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Whats up with Fanboys these days?

First off, let me tell you my idea of a fanboy. Someone who bashes a console they don't own. I'm going to add that I had my own ps3 and before my ylod fiasco I just use my brothers. I played most of the exclusives and I love both consoles immensely. And I'm going to be on both sides so dont call me a fanboy. Back in the old Sega vs Nintendo days and the n64 vs ps1 people argued back and forth over preference but all there was to offer was the controller and games so it was within reason and it could be laughed off.
I see everywhere idiots trolling and trashing other consoles by giving us a long list of features and exclusives this console has. It's littererly plaguing n4g and YouTube. But why? True gamers are hard to come by and I wish I knew why. With exclusive trailers getting hated on it makes me sick. Hell I see random comments on fml and yahoo answers, related to the xbox only, saying stuff like "this is why you shouldve got a ps3" and vice versa. It's not right this generation has many amazing games but flame wars and competition has burned the glory of this generation into thin air.

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theonlylolking3426d ago

N4g used to be anti PS3. Youtube I think has more 360 fanboys.

Kran3425d ago

Like what? I've hardly seen any ;/

theonlylolking3425d ago

Machinima has a ton of them.

GrieverSoul3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

There is a reason for the sudden appeareance of fanboys. I will tell it but the majority wont like it. Here goes:

Its the new 12 year old generation. When I were in school we argued about who had the best looking shoes or wich was the best tshirt brand. 12 nowadays have the power to acess the web and play online. Dont believe, play CoD on PS3 or X360, if there is a mic ON, 10€ on it that its a kid whose age isnt allowed to play a game like CoD. They love thier console so bad that they will go to the web and trash the others consoles. Also, this generation has a more split user base that contribute to the war because for every 5 PS3 only owners ther will be another 5 X360 only owners.

WildArmed3425d ago

N4G has had it's fair share of 360 fanboys. At one point, the fanboy population was the other way around.

I'm not saying it's OK, all I'm saying is, both sides have played the victim at one point or another.

The 'type' of fanboy doesn't determine their quality.
Quite frankly it's ignorant to say if you are a ps3 fanboy, you are worse than 360 fanboy.

The problem I have w/ these types of blogs it that they don't have a problem w/ fanboys that have the same view as them. but only when their opinions differ.

A fanboy is just that, a fanboy. The irrelevant you choose to put on them doesn't determine their 'shallowness' so to speak.

Aarix3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

I respect your statement but Yes your right someone can have an opinion but it's how someone reacts to the opinion is the problem. If you say something even civil thats pro-xbox people jump at the chance to troll, bash, use all caps and say lol free online and blu-ray ftw! Humanity can be calm and respectful but the problem is we don't.

WildArmed3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

I agree, but that's one of the problems of the internet. People think they don't need to give respect because they can hide behind anonymity of the internet.

It's sad and pathetic. While the fanboy wars keep going, it is the new gamers that suffer. I can perfectly see why parent's would not want their children to get involved with such an immature community.

And sadly, because the way an 360 gamer is treated on youtube or so-and-so. The gamer gets pushed into a corner where it comes down to a love-or-hate situation.

Indeed humanity has alot of issues. Unfortunately, the worst of them can be found on the internet.

You have a good point, but the way you present it in your blog, you are coming off as provocative / offensive. I understand the blog can be written out of frustration / anger, but it's always good to give it a quick edit once you have cooled down. (the only reason why I haven't approved it yet)

The good old days where'd I'd argue if N64 or PSX was better for 'fun', are unfortunately over.
In fact, it seems like just praising a console on the internet will get you aligned where you just don't wanna be.

And I don't think it's justifiable to have a horde of Sony fanboys just because at one time there were too many 360 fanboys. it's brought up often, but it does not justify WHY fanboys are still so sensitive about something that happened in '06.. It's been half a decade, time to move on.

An eye for an eye makes the world blind.