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The Division Beta Preview/Review (It will leave gamers divided)

I think the Division is a decent game, but it has some glaring issues that need to be fixed many of which are going to take at least a year to iron out.


The campaign I feel is going to be nothing special. The cast of characters, the acting, and voice acting are all the same old mediocre shooter type crowd. I hope I'm wrong, but the campaign seems to exist to provide a challenging way to level up to use more powerful outside weapons to you can excel in the Dark Zone faster, while getting a backstory and cutscenes to explain why everything is contaminated. There seems like there will be a lot of things to do and I heard there are I believe 15 / 50 mission (I expect 15, but hopefully heard 50).

Another thing, I thought the bullet sponge enemies were gone, but I was completely wrong on this one. They're there, but hidden in hard mode, where people go from their easy kill red health bars in normal, to their now purple health bars plus an over-shield thanks to their brand new hoodies and neon orange city worker vest. Over-shields are represented by white bars, and common enemies usually have 4 of them and from what I can tell every 2 white bars is the equivalent of having full health, basically giving them 3x their normal HP. Meanwhile bosses have at least 8, giving them 5 lives. It just completely kills any kind of suspension of disbelief for me, because this is suppose to be an MMORPG founded in realism, and yet people with no armor are tanking entire magazines of rifle ammo without even flinching.

But the biggest problem to me is that every encounter feels the same against AI. Each icon AI is programmed to do a very specific thing. Those with guns shoot, rush, hide, shoot, and repeat. Those with melee weapons, charge, hide, charge, swing, repeat. Those with grenades hide, toss a grenade, hide, toss a grenade, repeat. It's literally the same back and forth over and over, except it's EXTREMELY noticeable and it's only been 1 day with the beta, and it became repetitive real fast.

The Dark Zone:

The Dark Zone is much more fun than the campaign, but also potentially significantly more frustrating. Most of my issues were performance and bugs, which I will reserve judgement for against the beta only, but seeing how there's just over a month before launch, I don't see how they're going to fix some of these issues. Performance can be tweaker if this is an older version, and they already fixed it, but these bugs are just now really being reported on a larger scale.

Anyway, the Dark Zone is the Divisions PvPvE area, where you go into the contaminated area to pretty much seek loot. The Dark Zone has it's own level and money systems outside of campaign, so you have to enter the area if you ever want to be great in it.

There are three ways to get good loot in the Dark Zone, kill powerful AI enemies, kill other players who have loot, or find keys and chest hidden around the area. All 3 ways provide challenge since AI enemies are once again shielded with insane HP, other players can definitely make it challenging, and chest can be locked based on level or keys. The loot in the DZ is contaminated so you have to find extraction zones around the map (usually 3), and call for a helicopter to extract your items. It takes the helicopter 1:30 (1 minute, not hour) to arrive, and from there you have 15 seconds to get your loot on the rope it drops. The problem is when you call for an extraction everyone in the area hears and some players will come to try and kills you for your loot.

Now the good, the bad, and the infuriating.

The Good, the Dark Zone is fun. It great going in with a squad surviving a difficult fight with grunts and cleaners, and getting loot, to an extraction point. It's a nice gamer high when you successfully complete each challenge. The area is also fairly large when looking at the entire map, there are areas that are blocked off for the beta, and also areas blocked off by level, so you have to work hard to progress to the harder areas, and obtain better gear.

The Bad, it's COMPLETELY unbalanced. Thanks to the beta there are people of all levels in areas where new players are entering since the majority of the Dark Zone is blocked off, and higher level players have nothing else to really do. There are people who will camp at the entrance of the map and kill you to increase their rogue timer so they can earn more DZ money (you have a timer and bounty on your head when you go rogue, and if you live pass the timer you turn back to a normal agent, and get money for your struggle).

There are also squads who simply camp by the extraction points waiting for players to come so they can steal their items. This is probably the worse, because it's generally high level players sitting and waiting for new guys who can't defend themselves, and I can't count the number of times I've seen new level 3 / 4 players run up to the extraction zone only to get wiped and have their things taken, consistently and there's nothing they can do, since these players have sniper rifles, grenade launchers, and more. They need to change it so where if you go rogue and steal someone's things that you only get a single random item from them, so people are encouraged to go out and look for their own loot rather than camp the entire time.

I'm sure having that happen to you several times is maddening, but the most infuriating things I've encounter in the division are the performance issues, bugs, and how the teammate system works.

This is a beta so there's room for leeway when it comes to performance, but sometimes the game is a mess. Usually everything is running just fine, but then you get in an enemy encounter with the AI (especially in designated areas like buildings) and performance can TANK. It can lag all over the place for brief moments, and I've had several friends get dropped mid game with loot on them several times, and that was reason enough for them not to play anymore that day.

There are also several bugs in the game. My team and another random team were performing an extraction on the roof of the car garage. Everyone rand down to the lower level sitting waiting for the helicopter and any enemies, and out of nowhere a mob of yellow health shielded AI randomly spawned right on top of us killing several of us.

I don't know how matchmaking works with teams, but one of the most annoying things is when someone on your team goes rogue, it forces everyone to go rogue. I was minding my own business and out of nowhere I've been announced as rogue with timer on my head that eventually goes up to just over 200 seconds, because a teammate shoots at other agents and gets kill. That's so stupid, especially since we're across the map from each other, so now I have to hide for 2 minutes with everyone around me trying to kill me, and I can't even attempt and extraction going on. This needs to change to just that one person going rogue, and not the entire squad.

Playing solo, is a death sentence, just don't do it, and honestly matchmaking can be just as bad, find friends or be ready to have rage moments.

But the game breaking glitch that made me call it a day, was when I couldn't extract anything for hours. I have a full extraction bag full of blue items, we get to the extraction point my team and another get the helicopter there and my icon to hold X won't fill up at all. We called the helicopter 2 more times after that and the group even stayed with us to help, still wouldn't work. We made our way around the map to both extraction points where my team was sacrificing themselves to I could get my stuff, still didn't work. Eventually I got killed and lost everything after about 40 minutes of trying. I did a hard reset, came back in, and still the same thing.

Overall the Division seems like it'll be a decent game. It has a great concept, held back by mediocre / average / above average / all the up to good execution depending on different parts of the game. It's pretty much a inferior version of the 360 Splinter Cell games form a gameplay perspective, with open-world competitive co-op, and MMORPG elements replacing the stealth mechanics of those games. There are literally multiple things ripped right from the Splinter Cell games and thrown into the Division, so while it's enjoyable at times, nothing really feels new about it at all.

The gameplay and mechanics are solid overall, but the gunplay is a due to the nature of the weapons. The recoil is ridiculous, and possibly the worst in any shooter I’ve played in the last 5 years. I understand it’s to make the rare weapons standout as much better, but it’s absolutely insane to nerf recoil this much, you will have to burst fire almost everything if you want to hit your mark.

I'm hoping the campaign turns out to be good, but I'm extremely doubtful of that and feel it'll be just another shooter campaign. If there’s a comparison to make it would be don’t go in here expecting The Last of Us level of story and immersion, this is more on par with Dead Island based on the early characters and interactions.

Finally the Dark Zone is going to be what divides people on this game. It looks like it’s being set-up as what will give the Division it’s longevity after the campaign is over and until the DLC’s drop. So if you don’t like the Dark Zone from the beta, chances are the division is absolutely not the game for you.

It seems like a game with huge future potential, but I just don’t see it coming together in this first iteration, and like Destiny I recommend most people either get it Day 1 if you must have it so you don’t get left behind in level for the Dark Zone. Otherwise wait and get it after all the bugs and performance issues have been verified and fixed, and potentially for a holiday version that comes with the DLC for a reduced price.

The Dark Zone
Co-op / open world
Another shooter MMORPG

The graphics (they’re acceptable, but E3 reveal was Ubi’s shenanigans)
Loot system (it’s quantity over quality, means once you get something better, it’s trash)
Inferior Splinter Cell (The Division, is pretty much a poor man’s SC in gameplay)

Performance issues (Mainly in the Dark Zone, but the range from minor to extreme)
Poor enemy AI
Highly repetitive enemy encounters
Gunplay recoil (It’s ridiculous for the early weapons)

These are some major dislikes IMO, and things that really need to be taken into considering before buying the Division, and Ubisoft really needs to address these issues, specifically the performance (which will know will never be truthful, because some developers are professional liars as well).

Yes this was a lie, now we all can move on and judge the game for what it is.

Valenka3088d ago

I'm liking it so far, but I don't like it enough to buy the game at launch. It doesn't have the same feel that the gameplay videos demonstrated, especially here: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

ABizzel13088d ago

I'm in the same boat as well, though I might be a bit less than you XD.

I don't think it lived up to the expectation / hype / and reveal, and so when you play it it's not quite as good as you were hoping, at least in my case. It's pretty much a standard 3rd person shooter if not generic 3rd person shooter, that hiding behind open-world, MMORPG, co-op.

It's just funny to me that people are praising the Division for doing absolutely nothing really new in the process.

The gameplay is literally an inferior version of Splinter Cell, and now that I've just randomly gone back to look at other shooter, it's in the same league as Army of Two in several areas, which is so funny because that game was heavily panned on here, but here we are with the Division getting praised.

The gameplay in Army of Two is almost exactly like the Division, except Army of Two has more AI commands (for taking hostages), stealth mechanics, and destructible cover.

And the gunplay is no better than Army of Two

Perfect example of slap open-world co-op on a competent shooter, and put MMORPG on it, and your game is instantly "one to look out for" or "the potential biggest game of the year".

It's really hypocritical.

That being said I don't think it's a bad game. It's a great concept, with slightly above average execution, that has some problems that need to be addressed.

Aeery3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

"Inferior Splinter Cell (The Division, is pretty much a poor man’s SC in gameplay)"

Nope. Sorry.

I'm a big fan of Splinter Cell but you totally missed the target.
Did you played Ghost Recon future soldier ?
Yes ?
Ok now we can talk because is more of the same but with more gameplay options.
No ?
Ok, I understand why you compare TD to SC.

Ps The graphics it's not acceptable, it is pretty awesome for an online open world.

jb2273088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

It's nice to finally see a well presented gamer's opinion to this game. I'm an sp gamer & I kept hearing tell of this dedicated campaign for the Division but I was always skeptical. I understand that the beta doesn't include the full game & "campaign", but your ideas of what will most like be on offer sound legit to me. A quality campaign is only as good as the base elements that make it up & I tend to agree with you that things like v/o & mission structure is a pretty clear indicator of what would be on offer for the full campaign. I'm fully expecting you to be proven right in this instance.

As far as the rest of the mmorpg aspect of the game maybe it'll be amazing come release but it's not for me personally....all the more power to people that dig that kinda thing but I've only ever been interested in a campaign & Ubisoft has sold us on this idea that I'd be worthwhile even though I've had the feeling it'll amount to a lot of fetch quests bookended by a couple cut scenes. You have been the first person I've seen across large outlet previews & gamer impressions from the alpha & beta that has even attempted to explain what will most likely be on offer for the campaign based off of design. It's really not that difficult to see what will most likely be available, but the media outlets are afraid to mention it for fear of upsetting Ubisoft & the gamers are uncaring about it as they are only bothered by the mp aspect. Great work on your write up, hope to see more in the future.

ABizzel13087d ago



The cover to cover system is straight from Splinter Cell Conviction, except the Division has on screen prompts, and less animations. It even uses the same hold the stick left / right to slide around the object your hiding behind along with the arrowed icon on the ground.

The in-game Text popping up was done in Splinter Cell Conviction, and it's also in the Division.

The execution marker icon in Splinter Cell Conviction is the same one in the Division except it's flipped upside down.

The in-game flashbacks except Splinter Cell has fully rendered flashbacks, and The Division has orange dot people.

And finally the gunplay controls are very similar, except Splinter Cell has significantly better handling, because the Division is an MMORPG, and their way of making rare guns more valuable is offering better handling and stability.


The animations used to slide down poles, ropes, and climb ladders in Splinter Cell Blacklist are the same animations used in the Division, except in Splinter Cell you can climb poles along the ceiling, and simply do more due to it's stealth mechanics.

Splinter Cell Blacklist has on-screen prompts just like the Division for simple things like climbing.

Splinter Cell Conviction went from linear shooter, to Splinter Cell Blacklist which was pretty much open-area / hubs, to the Division's open-world.


And graphically speaking the Division is in the same ballpark as the PC version Splinter Cell Blacklist (a PC port of a last-gen game).

The Division's gameplay is an inferior Splinter Cell with MMORPG elements and open-world co-op. Just like Ghost Recon Future Soldier was an inferior Splinter Cell with tactile squad based gameplay.

The Division doesn't have more gameplay options, it just has an MMORPG system to fluff the diversity, so now you're collecting loot that will become useless weapons as you upgrade, or items to simply customize your character.

The Division borrows pretty much it's entirety from those 2 games (Splinter Cell and Future Soldier). And again the point stands if this game breaks 4m on both platforms it just goes to show people will buy games for simply being open-world (which is why we have so many of them this gen, besides the tech being able to handel them) and co-op. Neither of which are bad things, but there were 3 games with the same gameplay foundation as The Division that were good, yet didn't make it near 4m sales even when multiplat.

ABizzel13087d ago


Thank you, and it's because the campaign is the most important aspect of a game to me, so I came in looking for the potential of a great campaign. And I just don't see greatness there. What I see is something along the lines of Dead Island, Dying Light, Destiny (to an extent), etc...

Rather than Fallout, The Witcher, MGS, and more where there are sidequest and things to get lost in, but everything leads towards a great story and great performances to help achieve that.

The Division is unlikely to have any character performance that ranks above the mediocre video game standard, and if they do it's going to stick out like a sore thumb compared to everything and everyone in the beta so far.

I expect the campaign to be decent, but more so, because you're playing a challenge with friends rather than this is a great story and I'm inclined to find out more about it.

I think the best story in a modern shooter like this is still Spec Ops, by a large margin. it was the only military shooter that I remember last-gen that had a story that actually transcended the traditional writing in games.

Aeery3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )


Ok, you didn't play GRFS (no offense meant) and as I said I played SC a lot.

Look, you are still comparing SC to TD, but your comparison is flawed for a simple reason : you can't compare a single player game to a multi player game.

The gameplay of SC is way more tactic, it doesn't have a single player pace. Enemies move in a very precise scheme. It's a single player game, with less situations and heavily pre-designed by the level designer.

In TD and GRFS you can't ask the players the same tacticism of SC, these things would not work at all.

In the past we studied these kind of games because we were interested in creating a game like this (Splinter Cell-style), so I know these gameplay mechanics and believe me, they would not work in a MP game.

Comparing TD to SP is pretty useless.

Have a good day!

ABizzel13087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )


That's because you're focused on the entire game, and not the mechanics. The Divisions gameplay mechanics are straight from Splinter Cell, but diminished, animations and all. Being single player vs multiplayer has absolutely nothing to do with the gameplay mechanics, nor does level design, when the Division missions literally have the exact same pacing and level design since the one we're allowed to do is in a closed off building.

It's an open world with mission hubs like Batman Arkham City, with the same enemies coming down the escalator, and somehow always knowing there's something there, and that same 1 guy who stands at the top of the escalator, those same guys who stay in the area, those same AI who run from the bleachers down to the arena, those same guys who are in the food court with the doctor, that same group who runs out of the back room, and those same group of enemies with the boss. Which is ver much how a single player game functions.

In fact that it's squad based shooter is what makes it like Ghost Recon Future Soldier...another Tom Clany game (and yes I did play it). And all those mechanics are ripped straight from Splinter Cell, but toned down.

3087d ago
ABizzel13087d ago

It's the opening of the game and it sets the tone for the rest of the game, none of us know what the full story will be like, but from that sole mission, we get to meet a portion of the cast, we get to see the acting / voice work, and the foundation and structure of the game.

We can't judge it, but you can already get a feel for the game and unless some genius level writing happens afterwards, then it's more than likely going to simply be decent.

That's why this is a preview / review about what's good in the beta, what needs to be fixed, and what you should most likely to expect for the final game, and none of Ubisoft games are masterpieces when it comes to writing and storytelling, and I highly doubt a MMORPG is going to be the game to chance that.

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kaizokuspy3087d ago

The biggest game breaking glitch is invisible teammates. I can't see them but they can see everyone. He would just gun down all human controlled players, max out his rogue status and they can't see him. It was funny watching everyone panic, but if it happens to me I'll throw my tv through the wall. I hope that glitch gets fixed. It's hard enough taking down douche squads, but unplayable if invisible people are running around and you can't do anything about it.

Mr-Dude3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

I'm dissapointed in the open world itself. There is not much to do, i get that it is a beta, but if this is the core, running around shooting only npcs, players, dogs and rats ( no friendly npc which is dumb) in a bland open world without much interaction I will wait for a sale.

ABizzel13088d ago

I think it's just the beta as well. I'm hoping we get a lot more enemy variety, so the AI isn't the same throughout the entire game, because every fire fight feels just like the last 10 you did.

I also think the balance of this game is completely off, and lopsided with these bullet sponge enemies.

Aeery3088d ago

Bulletsponge enemies ?

I think we are playing a different game.
They just go down really fast to me.

ABizzel13087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )


That's because you're playing on Normal.

If you do the missions on hard EVERY common enemy has a purple health bar as well as 4 bars of armor, practically giving them 3 full bars of health.

Then there are also yellow health enemies who also had 6 - 8 armor bars giving them 4 - 5 health bars.

And finally bosses have yellow health and 8 armor bars.

It literally takes a full clip and sometimes more of shotgun ammo to put them down, and about 3 from assault rifles.

It's so bad even forbes had to write about it


As well as Ubisofts forums, reddit, and just about everywhere else


It's not the fact that bosses are bullet sponges, it's the fact that EVERY character becomes one. Random lower tier enemies should be put down much faster, and those kind of enemies only exist on Easy / Normal.

And it become even more apparent when you can pump 4+ shotgun pumps into a tier 1 enemy and finally break down their shields, meanwhile a single shot from a handgun has cost you 1/6 of your life if not more, and add to that the fact that enemies can sometimes magically shoot bullets around corners and over cover.

It's unbalance and should be tweaked.

Aeery3087d ago

Yes, I know, but we played in a party of two at hard.
Still, we think enemies are not bullet sponge.

Ps Don't bring Forbes please !

kaizokuspy3087d ago

Bullet sponge enemiea? You know the majority of talents, perks, abilities, weapons and the like are walled off in the beta? Right? I mean you will have shock grenades, incendiary grenades, turrets of all kinds, weapon mods out the yin yang, so I just think it's preemptive whining with out seeing the finished game. We haven't been able to craft or unlock other skills and perks in the beta, not to mention explore other areas with better loot. All I'm going to say is if you whine about it being unbalanced now, just wait until the game has released and watch a let's play of someone who knows what they are doing with better gear. Game really is fun, give it time before you make judgment off what is probably 5% of an amazing game.

ABizzel13087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )


That's exactly why this is a preview of the "BETA", and the problem is, when you level up so do the enemies when you play harder difficulties which is nice, but not only do they level up, they take significantly more damage due to higher shield counts and higher base health stat.

Which is why I said this is something they need to look into for the FINAL game.

There are other RPG shooters out there, and it's possibly to headshot kill weaker enemies, and understandably takes more to kill Tier 2 / Tier 3 / and boss enemies. But currently in the BETA of the Division, you can put a full clip of assault rifle ammo into the head of a human wearing nothing but a hoodie and they eat shigady and ask for more.

That's not balanced, especially when playing on hard they can easily 5 shot you. The concept is that 4 players are suppose to shoot at a single person, but it's still far too much damage to kill them, and the game doesn't scale well when there are less players than 4, even solo they still tank damage.

And this is what a beta is for. Not to play and and enjoy until the game launches, but the give feedback about what works and what doesn't.

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Kreisen3088d ago

I knew Dark zones would just be about certain hardcore players forming groups and perma camping noobs/loners. This is what always happened in mmos as well whenever such a system was implemented.
The worst thing is how this game actually showers those that partake in this foul behavior with the best loot.

ninsigma3088d ago

Yeah I found that out pretty quickly yesterday! It's quite annoying. Got caught again today but luckily I had just extracted my loot. Despite the empty feel of the city, I think the campaign is going to be the better part of this game. I've yet to see what the end game content will be though.

ABizzel13088d ago

I'm hoping for the best for the campaign, but I don't think it's going to be anything special outside of simply co-op through an open-world with your friends. The hint of story we got didn't really do much for me, and the acting and characters are just average video game fluff.

But co-op with friends is a strong selling point for games, and the Division is fun in that regard, even if it is completely unbalanced.

I feel the Dark Zone has more potential, but there needs to be a lot of changes to the formula for everyone to be able to enjoy it, because new people and solo players are going to get completely annihilated when they go there if they enter a rogue lobby.

The ray of hope in the DZ for them, is that hopefully the higher level players will be in the higher level areas of the DZ away from them searching more the rarest loot. But at the same time that pretty much alienates solo players from a specific area of the DZ where the best gear is, and doing matchmaking is about 50/50 too.

That why they need to decrease the rewards of going rogue, it just doesn't make sense to play nice, and I'm always nice in games, so it's upsetting having to constantly defend myself and my squad from rogue teams. And I hate the fact that because one person on the squad goes rogue, then everybody is marked.

A karma system would be good as well, to where those who continue to go rogue are marked negatively throughout their play until they do acts of goodness in the area such as help a team being attacked by rogue agents and picking up random players who were downed.

The concept has great potential, but the execution just isn't there.

ABizzel13088d ago

I just shook my head, when I saw it happening.

And what makes it so bad is that the people coming out of the safe zone and into the Dark Zone, have absolutely nothing on them to steal from, so they're just doing it to get DZ money to buy weapons.

And the way the game is currently set-up it encourages the non-amicable gamers to simply camp and steal from other players, rather than go out and look for their own loot.

That's why they need to change the core system to where you only get either:

*1 random drop from stealing someone's loot
*The highest rarity drop from someone's stolen loot
*You get to pick a single item from their loot

That way it means they have to search for up to 6 players to steal from if they want a full extraction, and I'm leaning more towards the Random drop so they're significantly less likely to just camp and wait, since they don't know what they're stealing and it's less worth the risk.

thorstein3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

I think/hope Ubisoft will look at that footage. Luckily I was able to have a full fire team. One of us hung back and aimed a double barrel shotgun at the person lurking near the drop.

Things stayed friendly.

We did learn to avoid drops with too many people about.

What I loved was that if AI attacked and I got nicked by a bullet or two from others they weren't instantly "enemies." So friendly fire didn't necessarily make it a free for all. You could ignore it.

EDIT: I keep saying drop, but i mean the pickup.

Wallstreet373088d ago

Yeah i agree with op, the enemy encounters felt the same and the game got monotonous very quick for me or at least the campaign aspect.

I wont be buying this at launch.

Aloy-Boyfriend3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Campaign seems to be just going through areas, killin enemies, and listening story bits. No puzzles, no creative mission structure, just go until the end...

The dark zone is fun but hopefully there's more than just killing, collecting loot and extrating them. Also I fully agree with the bullet sponge thing. It won't take long until people realize how tedious it is to the point they will acuse the devs for shoehorning RPG mechanincs into a realistic shooter. The other RPG stuff work, but this health model just doesn't fit. Games like Borderlands and Destiny it makes sense some enemies are bullet sponge, and if fact you can kill enemies with headshots in one shot. This is not the case with The Division. Every enemie and killing by shooting to the head require multiple clips

Wallstreet373087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Admittingly, i was familiarizing myself with the game so didnt get a chance to check out the dark zone (which alot of ppl say is the best part of the game). Ill check that out later tonight.

thorstein3083d ago

I'm curious to know how you think that. There was one campaign mission that you could complete.

If you did the side quest of getting the doctor's sister, I think that missions will be quite good.

Christopher3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Ah, gotta love how game devs still don't understand that people will zone camp in PvP if it's possible. Heck, people will zone camp even if they gain nothing from it. It's like no game developer has ever played an MMO from 15 years ago or something.

Hope they fix that. Even at release and with only one item being dropped, people will still do it. It's an easy win for them and it annoys the play time of others. Something that more gamers than one would think are attracted to in these sort of games.