TGS 2006: Sony Developing 100 PS3 Titles

Of the 190 titles being made for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and PSP by Sony's international studios, Harrison disclosed that 100 are for the PlayStation 3. Sony's focus has clearly shifted to the new generation of gaming.

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XboxKing5858d ago

Yeah TwistedMetal Black 2

Its about TIME SONY!!!

pRo loGic II5858d ago

Hmmm... RIIIGGGGHHHHHTTTTTT!!!!!!. These 100 games will be the filler that the 360 had at launch. They're Launching completely opisite of what MS did. Sony's launching and showing the best first then the filler vs (MS) filler than good stuff.

Phytonadione5858d ago

you're taking "hating" to a new level. I've known a lot of haters in my life but you may be the one that takes the crown! Seriously, most of the haters I've known usually have a decent reason for my friend are a one of a kind. I say this with only love in my heart. Hate on!

PS360WII5858d ago

Okay so 100 titles for PS3 awesome! So umm when can we expect seeing some of them? In early post of news they said in '07 there will be 12 coming to the ps3.... so where does this 100 come into effect?

kingboy5858d ago

sweet, now u talking sony.that`s my boy!

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The story is too old to be commented.