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Why, God Why, dont i love my Xbox360?

First off let me say
i have:
1 60GB PS3 (Launch day)
1 40GB PS3 (Recently got)
1 Xbox360 Elite (Got at the start of the year)

Now lets think about this according to the mind of an xbot

The 360 has alot more games and exlusives, It has the best controller, Far superior Online service, Alot more demos, arcade games and in general content,
Pretty much all the time xbots say in comparison videos there version looks better...i could go on

So then why is it, i have not turned on my 360 in months? and i dont think il be doing any time soon

I have about 15 games for my PS3
3 for my 360 (all exlusives)

And yet every multi-platform i buy for my PS3

I think there is one main reason for this

Im so lonely on XBL..

When im on my PS3 i feel part of the community i love it, i got the full 50+ friends on there, actual friends in real life and people i know, i also got involved early on in the official playstation forums so i got loads of people from there.

But when im on the XBL i feel like im truely alone and i hate it so i tend not to go on, im not part of any xbox community and i seriously dont know anybody who has one.. i have like 1 friend on XBL i played with in a random game of halo one time..

And for some reason, be it a sub-concious love for sony or maybe just a weird coincidence, i pretty much hate every Xbox exlusive...i can honestly say i think they all suck...and yet i love 80% of all PS3 exlusives..

The games i have are..
Halo 3- (Terrible single player and online is O-K i only played a few times..)
Gears of war- (Doesnt intrest me, never got past the first level as i had no motivation too do so)
Mass effect- boring, not my cup of tea at all


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Forbidden_Darkness5330d ago

This is true for me to, ive played xbox 360 games and just didnt enjoy them at all, ive always been a sony fan and i always will be. The playstation 3 has the best exclusives hands down. I have great friends and enjoy gaming with them. Whats your PSN id? ill add you im sure we can have some fun gaming, i own alot of games like call of duty 4 and such.

eagle215329d ago

Bull. Sony and Nintendo have made all the games in my top 20 of all time. Microsoft, ZERO.

Until they change that, MS can go kick rocks. :)

My brother has a 360, it's in his closet. He got a PS3 last fall with Uncharted. I can name many friends who have/had 360 and once PS3 comes, 360 goes (closet or gamestop)...

KozmoOchez5329d ago

and its not even a fanboy thing, i seriously here this story all the time from people saying once ps3 ports and multiplat games got straight, they had no reason for their 360, until like GoW2 comes out or somehting like that

SpikeSpiegel5329d ago

I chose to get my PS3 simply because it had the games I love on the console system. I really never been into Halo (only play it with relatives) and the only game the 360 has that I want on PS3 is Dead Rising. I am a single player person so the allure of XBL doesn't appeal to me (although I do play online but I prefer to play offline most of the time).

It seems you dont love your Xbox 360 simply because you are content with what the PS3 has to offer. That or maybe you should try some other less hyped 360 games to play.

Polluted5329d ago

This may sound like I'm being a jerk, but trust me I don't mean it that way. I'm really just wondering. Honestly.

What's up with people that own like 3 xbox 360's or 2 PS3's or whatever? I've got one PS3 (which I love) and even if I was completely loaded and I could buy anything I want, another PS3 would be the last thing on my list. So why do people want more than one?

LJWooly5329d ago

Well, we all know why people own more than one 360...

Jinxstar5329d ago

Main reason. Networking. Online you may get into a game of COD and find that your lagging and such. Probably because the host is on WiFi or has a worthless internet provider. With networking there is no slow down or lag. apart from that.... /shrug.

Truplaya5329d ago

weird, i have the same reasons for not going on my PS3. My better games and my friedns are on the 360 so i play that a lot more. I cant see this changing in the next six months either.

Its a matter of choice, if you dont like Gears of War (i cant see why but thats your choice) and Halo3 or Mass Effect then a 360 may not be for you. Plus you will always go and play where your friends are.

Also, i too want to know why you need two PS3s?

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