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How would you make a good Superman game?

First and foremost you need a good story that can stand on its own, it shouldn't HAVE to be movie based game or tied in to the movies, and second you need a committed and willing group of developers that will take their time and do the game right.

It needs to be open city.

Fully destructable and intelligent environments.

You need good, smooth flight and running mechanics.

The fighting needs to be smooth simple yet engaging

Take advantage of full use of all of Supermans abilities

Great voice cast, and story like TAS (the game has to be about Superman, don't overcrowd it with unnecessary hero and characters)

Acceptable graphics

Unique missions and challenges.

Easy upgrade system.

Visually pleasing graphics and animations.

Tell me, how would you make a good Superman game?

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Cajun Chicken3790d ago

Superman has a general problem which makes it difficult. What kind of teenager would decide to think that wearing bright red briefs on the outside of clothing is cool...

That's why is generally a hard thing to adapt. He looks stupid compared to all the more modern superheroes.

-Superman-3788d ago

Why not? I would love that.
Tights will make good feel and tight on tight red briefs is awesome.
I really would love to show people that.

Jehnavi3788d ago

Sorry i hate all this games it effect child eyes and also studies.