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Should SONY buy games and content for their PS3?

    So, we heard it, "Final Fantasy 13 for PS3, AND XBOX 360." We all know how they got it. They got their check out, and added a whole bunch of zeros. It is a big loss for SONY. Sony has stated they, "don't bribe games". But, after this has happended, should they? Microsoft was also known for buying out other games like Mass Effect, Gears of War 1 and 2, GTA4 DLC, and many other games and contect. As you could think of it, Microsoft are like the Yankees, the Yankees buy their players, which is the reason why many people don't like them.  

Decastis5620d ago

YEAH!!! JUST wait or tomorrow!!! Dont go to any conclusions...By the way: How is your RED RING OF DEATH doing? How many Metal Gear Games u have? How good is YOUR(lol) BLU-RAY player??????

thisguywithhair5619d ago

Did you even read the blog? This guy is saying that it is a bad thing that MS buys games. He says that Sony should also start doing it because it may the only way to stop MS from doing this.

BTW: This also seems to be the only way for MS to actually get good games for the system.

Gam715619d ago

Hows your YLoD, constant freezing, firmware bricking, failing blu-ray drives, code of death.
Played MGS3, never again.
Blu-Ray maybe when it's finished... and at a reasonable price.

Point is if you want a stable system get a Wii or shut up and play your games. You some now.

Sevir045620d ago

i measn it sucks to see this from a fan of the playstation coming from PS1,2 psp-to PS3 but really, do they need to, it would be good but they have over 20 exclusive first party titles coming and a few third party games making the cut from Namco and sega and still as of right now. FFXIII is still exclusive to the PS3 untill a year after it's release.

development of the 360 version wont start until Localizing of and shipping of both the US and EU versions have been cleared.

as Lesouteneur stated Sony's Conference is next in the evening. let them do what they need to and wait to see

The FFXIII announcement was big but just like GTa4 and DMC4 it will die down especailly afetr you read on SE live blog that the game wont go multi untill all 3 regions gets the PS3 versiopn first.

Gam715619d ago

Development begins now on the 360 version and they said
"“As we announced at the Microsoft presentation, as of today we are ready to start developing the title for Xbox 360. First, we will complete the PS3 in Japan. Then after that we will start localization of ‘FFXIII’ for PS3 for US and Europe. Then at the same time, we will start Xbox 360 the version development."

also they said
"According to Hashimoto, development has yet to begin in earnest for Microsoft's console. "We're ready to start developing FFXIII for 360," he said. "First, we will complete the game for PS3 in Japan, then begin localization for America and Europe while developing the 360 version simultaneously. The PS3 and 360 versions will be released at the same time outside of Japan ? although, due to language and other conditions, the game may not be released simultaneously across territories."

They are trying to release both at the same time so i don't know where you got "development of the 360 version wont start until Localizing of and shipping of both the US and EU versions have been cleared. " from.

MonaKyshu5620d ago

Sony's Conference Isn't Over Yet...

iiraymoii5620d ago

I really want SONY to kick ass like they always do. I will buy an XBOX again eventually (a year or two) but, Ive always felt like SONY had and still do offer the best experience. Developers have a lot of freedom with the PS3 and I wish a lot more would take advantage of it instead of being lazy to learn optimal code for it.

Anyway lets see what happens...this sh!t is getting good!