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PlayStation VR needs games.....and here they are.

By now I'm sure most of you have heard of PlayStation VR (formerly known as the much more cool Project Morpheus), bringing VR gaming exclusively to the PS4, and hopefully other VR experiences as well. While PSVR has been revealed at the Game's Developer Conference in 2014, so well over a year now. However, the device is still shrouded in mystery regarding what exact date it's going to launch, how much it's going to cost, and what games will be available.

Those 3 question has remained unanswered for as long as PSVR has been known. Price is rumored to be similar to that of a console, likely ranging between $199 - $399 (I suspect somewhere in the middle $249 - $349). And while we don't have an exact date PSVR is scheduled to launch sometime in the first half of 2016. So that just leaves us with what exactly will gamers be playing on their newly purchased PSVR in 2016.

After wondering myself, I spent time researching this question and came up with a list of nearly 50 games that are coming to PSVR or at least announced for PSVR. But I didn't stop there, what's the point of a list without footage, so I grabbed trailers and gameplay footage of each VR game I could find, so each of you can see exactly what to expect from each title. But before I post all the games, here's my personal top 10 list of PSVR games I'm looking forward to seeing more of.

1. No Man's Sky: At this point I suspect it's safe to say No Man's Sky is being developed into a PSVR game. The game has had tons of press coverage from it's reveal to several E3's and other games conferences now still with no confirmed release date. At this point the only thing that sense is that Sony is aiming to make No Man's Sky the must have PSVR launch title, and based off all the trailers and previews it will be.

2. Eve's Valkyrie: Eve's Valkyrie has a slight similar premise to No Man's Sky. It's all about traveling space. But where No Man's Sky is all about exploration and discovering the near endless amount of planets in the galaxy, Eve's Valkyrie is all about space warfare and I must say it looks so wonderfully good. If you've ever wanted to get into a dogfight in space in your favorite Sci-Fi games, then Eve's Valkyrie is here to serve in full VR goodness.

3. Dreams: Media Molecules new game is almost as mysterious as the PSVR itself, but if there's one thing this team of exclusive PlayStation developer is that they're one of the most creative in the industry. Sculpting, Crafting, Builder, Sharing, and so much more are all part of Dreams design, and turning blank canvases into video-game works of art. This game has the potential to flex the creative juices of PS4 gamers around the world.

4. The Hum Abductions: Konami has gone made and probably replaced Capcom as the most clueless and rage inducing of the big Japanese developers. Their first offense was canceling P.T., but thanks to the genius work of Kojima, Del Toro, and all those involved many clones have been created, and The Hum Abductions looks to potentially be the best among them. In the Hum you're not tasked with fighting off ghost and other evil spirits. Instead you must protect yourself and your family from a potential alien abduction.

5. Adrift: Adrift continues with the space theme, but in a completely different take. You're an astronaut living your worse dream, being trapped in space as your shuttle is pretty much destroyed. You must traverse the remains of the ship in an effort to save yourself before being lost in space. Adrift also benefits from the fact that several movies have and are currently tying into this theme with recent titles such as Gravity and The Martian, so a quick piggy back off those film could give Adrift the appeal it needs to expand the appeal of VR to a mass audience.

6. ARK: Survival Evolved: The trailer to this game blew my mind. A Dinosaur game that actually looks good. It was the perfect marriage of Far Cry meets the Elder Scrolls, with dinosaurs and co-op. But then reality set in, and I wanted to know how all this was going to function in VR at 60fps. Then I saw gameplay. Overall the game is nowhere as good looking as the trailer and is more similar to Rust than Far Cry and Elder Scrolls, but it still looks good and fun, it still has dinosaurs, and you can traverse this foreign sci-fi prehistoric land and tame dinosaurs to do battle with you.
The Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/wat...
Gameplay: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

7. Project Cars: Yes this game is already out, and yes it's suppose to get a VR update. We already know PC is a solid game, but this is my number 7 more for technical reasons. Project Cars doesn't run 100% smooth on PS4 currently (averaging framerates in the mid / upper 50's), so if the game is patches like it's suppose to be, what are they going to do to get performance to be VR appropriate. Will this be an example of the developing patching a VR specific mode where it drops graphical settings from High-mid, dow to mid-low to keep performance locked at 60fps. Regardless it's a good game, and a prime example of what Sony needs to do with older games. Patching these games that millions of PS4 owners already have with PSVR support will only make the purchase of the headset that much easier.
Project Cars Oculus VR: https://www.youtube.com/wat...
PC low vs Ultra graphics: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

8. RIGS: Guerrilla Cambridge's 3v3 VR mech shooter is probably the best known demo of PSVR. To put it simply it works. It looks good, and plays good, and who doesn't want to run around in mechs blasting each other. We'll see if RIGS picks up as an eSport, but regardless it should be a good fun pvp game for PSVR.

9. The London Heist: The other well know PSVR demo making it's rounds for over a year now. It's still questionable if this is actually a game of just a tech demo, but it's probably the best template for what a PSVR game can be. Interactivity, action, shooting, and more make The London Heist a PSVR must.

10. Unfortunately I only picked a solid round 10, because there were a couple other games I wanted to list here as well. But The World of Diving beat them out. The World of Diving is practically a snorkeling / scuba diving experience where you explore the ocean / seas. But unlike you'd expect it doesn't stop there. You can explore, salvage, and collect resources to help progress through the game. There's more. You can explore together with a friend(s) with multiplayer and even see real world events such as ship wrecks. There's more. You can document and photograph all of your adventure via the in-game camera. And there' one more thing. You can create and customize your character and the plant, materials, and wild-life you encounter during your exploration and share them. If it works as advertised this Zen-game could find a cult following.

So those are my top 10 PSVR games, and as I'm sure you've noticed by now the platform has huge potential if the games and experiences match or exceed this quality over it's lifetime. The one downside I see is that for this list of games is that there are a lot of same genres and settings. Space is a constant setting being used, so to all the developers, please pick something else unless you plan on besting the quality of every other game on this list (No Man's Sky and Eve's Online say hi). Then there's the First Person Exploration / First Person Adventure (with Puzzles) genre being abused here. I completely understand that it's only natural and probably the easiest for VR, but that why we need more devs on board who will challenge what VR can be used for. Thank you for stopping by and reading and hopefully watching all this gameplay / trailers, and I hope you're more excited for the potential of VR on whatever platform you choose to experience it on.

If you know of any VR games that I might have missed be sure to post them in the comments below along with any footage you can find of the game.

Albino Lullaby
Among the Sleep (cancelled -_-)
The Assembly
Atom Universe
Crystal Rift
Cult Country
Cyber Danganronpa VR
The Deep
The Gallery: Six Elements
Get Even
Harmonix Music VR
Hyper Void
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Loading Human
Mind: Path to Talamus
Nighttime Terror 2
The Playroom VR
Shadow of the Beast
Summer Lesson
Surgeon Simulator
Synthesis Universe
Trackmania Turbo
Vanguard V
Wayward Sky
World War Toons
Paranormal Activity VR
War Thunder


The Kitchen: This is one of the games I missed and a big thanks to @Bitbydeath for catching it. The Kitchen is a VR Horror demo by Capcom with nothing else pretty much known about the game outside of spoiler reaction videos. Allegedly it's Capcom's VR version of P.T. so be on the look out for The Kitchen. Here are some non-spoiler reaction videos....ENJOY.

Omega Agent: It was pointed out that the link in the comments to this game is wrong. The linked game is actually Omega Quintet a Japanese Idol game. Here is the true link to Omega Agent, a Jet Pack shooting game....this makes me want a VR Jumping Flash :D. Thanks @G20WLY

Sony also recently stated there are 2 more PSVR games in development for the headset. These titles haven't been released yet, but I'll be sure to come back and add them when they are.

Newly announced games:

Gran Turismo Sport
Robinson The Journey

No Man's Sky

Eve's Valkyrie


The Hum: Abductions


ABizzel12912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Albino Lullaby (Exploration “Horror”, that’s not about scares)

Among the Sleep (Baby first person horror)

The Assembly (First Person Survival Puzzle game, human experimentation)

Atom Universe (PS Home like experience)

Battlezone (VR Tank warfare)

Crystal Rift (First Person Dungeon Exploration)

Cult Country (First Person Survival Horror)

Cyber Danganronpa VR (Tech Demo)

The Deep (Shark Attack....HUGE SPOILERS)

Futuridium (EVE Valkyrie meets Resogun: Honorable Mention)

The Gallery: Six Elements (First Person Exploration, Fantasy: Honorable Mention)

Get Even (seems like COD meets Homefront, need to see more)

GNOG (Artistic Puzzle games)

Godling (Set bugs and plants on fire as a godling?????)

Harmonix Music VR (Seems like a VR music visualizer)

Headmaster (hit soccer balls with your head at targets -_-)

Hyper Void (3rd person twin stick shooter)

Joysound (Japanese VR Karaoke game)

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (lol just watch: Honorable Mention)

Loading Human (Dying Planet, must keep bunker secure???: Honorable Mention)

Mind: Path to Talamus (First Person Adventure Puzzle...weather???: Honorable Mention)

ABizzel12912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Nighttime Terror 2 (Jenga meets Small Soldiers Toys)

Omega Agent (Interesting trailer turns biggest WTF)

The Playroom VR (VR Mini Game Collection)

POLLEN (First Person Exploration)

Q.U.B.E. (first person Puzzle)

Shadow of the Beast (3rd person 2.5D hack n slash...God of War)

Summer Lesson (VR Companion game.......)

Superhypercube (Psychedelic VR Tetris)

Surgeon Simulator (This could have been something special, instead it’s just one of those games asking Fox News to go up in arms for being grotesque just for the sake of it)

Synthesis Universe (Maze / Puzzle game with Tron-like artystyle)

Trackmania Turbo (PC to console infinite create a track racer: Honorable Mention)

Vanguard V (another space fighter, with Zone of the Ender style)

VizionEck (No clue still what this is, Echochrom successor???)

Wayward Sky (“3rd person” Puzzle / Platformer: Honorable Mention)

World War Toons (Toon styled shooter)

Fated (no footage yet, Frima Studios (the developer) generally makes mobile games)
Paranormal Activity VR (no footage yet)
War Thunder (already out and F2P, interested to see if VR helps or hurt)

Eonjay2912d ago

Very impressive listing. Of all of the folks who try to downplay PSVR or VR in general, you will notice that it isn't due to a lack in content. The device doesn't even have a launch date but look at all this already. This is why I don't see it becoming something like Move or Kinect.

ABizzel12911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

That's kind of why I did this. I could only name like 5 games off the top of my head that I knew for sure were coming to PSVR, then maybe another 3 - 5 that I thought were.

After digging deeper and looking through E3's, reveals, PS blog, IGN, wiki, and more I came up with what is almost a complete list of PSVR games and was kind of blown away that there were so many games in the works that have been demoed or announce that I knew nothing about.

PSVR will live or die based on 3 things. The quality of the technology/experience, the software developed for it, and the price.

Based on all previews the quality of the tech and experience is already there, and I'll finally get to test it out myself at PSX this year to confirm it. After finding all these games I can safely say the software is there too (although patching older games is a must). All they have to do is nail the price, and PSVR is golden.

johndoe112112911d ago

It would be great if you can do a blog outlining your honest experience with it after you test it at PSX.

ABizzel12911d ago


I plan on doing it. I'm trying to tamper my expectations, so I can go in without any preconceived opinions on it, but technologically I'm sure PSVR will be fine based off all the previews I've read.

So really I'm going to see if the software is as playable with VR as any non-VR game is right now, and just how VR is going to impact the industry. Niche fun item or gaming revolution.

I kind of want to interview people while I'm there, but I don't take gaming journalism serious, so we'll see.

freshslicepizza2910d ago

i would imagine the experience will be cool but how will the games themselves be? until i see a full commitment from sony, meaning real aaa games dedicated to the device, i will remain apprehensive about it. i went through the whole playstation move experience. great product, weak software support. we seen it with 3d as well. kinect sold well but failed to deliver where it matters most, the actual experience. the wii sold well but consumers got bored of the novelty, will that happen here too?

it's very hard especially for a peripheral to succeed. you don't have a 1-1 ratio of consumers to sell to, that means publishers are also reluctant to fully commit. sony is also waiting it seems before they want to announce a price. almost like they want oculus and htc to do it before them to see the reaction so they can evaluate from there.

i want to try it myself, i think we need vr to do well because frankly gaming right now is becoming stale. it's really the same games over and over with improved visuals. vr and even ar can bring in new experiences.

G20WLY2910d ago

^Mold, the difference with those past scenarios you mentioned is that 3rd party support was quite lacking because each device was out there on it's own without direct competitive platforms. They were different enough that you pretty much develop for one only, with considerable extra development money required to then publish on another.

With VR, the core experience will be similar enough that it should be closer to the comparatively smaller issues associated with publishing on multiple consoles/PC, so we can expect (hopefully) that support will be greater for VR. All this assuming the software is scalable in the usual way of course.

These are just my two cents though. I'm maintaining a positive outlook, but with an open mind. My opinion and outlook will change only based on the facts we slowly receive as Oculus launches and then leading up to PSVR.

I can't wait to hear about the first party games (over and above those we know about). Like you, I hope this freshens up gaming in general a little, as the tiniest distractions can ruin my immersion at the moment and I really want this to alleviate that problem for me!

freshslicepizza2910d ago

i hope you are right G20WLY, that is indeed easy to port and they will make multiplat games.

G20WLY2909d ago

I hope so too mate, but don't hold me to it - I am just hoping! Seems logical, but then it's hard to say, since it's all new ground.

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uth112911d ago

I agree on No Man's Sky. We know that Hello Games had a Morpheus dev kit in the office from photos they posted, and SOMETHING keeps holding him back from announcing the release date, could well be the VR announcement.

So the only reason I can see that NMS-VR doesn't happen is that made too much sense :)

BitbyDeath2911d ago

Not seeing 'The Kitchen' on your list.
I don't think I'll be a day 1 buyer for VR, that said I'm yet to try it so don't know what I'm missing (if anything).

ABizzel12911d ago

Thanks didn't see that one, but I couldn't find any footage besides reaction vids, post it in the comments if you find some videos.

BitbyDeath2911d ago

No footage has been shown of the actual game as yet, just people freaking out while playing it.

thorstein2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

PSVR will be the one to get for one very simple reason. The system purportedly already supports move controllers. This is important because it means manipulating objects (ie a gun) will be more precise due to the camera and the hand held controller.

Oculus doesn't have that. And when it does, you will have to wade through all sorts of 3rd party software/ compatibility etc.

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