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Remain Quiet... like always.

I, like many level-headed gamers think that the MGSV scandal is somewhat overblown and exaggerated because one person somewhere somehow had a delayed reaction to images that are few months old now and the images didn't match the seriousness and pertinence of the reaction like a massive transgression took place and we only just realised it after scrutinising the sh*t out of the trailers which again were released couple months ago. They were thoroughly deconstructed like any major release in terms of meaning and iconography analysis.

So, one reaction from one person starts a wildfire and suddenly accusations of misogyny is thrown towards Kojima for creating what I would describe as a typical MGS character not that dissimilar to Sniper Wolf who had most of the front of her torso exposed despite whatever the weather may be on the occasion.

It really never mattered what developers and game designers were pushing in the game because our reaction would either be laughter or a shake of the head but what always followed both reactions was not caring much about it and swiftly moving on without posting a video on youtube or blogging about it.

There are real and authentic misogynistic games out there like Battle Raper which despite its existence you never heard a call for a ban or gets called "Disgusting", the critics remained quiet and the reactions to such games from gamers were once again either laughter or heads shaking in disapproval only to be ignored by the majority and enjoyed by a small minority of perverts.

The fact that one of the reasons for Quiet to be dressed that way is to encourage Cosplayers to dress up and emulate the character clearly fell on deaf ears and wasn't warranted as a concrete reason but if we were to look at it from an objective perspective, Quiet is basically eye-candy for the player and one that is commonly used whether it's a movie or music video or even game/anime conventions.

One thing people have forgotten is that gaming is akin to fantasy, whether it's a guy wanting to be a badass male character who blows things up with an array of WMDs or a girl wanting to be that badass female character who pretty much kicks every other male characters into submission and diminish them to the kitchen.

Fantasy also plays heavily in terms of image... from the overgrown muscle-bound meatheads of Gears of War to the Voluptuous and ridiculously shaped Dead or Alive roster... both somewhat unrealistic with the aid of plastic surgery or steroids if we're talking about unattainable things in real life and both do have a place in gaming because there is nothing real about games, there is violence, sex, profanity and many other aspects of adult related content and while there are limits in terms of taste and decency, I do feel that somethings do belong in gaming including sexy characters whether male or female.... or dog.


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Jin_Sakai1d 2h ago (Edited 1d 2h ago )

Good deal!

Select Games:

• Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
• Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered
• God of War Ragnarök
• Horizon Forbidden West
• Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut
• Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
• Demon’s Souls
• The Last of Us Part I
• Sackboy: A Big Adventure
• Returnal
• Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection
• Death Stranding: Director’s Cut

crazyCoconuts21h ago

I guess it was too good to last but that free set of classics they were giving away free before was the king of all deals for new PS gamers. This is still good, I'm just reminiscing

shadowT1d ago

Awesome deal and great selection of games. Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut for PS5 is still my personal all-time favorite!

purple10120h ago

Ohh jeezuz there going to be a sales bonanza.