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The Big E3 Publishers: Bethesda

It's that time of the year, and E3 will soon be upon us and with it comes the dreaded or loved E3 predictions. And first up is BETHESDA GAMES.....wait what.... Yep that right for the first time Bethesda is having their very own E3 conference, which hopefully means they have a lot to show, and I'm not wasting my time writing all this speculation.

Last gen Bethesda had a very polarizing work of games. Their games were either huge hits, or mediocre miss. So far this gen Bethesda has delivered The Evil Within and Wolfenstein: The New Order, bot of which were positively reviewed (well Wolfenstein at least), and sold very well. Once again this is Bethesda first E3 conference which shows just how much the company has grown since last gen, so let's get to predicting and processing.


Bethesda has 7 studios under it's belt, which is a good number, but not enough to hold a huge conference so I expect their conference to be a short and sweet 1 hour long. But enough about that let's talk about games. We already know 4 games that are coming from Bethesda Wolfenstein: The Old Blood from Machine games, The Elder Scrolls Online for consoles from ZeniMax, F2P game Battlecry (look pretty fun for a short run) from Battlecry Sudios, and Doom 4 from iDSoftware.

Wolfenstein: THe Old Blood

The Elder Scrolls: Online


Doom 4 is the bug one out of those 4 with absolutely nothing known about the games outside of footage from a scrapped concept, and a short 10 second teaser. Doom 4 is most likely coming to PC, PS4, and XBO and aiming for 60fps on consoles, oh and there will be guns and blood.

That leaves Bethesda with 3 other games from 3 other studios.

Arkane Studios is more than likely developing a game, and it's more than likely going to be shown at E3 considering Dishonored was their last game back in 2012, and more than likely the game they show is going to be Dishonored 2 considering the first game sold around 4 million copies.

Finally the big game of the show for Bethesda will come from their very own studio, and will more than likely be Fallout 4. Bethesda usually takes turns between Elder Scrolls and Fallout, and considering The last game they released was Skyrim, it's long overdue for a new installment in the Fallout franchise.

Fallout 3 with mods (for what Fallout 4 could look like, check the whole video for things like weather, textures packs, etc... It's a 12 minute video, but it really shows just how amazing mods can be.)


Well that's it for the Big B, and overall it's a pretty solid showing for them, especially if Doom 4 demos well, and Dishonored 2 and Fallout 4 are there and demo well too. 6 games shown from one company to cover the 2015 - 2016 holiday seems very safe, and game wise there aren't really any surprises here, which is why I'll list a few unlikely's here.

As I said earlier Bethesda has 7 studios, but I only listed 6 games. Well Tango: Gameworks (Bethesda Japanese developer) recently released The Evil Within and being a samller team it's unlikely they have something new ready to show at E3. However, If they do it can be from just about any genre, but I'm going out on a limb here and saying it's most likely The Evil Within 2 or a New IP Action game considering they have talent from Capcom, Platinum Games, Game Republic, Grasshopper, and Clover Studios all of which have put out hits and cult classics like DMC, Vanquish, Folklore, Killer 7, and Okami. Not to mention Studio head Shinji Mikami (the father of Resident Evil) was also the executive producer of the original Devil May Cry.

According to John Carmack, former Technical Director at iD Software, iD was also developing a new Quake as well, so there's a slim chance we'll get to see two games from iD.

Finally there's was a little game Bethesda cancelled back in 2012, that had an amazing trailer back in 2011 by the name of Prey 2.


Rumor has it Arkane Studios took over development after the game was cancelled, and it's very possible that Prey 2 could be making a comeback on new hardware looking every bit as good as it did in that 2011 trailer, since the game was far in development to the point where there the 360 version had actual gameplay sections up and running.


Prey doesn't have the name to make a huge impact, but everyone loves an underdog story, and this could be a potentially huge IP for Bethesda since it's getting a completely new start on new hardware, with a fairly unique concept. It's practically Epic's Samaritan demo, but a real game.

So what do you think, will we see both Doom 4 and Quake 5. Will Tango: Gameworks reveal a new game. Finally will Prey 2 edge out Dishonored 2 and would you want it to? We'll know when Bethesda has their E3 conference on Sunday, June 14th. IS This enough for Bethesda to "win" or better yet "nail" their first E3 showing, ortake more than a handful of established IPs to do it for you. Personally I thinks it's a solid showing for their fans, just like most of the conferences will be, but I'm hoping the Crazy Predictions come true, since those 3 games (well mainly a New IP from Tango, and Prey 2) along with Fallout 4 and Doom 4 turn Bethesda's show from good but expected, to good and surprising, and it's always the big surprises that make E3 shows memorable and worthwhile.

Bethesda's Games of E3


Doom 4
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
The Elder Scroll Online

Possible Reveals

Fallout 4
Dishonored 2

Unlikely Reveals

Tango Gameworks New IP
Quake 5
Prey 2 instead of Dishonored 2?????

Next up EA

A modded Fallout 3 shows the potential of Fallout 4.

Prey 2 vs Dishonored 2

Doom 4

Tango Gameworks New IP?

Quake 5?

IamTylerDurden13055d ago

Why do u keep listing the old blood, you mean ps3 or pc versions?

ABizzel13054d ago

It just came out, so chances are it's going to still be at E3 in some form, just like a lot of games that usually come out the a month or two before E3.

IamTylerDurden13055d ago

Cliche yes, but i want Fallout 4 news as Fallout 3 and New Vegas (obsidian) were some of my all time favorites. Super excited for DOOM as i loved Rage (iD) and Wolfenstein TNO/OB - both games used iD tech5 and Machine Games is like iD's lil brother . Too bad no Rage 2 as iD wanted to make it but Rage didn't hit as big as they hoped. Prey 2 would be awesome, but very unlikely while Dishonered 2 is more likely and would be nice to see.

Roccetarius3053d ago

Prey 2 was officially cancelled, so not even one of Arkane's studios are working on it.

ABizzel13052d ago

Prey 2 was cancelled, but it was because the studio was let go, not the IP. There were rumors Arkane was working on it after finishing Dishonored, and the studio head that were originally working on Prey 2 himself said that he also heard the rumors that Arkane was working on it, and that the game would be in good hands (at the time he was still at Bethesda Studios).

So there's still a chance which is again why I have it in the Unlikely section.

Roccetarius3052d ago

And they later said Arkane was no longer working on it, which is why i said it was officially not gonna happen, ever. :)

DefenderOfDoom23052d ago

QUAKE !!!! I do not think they will talk about "Quake" at E3 . But i think ID Software/Bethesda will announce a 20th year anniversary QUAKE game at "QuakeCon" in August 2015 , and release it in late winter , early spring of 2016 . Kinda like they did with "DOOM 3 BFG Edition". Maybe they can do a updated version of QUAKE 4 with new levels added. First QUAKE and QUAKE 4 was never on a Sony platform . I would love to have all the Quake games on one disc, for my 8th gen. console ! That would be awesome !!

aLucidMind3052d ago

I would say Fallout 4 is a definite since it's right around that time where they'd announce it; and I'd be saying the same thing about TES6 if Fallout were the last game released and not Skyrim.

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I was initially interested in this as it looked externally closer to Diablo 2 than 3, but it does seem like the game is not a great single player action rpg I was hoping for. If you take all the press and whatnot hype out of it, is this really any good, for example compared to Diablo 2 or Grim Dawn? The latter has not been as addictive and interesting for me as Diablo 2, but maybe it will get better as I progress. I'm looking for a 100% single-player side of this.


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Two negatives should make a positive

Godmars29032m ago

Only true in math. In the real world its just two layers of s**t.


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CappyBlack4h ago

Very lackluster game. Had high hopes for it, but it didn't cut it. Really only for people who appreciate the art of it all. It really doesn't deliver as the Myst title with obscene imagery it was trying to be.

jznrpg4h ago

Some Xbox sites were giving it 10’s

Tacoboto3h ago

The Xbox version's highest review score on Metacritic is an 80.

One review site gave the PC version a 10. One. Not some. One. That same site gave 100s to BG3, Starfield, Horizon Burning Shores, and FFXVI as well.

oIMyersIo1h ago

Which sites?

As Tacoboto said, only one is showing a 10 and that's for the PC version. I'd also question that publications credibility given they gave Starfield and a dlc a 10 as well.

Tacoboto3h ago

I agree.

The opening puzzle was a little too vague because I missed something super obvious once I realized what it was. The few attempts at combat back at launch were very rough. It gave me one bout of motion sickness in a section of the game was was especially grey and linear.

But when puzzles felt not-too-obscure and you got out of the grey-on-grey corridors, the experience was unique at least.

I didn't have as much fun as something more whimsical and colorful as Call of the Sea, but it wasn't a waste of the 6-8 hours I put into it. A solid 6/10.

TGG_overlord54m ago

Fair enough. Even so, I had a real blast watching the world's most famous e-begger cry over this game though lol.

TGG_overlord56m ago

Imo, it's a very mixed bag of a game...To be fair though, I didn't walk into it with very high expections...

shinoff21833h ago

To anyone that is interested this does have a physical release coming.

Vits3h ago

This game is great, but it's not for everyone. It doesn't hold your hand nor does it try to be accessible, combat is slow and you are always at a disadvantage so if you do engage you must make your shots count because the penalty for missing is often dying and that can reset a lot of your progress. Puzzles are in my opinion the best part, there are enough of them, they offer a good challenge and are also the best moment to appreciate the art style of the game.

The closest comparison that I can give would be with the original Echo Nights. And just like that game, I feel that you have to approach it with the mindset that it's not an action game and that you will get frustrated if you try to play it as one.

TGG_overlord52m ago

Do you remember old game "Bad Mojo"? That game wasn't for everyone either...This is the same kind of game in that aspect. Besides that, I agree with what you wrote.

Vits37m ago

Oh, Bad Mojo. Completely forgot about it and I definitely agree about it not being for everyone. If I recall correctly I couldn't stomach it for very long and I played it as sort of a challenge.