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Wii U owners unite for 3rd party support.

Alright so it’s no secret that 3rd party support generally sucks on Nintendo consoles. I’ve been on the defending side of both parties, but honestly the only party that can change the current situation and lack of proper 3rd party support is you, the gamer. So here’s a list of good no great 3rd party games that every Wii U should own if they’re a fan of the genre. Oh and remember, please “BUY NEW” it’s the only way to improve the situation.

A common theme when searching for the lowest prices was to check Amazon = Wal-Mart > Best Buy > GameStop. If you’re a Gamers Club unlocked member at Best Buy then Best Buy is your go to for games.

Mature / Core

1. Bayonetta 2 ($59.99)
I know it’s not out yet, but this is likely the final chance Nintendo has to prove that 3rd party success is possibly on Nintendo platforms, so go out and Pre-Order Bayonetta 2 if you’re a fan of the hack’n’slash genre. Best of all Bayonetta 1 comes with the game as well so NO excuses.

2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut ($13.79, on amazon)
Easily one of the best games on Wii U, and possibly the best use of the Gamepad. Deus Ex is one of the few 3rd party games to really push the Wii U, and offer the right kind of support. If there’s one game you choose to support, make it Deus Ex.

3. Rayman Legends ($28.69 on amazon)
Although the game was delayed for release parity, it doesn’t change the fact that this is easily one of the best games on Wii U, and arguably the best 2D platformer on the game. Yes even better the Super Mario Bros. U, and Super Luigi.

4. Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition ($14.55 on walmart.com)
One of the greatest games of the last generation is available on Wii U, and should be a no question buy for the majority of Wii U owners who missed it. Amazon has a few copies for sale for a lower price so check there first.

5. Need for Speed Most Wanted ($19.99 on gamestop.com)
Need for Speed Most Wanted is the best “Core” 3rd party racing game on the Wii U. If you’re looking for a serious racer look no further, and best of all this game is one of the few 3rd party games that is hands down best on Wii U (excluding PC of course).

6. Assassin's Creed 4 ($24.69 on walmart.com)
One of the best Wii U games, and a great open world adventure. This is another of the few Wii U games that make good use of the hardware. Best of all you don’t need to have played the previous installments to know what’s going on. Amazon has a few copies for sale for a lower price so check there first.

7. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ($14.99 Buy new in store at GameStop for best price)
Waiting for Smash Bros to launch sometime....hopefully this year. Then pick up Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on the Wii U. Best of all there are even exclusive modes and Nintendo themed costumes added to the game such as Tekken Ball (Tekken 3’s Volleyball game), and Mushroom Battle where you strategically gather Mushrooms floating around the stages to gain power-ups (get bigger) or lose power (poison mushroom makes you smaller) to win fights easier.

8. Splinter Cell Blacklist ($13.49 on amazon.com)
The Splinter Cell franchise is a fickle one. Many times the games go exclusive to the Xbox brand, but that doesn’t change the fact that Blacklist is on the Wii U, and it’s good. If you need a stealth fix there’s nothing better than Blacklist.

9. Resident Evil: Revelations ($24.95 on amazon)
One of the best Resident Evil games in a while, and shouldn’t be missed simply because is a vastly improved 3DS port. If you’re looking for old school Resident Evil, then this is the closet thing to it, outside of the upcoming remake which isn’t coming to Wii U.

10. Darksiders 2 ($47.99 on bestbuy.com)
Darksiders 2 is a solid tide over until Zelda comes out. The game is a lot darker, mature, and gory than Zelda, but it has the same fundamental quest structure. I honestly don’t know why it cost so much still, but I guess it’s because the Wii U version is somewhat limited edition and has an extra 5+ hours of gameplay. But if you’re fast there’s 1 copy for sale on amazon for less than half the asking price of Best Buy (so if you read this congratulations).

Honorable Mentions

The Lego Games:
Lego Batman ($14.92 on walmart.com)
Lego Marvel ($19.94 on walmart.com)
Lego Movie ($29.94 on walmart.com)
Lego Hobbit ($30.15 on walmart.com)
Lego City ($39.43 on walmart.com)
Believe it or not the Lego games are actually good and fun. The Wii U currently has 5 Lego games. Lego City Undercover, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, The Lego Movie Videogame, Lego The Hobbit, and Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. The choice between the games are simply preference Lego City being a GTA for tots, and the others obviously based on their fiction. My personal preference is Lego Marvel & Batman, both are a blast to play, true their universe, and best of all their the cheapest.

Sonic Lost World ($29.99 on gamestop.com)
A good Sonic game. That’s all you need to know.

Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed ($19.57 on amazon.com)
A kart racer that’s almost as good as Mario Kart 8 in every way. Don’t let the Sonic rival fool you, this is a good game (but why does Sonic need a car, or tails a plane?)

The Wonderful 101 ($23.59 on walmart.com)
From the creators of the Upcoming Bayonetta, the Wonderful 101 is Viewtiful Joe meets Pikmin, and as crazy as it sounds.

Scribblenauts Unlimited (Nintendo) / Unmasked (DC Comics): ($15.99 / $17.99 at bestbuy.com)
Great for kids, and can also be used as an education spelling game.

Ducktales: Remastered ($15.60 on walmart.com)
Great old school platformer for Nostalgia

Mass Effect 3 ($12.99 on amazon)
Honestly I don’t like starting franchises on a new console. If you’re looking for the full Mass Effect experience you’re better served on 360 / PS3 / PC. But if you’re looking for a great RPG on your Wii U, then this is it.

Batman Arkham Origins ($19.99 on gamestop.com)
A prequel to the Arkham series, it’s the worse in the franchise, but it’s still better than the majority of Action-Adventure games out there, which essentially makes it one of the best Wii U games out there.

Assassin's Creed 3 ($12.05 on amazon)
Not the best in the franchise, but still a good game, and makes good use of the Wii U’s gamepad, and offered at a good price.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II ($29.99 on amazon)
If you’re looking for a great First Person Shooter, Call of Duty Black Ops is it. It’s a bit dated, but it has a good campaign, and the Wii U version holds up well.

Call of Duty: Ghost ($47.30 on walmart.com)
The only reason to get Ghost is because it’s a newer version of Call of Duty. Black Ops 2 is the better game, but Ghost is newer. Amazon has a few copies for sale for a lower price so check there first.

Sniper Elite V2 ($19.47 on amazon)
I must say I’m not a big fan of these games, but if you’re into sniping / stealth games, and want to hone your skills Sniper Elite is good start.

Injustice: Gods Among Us ($19.96 on walmart.com)
Injustice is a great game following the DC Universe gone wrong. The game missed out on DLC, but the core of the game is still a great fighter with a surprisingly good campaign.

ZombiU ($14.97 on amazon)
ZombiU was the game that was suppose to sell the Wii U to the core. It didn’t, but it sold well. It’s a decent game, but suffers from launch rush. A sequel could be interesting, and that’s only going to happen if the sales go up.

Bayonetta 2

Deus Ex

Rayman Legends

Batman Arkham City

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Concertoine3329d ago

Deus Ex will no doubt be a collectors item years from now. Best version on consoles, unless they remake it on PS4/Xbone.

I was very displeased to see they didn't improve the loading times given the better hardware they had to work with. Nintendo should buy the studio that made that game and ME3 on Wii U, they seem to have a good grasp on the hardware. Let them port games to the Wii U VC.

ABizzel13328d ago

Thanks for commenting.

I don't think the loading times would have improved by that much considering the RAM in the Wii U. While it has 4x as much as the PS360, it's still around the same speed after including it's eDRAM, so loading times wouldn't improved exponentially, graphic feature; however, should.

There are actually many developers out there whose job is to port games, so I don't think they need a dedicated team, so much as they need a team of developers to go out and help 3rd parties when they need it.

Enate3328d ago

We have one I mainly got it for my girlfriend but even she doesn't play it. I bought her all the Super Mario games and Mario Kart 8 but as much as she wants all that neither of us play it for more then like half an hour. An then we don't touch it for a few weeks to a few months. I didn't even play Beyonetta 1 so 2 isn't really up thee on my list. I think they good games but hack an slashe genre ain't to high on my list to begin with.

More so to the topic at hand is that since we have everything most of the 3rd party games you mentioned I played elsewhere. Between the PS4's and our gaming PC's there was really no compelling reason for me to play any of those on Wii U. The one thing I hope finally makes it worth it for me is Xenoblade Chronicles X but beyond that I don't see it being worth the price for us so far. Also never been a fighting game person but I understand the love people have for smash so probably won't get that either.

I guess its more of a rare case since we have every device including the handhelds. Its just that out of everything including our ps3's the Wii U gets played the least by far.

iliimaster3328d ago

i love your passion, keep it up. Good read and although i am very strapped for cash these days Bayonetta 2 managed to make the budget lol

ABizzel13328d ago

Thanks for reading, and I did this simply to help these games out, and to show Nintendo fans there are good / great 3rd party games on the Wii U already, and if we want more we have to support what we already have.

I shopped around for the best prices I could find, so it's easier on everyones wallet and there's little to no excuse for picking up a couple of these games if they're in a genre you like, and I think I have a decent mix of genres.

Dannycr3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

Good job. Here is, finally, a good and humble approach to the matter. The choices are good.

Deus Ex is definitely the best version. I don't see a reason why anyone shouldn't have Batman: Arkham City (unless they already have it elsewhere) it's a great game. Same with Rayman, RE: Revelation is the best Resident Evil game in YEARS! and Darksiders 2 can make your wait for Zelda a lot less painful.

BTW, thank you for make me remember about Scribblenauts. That's a game that too fun and wanted to buy.

ABizzel13327d ago

Thanks for reading and commenting.

The only downside to some of these games is that they were on other platforms first. But if you missed them, then the Wii U gives you a second chance to pick them up and many of them are better versions than what came out on other platforms.

And if we want to see sequels to these games, as well as more support, then we have to buy what's out now.

NotAfanBoyy3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Thanks Op for taking the time to put together this wonderful plethora of information about 3rd party Wii U titles.

I've heard really good things about the Deus Ex Wii U version and its integration with the GamePad. I own the 360 version but plan to buy this one also to support Nintendo.

Rayman Legends is also the best version on the Wii U - it was going to be an exclusive, but Ubisoft changed its mind at the last minute.

LEGO City Undercover is amazing IMO and one of the reasons I bought the system. If you like LEGOS, Grand Theft Auto and don't mind G-rated - this game is a must! Only con is loading times :(

IMO the Wii U has a lot going for it, despite the negative press it keeps getting.

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It didnt scratch the D2 itch for me at all

Azurite4h ago

The Steam reviews will be interesting.

Knightofelemia3h ago

I thought it was all ready out on Steam when the game came out.

Tacoboto13m ago

Call of Duty MW2 was day and date I believe, but this (like OW2) had a staggered release.

Personally if I bought it for PC I'd only do so through Steam; I can hope though if the Activision merger goes through that they'll convert digital Xbox purchases to Xbox Play Anywhere.

slate913h ago

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