get banned permanently to the open zone.

I’ll admit I started my time on this site by being sucked into the pointless back and forth fanboyism. I’m not proud of the onesided comments I posted out of frustration in the past but it made me realize I didn’t’ want to be one of the trouble makers. I realized that its totally stupid and childish so I try hard to only post constructive even-handed comments in the gamer zone. The frustrating thing about that is that you then get attacked from both sides. This “your with us or against us” attitude is what is killing N4G.

Wake up and grow up or shut the F up.

Drakol5455d ago (Edited 5455d ago )

I hope that this could happen, but not on this planet.

I remember being a HUUUGE Sony fanbot back during the PS1 days, but gradually grew out of that as I matured. Among the latest gen systems, I have PS3 and 360. Both are great, and I do plan on getting a Wii soon. Sure I play my PS3 more often due to MGS4, but soon switching back for Gears 2.

Trying to look at both sides of the coin can only happen with maturity. Sadly enough, not a lot of people have reached that yet.

Dmack795455d ago

But it probably won't happen. I am someone who enjoys a friendly debate not mindless and mean arguments. oh well...

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