SBK Generations on the stores

SBK Generations is already on the stores for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Also, launch trailer and twenty six screenshots available!

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acslick2523d ago

I would like to say that SBK2011 is the pinnacle of all motorcycle games ever developed. I've been playing racing games for just over 20 years. This is as close to the real Lmccoy" you will ever get. Why do I say this? I have been riding motorcycles for 11 years and have done many a track day as well. There are different sim settings and I might add in full sim u aint gonna ride over grass leaned over and get away with it, needless to say accelerate to quick out of corners, highside, break too late, you will loose the front end, lowside. Can't wait for Generations to hit South African shores. Don't look at idiots footage that cannot ride in full sim online go off the track and still stay on the bike or use cheats. Why comment if you have not tried it yourself. Milestone you rock. Best ever motorcycle sim in the universe.I will challenge anyone that does not believe me.