Microsoft brings back free Xbox 360 with Windows PC purchase offer for students

XMNR: Microsoft announced on Friday that is bringing back the Windows 7 promotion from last year that offered a free 4GB Xbox 360 with the purchase of a Windows PC. The promotion kicks off on May 20 at participating retailers in the United States and May 18 in Canada.

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Dread2529d ago ShowReplies(1)
Dlacy13g2529d ago

its a smart offer for MS...worked well for them last time so I would figure it makes sense to roll it out again.

Game4life2529d ago

is this for only the 4gb version? Im planning on getting a new labtop anyway

aviator1892529d ago

I'm glad they're bringing back the deal. Last time, I gifted the Xbox 360 I received from buying a laptop for school to my young nephew. I'll probably just buy another laptop for the family and give the extra 360 as a gift again.

Game4life2529d ago

which 360 was it? the 4gb or 250gb? I need a new latop for school

Christopher2528d ago

I kind of chuckled at this last year, and I chuckle a bit this year. It's like Microsoft selling kids an excuse to forget their school work.

"Hey kids who just got out of High School, want to go to college and earn a degree to make the big bucks? You sure do, don't you. Well, this here laptop will help you out a ton. It comes with all you need for note taking, document writing, and can install all of the apps you may need to use for your classes. And, as a bonus, it comes with this gaming console that happens to play these addictive games that you can play with your dorm room buddies and millions of people around the world. So, what do you think, want to further your education _and_ add a potential road block to it at the same time?"

But, damn if it's not a smart idea on MS' part.

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