Goldeneye 007 Saga: Who Owns What?

So, Kotaku has been lead to believe by "Sources within Microsoft who were very close to the (Goldeneye 007) project" that President and CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, is apparently the man to blame for the fact that you won't be playing Goldeneye 007 on your Xbox 360.

The website also points out that this is, "despite a proposed deal from Microsoft that would have seen not only GoldenEye released on the Virtual Console but other, unspecified Rare games... as well".

Released on 'Virtual Console'? Spong thought this whole deal was about Goldeneye 007 appearing/not appearing on Xbox Live Arcade.

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Nykamari3932d ago

IF you want I'll Give my N64 with it! Just had a 4 player DM with some friends 1/12/08 PEACE (Kaos)Nykamari!!!!!!!!!

bigjclassic3932d ago

He knows that Goldeneye will be big for VC, and is saving it for that.

GodsHand3932d ago

I agree, I wouldnt want someone else making money off my stuff.

Legionaire20053932d ago

Nintendo's probably won't give you a online deathmatch with enchance graphics, and voice chat like the 360. Goldeneye would of been better on 360 than the Nintendo Wii nuff said.