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Has Gaming lost its game?

Over the years I have noticed a severely large drop in creativity in games. As more and more people want realism and high definition, less time is being put into the actual creativity of the game, and in doing so we start making the same games over and over.

The gaming industry has lots its inner child, the creativity and fun that we all grew up with. Now we take real life events and beat that horse raw like World War II games, always the same missions, why not do other places in history like WWI or stay with WWII but do missions like Dieppe and the Italian campaign - which held some of the most bloody battles of WWII. Why not play as the germans, its all just a skipping record.

What is the point of more power? what is the point of bigger discs? what is the point of higher definition? what is the point of it all if we cant create a unique and fun experience where we have not indulged before? This combination of bigge, faster, stronger has destroyed titles like Sonic, it used to be fun when it was 2D, now it is in 3D and it is terrible.

GRID is a good game, no matter how you put it, its a good game, this is where the third and final nail in the coffin is - The Gamer. Everyone wants more realism yet if we were to make it look good but feel like an arcade game, its bad, how is it bad? Arent arcades supposed to be fun?

I will let this end before I start going into anymore of a rant. Let me know what you think.

Telmarine5476d ago


When I played GTAIV I was expecting a grand ol' GTA experience.

But when I played it, the game was so realistic, they took so many things out of it.

Tanks and planes didn't seem realistic so they took it out. Breaking engines, the wanted level, health of people, and punching was all changed for realism.

Games are to escape real life. If this continues, you will die in one hit in future games.

I 100% agree with this post.

thisguywithhair5476d ago

I personally think that the reason more battles and campaigns aren't used is because they weren't fought mainly by Americans. The battle's that you have listed were fought mainly by Canadians and Europeans.

Telmarine5476d ago

What exactly do you mean by 'battles'

LastDance5476d ago

I think alot of what your saying rings true....however its starting to change.....I think devs are working their heads around the tech first before trying to be too inventive. But...Afrika, Mirrors edge, Metal gear, assassins creed(to an extent) and titles like LA noir look to me quite innovative.

There's alot of the same old sh!t around though aswell.

AuToFiRE5476d ago (Edited 5476d ago )

no, if gaming was evolving then there wouldnt be sh!tware on the Wii, there would be creative, fun games, but the yshovel crap games onto it to make a quick buck

PS360WII5476d ago

Yes you have a very good point. Plus with cost of producing a game now well into the 10's of millions publishers want to know the game is going to sell and to know it'll sell is by making that game they did last year again.

Drakol5476d ago

Developers are sometimes afraid of taking risks. The cost (as PS360Wii mentioned) is around the millions. It would take a small start up team (like mine) that would risk creating a new or innovate IP.

Publishers want to see where the project will be years from now, how much will THEY make and if there's room for sequels/spin-offs.

It's a sad state of affairs within the gaming industry, seriously. You get this bastard-child-like companies that spawn off of bigger ones because a few guys got pissed and left to create their own IP. Some make it big (ie Eat-Sleep-Play) and some fail ("enter name").

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