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Religious experience, being essentially spiritual, can never be fully understood by the material mind; hence the function of theology, the psychology of religion. The essential doctrine of the human realization of God creates a paradox in finite comprehension.

It is well-nigh impossible for human logic and finite reason to harmonize the concept of divine immanence, God within and a part of every individual, with the idea of God's transcendence, the divine domination of the universe of universes. These two essential concepts of Deity must be unified in the faith-grasp of the concept of the transcendence of a personal God and in the realization of the indwelling presence of a fragment of that God in order to justify intelligent worship and validate the hope of personality survival.

The difficulties and paradoxes of religion are inherent in the fact that the realities of religion are utterly beyond the mortal capacity for intellectual comprehension.

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wildcat5170d ago (Edited 5170d ago )

If only we had the capability to navigate the universe with the convenience of riding in a tour bus. Then we could finally get some answers.

I agree with what you are saying. Is it too hard to accept that there will be aspects of our existence which we will not be able to comprehend. It's like trying to teach a colony of ants the complexity of programming a computer. Who are we? Can we even fathom the possibility of entities who are infinitely superior to us intellectually; such as we are to a colony of ants.