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My Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood beta experience

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So I just got done playing the AC:Bh beta. Took a while to get it working. Before I start explain how I feel about the beta I will say how I felt before I played the beta. When I heard that the next Assassins Creed will have online I was REALLY excited. I liked the first Assassin's Creed, and loved the second. I really thought that the AC:Bh online could be revolutionary (I think that every video game has potential to become one of the best). When I heard that AC:Bh will have online I thought how it would be. At the time I thought it would feel really intense. Just thinking that in front of you there is a crowd of people in that crowd is the person you have to kill, and the person that has to kill you is some where in the area. Sounds pretty intense, and interesting. Now what I experienced was different then what I expected (This was obviously going to happen).

Playing the tutorial gave me the impression that what I expected was going come true. Sneak up behind your enemy, kill him, then hide from anyone who saw you do it. Now The only game mode I played was Wanted, and the only map I played in was Siena. My first hour into the game, and I was getting WRECKED. I was trying to sneak up from behind my target, and kill the person, while the person who kills me is jumping around on top of the houses, and then kill me before my meter drops and goes into chase mode. During that first hour I noticed that while I was being sneaky I would always see 3 people on roofs, or being ridiculously obvious (also noticed that the beta has almost no lag, ran nicely). Then I invited my friend to a party, and we talked (also noticed that the mics work really well).

We then join a match, and I am still getting DEMOLISHED. The match ends, and my friend tells me that I really only have to be sneaky when I am around my target. I decided to listen to him. The match starts, and I almost always ran unless I was in range of my target. The match ends, and I come in 3rd place (out of 6). I keeping using that technique. Which is basically run around trying not to get killed while I try to find my target, act sneaky, and kill him to get the extra point, and then run around trying not to get killed again. Eventually in 1 match I came in 1st place having double the amount of points the person in 2nd place had (I had 4550 points). Using that technique the beta got less fun (the beta is still more fun than all of the games I have). I'm playing the same game mode, same map, using the same technique over, and over again for a while.

The impressions I got from the beta is that the game mode "Wanted" might be the worst game mode. Its basically a Free-For-All. Also in the full game people will be trying to find NPCs that looks like them, and start camping around it/them. This can get out of hand when the monk you have to kill is camping next to 3 other monks. My friend is now calling them Look-a-like whores.

The beta is good, but its not great. I'm hoping for a game mode that would split the people into 2 teams, and everyone had just 1 life so they would REALLY have to work together. Hopefully the full game has that kind of game mode. I still have hopes that the multi-player of AC:Bh will still be amazing, just not the game mode Wanted.

P.S. Look out for look-a-like whores.

socofsnails5036d ago (Edited 5036d ago )

The idea of Assassin's Creed multiplayer seems pretty interesting. Still, I always felt like the "sneaky" element was underplayed in AC - I mean, you can't even crouch down, what's the deal with that? But what would really be interesting is a sort of Spies vs. Mercs from Splinter Cell, only with Assassins vs. Templars. That would be sweet.

Nate-Dog5036d ago

I kind of agree with you. I've only played about 90 minutes in total on the Beta and a lot of people have said to me they thought it boring and dull, but I still enjoyed it. The Wanted mode indeed is a bit odd, personally I'm really liking the idea of team modes, they could be really interesting and fun. But even in my short time of it I've enjoyed it. I'm a big fan of stealth games and the genre and the thing people are forgetting is how hard it is to incorporate stealth into online gaming (look at Metal Gear Online). For 10 people playing the game that want to play stealthy like they do in the single-player, about 20-30 want to just run around and get as many points as possible.

The first few games I had I was playing really stealthy and so were other players, and I actually did pretty well (came 3rd twice I think). But yesterday, exactly like you said, everyone was running all over rooftops the whole time and it just defeats the whole purpose of an Assassins Creed multiplayer mode.

goflyakite5035d ago

It's a cool idea, but it's just way too easy to kills. There's a damn radar that guides you to your target. There should be a hardcore mode or something.

-X-5035d ago (Edited 5035d ago )

The game tells you ways to blend in the crowd to avoid getting killed, but gives people a really accurate radar to find our target. Hopefully in the full game the downgrade they radar.

LordMarius5035d ago

"Also in the full game people will be trying to find NPCs that looks like them, and start camping around it/them. This can get out of hand when the monk you have to kill is camping next to 3 other monks. My friend is now calling them Look-a-like whores. "

Thats part of the strategy, not camping. When a pursuer is after you hide with your look a likes, see him/her coming, then throw a smoke grenade and stun them, After that go after your target.

Baba19065034d ago

i loved the beta. guess i am a look a like whore. i mean its a awesome way to get rid of chasers.

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