Rebel victory: how Sniper Elite V2 outsold Prototype 2

OXM UK: "UK-based Rebellion talks taking down the big boys."

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dirigiblebill2529d ago

Sure it wasn't just the price?

realiks2529d ago

One of the reason (in this economy) and demo was released.

mochachino2529d ago

Maybe it was the demo, which I really enjoyed. I'm curious about Prototype 2 but I'm not going to buy it just to see what it plays like. They should have released a demo.

WeskerChildReborned2529d ago

The game is fun but lack's a good story, the story is pretty decent but nothing real amazing. I'd say rent it to check it out.

mochachino2529d ago

There's no place to rent game anymore where I live. Blockbuster is gone. I wish you could have digital rentals.

kostchtchie_2529d ago

cool, i bought SE v2 on PC, great game, and loving the mp/co-op