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Why is Sony so shady?

This is something that has bothered me periodically over the last couple of years. I admit I liked the PS2 but I kind of thought Sony lost the mission plan when the PS3 launched. They seemed to go the opposite direction of the PS2 and it left me perplexed. I mean the PS1 and PS2 literally dominated the market, the consoles were inexpensive, offered fun games, even if the graphics weren't the best. With the PS2 you got introduced to online through the add on they sold, and while it wasn't the best online system around it served it's purpose.

So even though I owned a Original Xbox, Gamecube and PS2, I did most of my gaming on the PS2. Now however I often ponder what Sony is thinking, they knock Nintendo for using motion controls and then release almost an exact copy of them themselves.

They refuse to release numbers when it comes to sales, and when they do release numbers they always release "Shipped" numbers instead of "Sold" numbers.

Even when they release numbers for their PSN accounts they aren't exactly accurate. Anyone who believes Sony has 75 unique users on PS3 is crazy. Correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty certain they are counting every account ever made on PS2, PS3 and PSP. Also I don't know a single person who doesn't have at least three PSN's. I personally have ten, seven American, one Japanese, One European and one Canadian. I got ten different PSN emails to ten different Email accounts I used to set those all up.

If everyone had two accounts, which is definitely underestimating things, then that means there is probably around 15-20 million unique accounts on PS3. I am not sure why I am the only one who realized this.

As a person who plays mostly XBL, I can safely say XBL has more unique players on Halo Reach per month then PSN has on all it's games combined. So why is Sony so shady with giving actual numbers of unique users? I understand 75 million probably sounds impressive, but you'd have to be pretty thick headed to believe those are all unique users.

Another shady detail is lack of reporting NPD numbers, never a good sign, especially if your an investor with the company. Yet Sony never reports sales domestically.

The other thing that burns my biscuits is what in the world does Sony consider a PS "Move" sale? Each wand? Navigation controller? PS EYE? Bundles? What is the actual attach rate? I believe if Sony is saying they sold 8 million Move's that the actual attach rate is around 3-4 million, maybe less if you take into account people buying another wand and Nav controller. Bottom line is there is no freaking way to track any of it accurately.

It's the same thing with actual Move games, most titles that use Move would sell well without Move support. So how do they track who buys the games to use with Move?

This latest PSN business just helped confirm my thoughts of Sony being one of the shadiest companies around. Waiting almost a full week to disclose that people's personal information was stolen including credit Card numbers.....it's really unacceptable.

I understand no company is 100% honest but it seems to me that Sony is taking their shady level to a place I don't like to go. It borders on illegal, your not allowed to fool investors to raise stocks and keeping quiet as to not cause stock to plummet is just as illegal.

I know I will get called fanboy and that's fine, but honestly trust is a huge thing with me, How many of you will trust Sony by keeping your credit card info on your PSN accounts now? I guess not many.

So you may try to act like nothing has changed, but things have indeed changed. This might even be the catalyst that Sony needs to start a pay to play service for everyone. I already suspected that Sony would do that next generation, but might start early to recoup all the money they are losing by being hacked and the inevitable law suits to follow.

BrianG4603d ago (Edited 4603d ago )

Massive fanboy piece lol.

75 million unique users hard to believe? 50 million PS3's and over 60 million PSP's. Really that hard to believe?

It's more or less you just not trusting the info they tell you. That is your choice. If they say they shipped 8 million moves, they shipped it. If they say they sold it, it's sold. You know companies aren't exactly allowed to just falsify information and release it.

Assuming XBL has more unique players is an ignorant assumption purely because you don't know. Like I said PSN goes across 2 major platforms. And you don't think XBL players have more than one account?

Everyone I know on XBL has more than one account, just like on PSN. They might not pay for both accounts all the time, but I'm sure on a company level the account is labeled active as long as it's been used within a certain time period. If it's free more people will be likely to use it.

Also you are not a PR expert. Sony has handled this situation well. It may not seem that way seeing as how we are the victims. But being educated, I know that you can't just release potentially harmful information before you even know what happened. Which is why they did an investigation and then released the statement. Also Credit Card information has already be said to be encrypted and not used yet. Even if it was the fraudulent charges would be covered.

I love how you say they are keeping quite, what about the constant communication the past 3 to 4 days? The constant answers to FAQ's? Admitting what happened and what they are doing to fix it? Most companies try to keep this quite if possible, pay off the hacker or attacker. At least they openly shut down the network and took it head on publicly.

Apologies if this is a tough read, I just woke up not to long ago.

ZombieAssassin4602d ago

Lol dood chill out, why does it matter to you how many consoles or unique users Sony have? You own some SNE stock or something?

Also as BrianG said xbox users have more than one account, when I had mine I had 2 gold accounts of my own and my bro had one.

Why don't you complain about how MS hasn't released numbers for how many consoles it had fail due to RRoD to it's share holders?

"Another shady detail is lack of reporting NPD numbers, never a good sign, especially if your an investor with the company. Yet Sony never reports sales domestically."

You do know that all companies report their numbers at some point in the year to their shareholders and it's made public right...and every year except 1 Ps3's have been outselling 360's.

theunleashed644600d ago

no he's too much of a microsoft cheerleader to question anything they do. it's all about sony and what their doing rather than worrying what about what microsoft is not doing: announcing actual exclusives.

Godmars2904602d ago

I only looked at the title, saw wall of text, and facepalmed...


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